Dual Cultivation

Chapter 22 Deathmatch

Inside the Morning Wood Pagoda, where most of the sect's administration are dealt with, Su Yang and a group of Outer Court disciples stood in front of an old man, who was known as Elder Zhou, one of the many elders within the Outer Court that deals with disputes between disciples.

"...Let me get this straight… You, Outer Court disciple Su Yang, would like to have a deathmatch with Outer Court disciple Dai Zheng? The last time I checked, you are a mere Elementary Realm at the third level, and you agreed to fight someone at the fifth level of the Elementary Realm? Are you stupid or are you crazy?" Elder Zhou looked at Su Yang with an odd expression.

In this world, unless one is a cultivation genius or happen to have a powerful weapon, they would never be able to beat another with a higher cultivation base, let alone two whole levels! And in Elder Zhou's eyes, Su Yang was only a mere Outer Court disciple with some talent in his hand techniques, definitely not a cultivation genius.

"You are neither a genius nor should you have any weapon powerful enough to suppress someone two levels above you, yet you still dare to fight him? Are you courting death?"

"Elder Zhou! This is his choice, not mine! I did not force him to fight me; it was something he accepted with a smile on his face!" Dai Zheng, the one who had the highest bid and the one who will be fighting Su Yang first, was worried that Su Yang may coward away from fighting him at this rate.

Su Yang remained calm despite Elder Zhou's harsh words, and he said with a smile: "Elder Zhou is right, I am neither a cultivation genius nor do I have any powerful weapon. However, as a man, would you back out from a fight with your pride on the line just because you are facing someone stronger than yourself?"

His words caused Elder Zhou to lift his brows, and to everybody's surprise, he answered: "No, I would not."

"Right? Then allow me to fight him."

Elder Zhou turned silent to ponder for a moment, and he said a few seconds later: "This is a deathmatch with your life at risk, not some spar where you get away with only minor injuries. Once you step onto that stage, neither of you are allowed to leave until only one remains in this world."

Without needing to think, Su Yang nodded. "While we are at it, we might as well schedule everyone here a deathmatch with me," he said nonchalantly, dumbfounding everybody there.

"What did you just say? You want a deathmatch with everyone here?" Elder Zhou looked at the dozen Outer Court disciples with a bewildered expression.

"That's why they followed, right?" Su Yang looked at the dazed crowd with a smile.

"Su Yang! How arrogant of you to think that you will get the chance to fight another person before our deathmatch even started! Are you saying that you are absolutely confident in your victory?!" Dai Zheng exploded into a rage after hearing Su Yang's words, feeling as though he had his face stomped by Su Yang without mercy.

Su Yang glanced at his red face that was bulging with veins and said with a surprised look: "Why else would I fight you? To die? Are you stupid?"


Just as Dai Zheng was a second away from attacking Su Yang out of anger, Elder Zhou coughed once, instantly forcing Dai Zheng to halt his steps.

"Where do you think you are, disciple Dai Zheng?" Elder Zhou's narrowed gaze caused Dai Zheng to freeze, seemingly petrified by his dangerous gaze.

"T-This disciple apologizes to Elder Zhou for overstepping his boundaries." Dai Zheng quickly apologized with a deep bow.

Elder Zhou sighed and said: "Since the two of you want to fight so badly, I shall accept your wish and personally oversee this deathmatch myself."

Dai Zheng showed a beaming smile and bowed again: "Thank you, Elder Zhou, for giving this disciple a chance to repay his debts!"

Su Yang snorted coldly at how Dai Zheng truly believes that he would lose to him. He originally didn't plan to dirty his hands with blood so soon after his reincarnation, especially when he still hasn't obtained the Pure Yang Flower. However, Su Yang knew very well that if he ignored these people today that they will surely come to bother him again in the future, hence why he decided to clean up the trash early so he wouldn't have to worry about it later.

"When do you want this deathmatch to take place?" Elder Zhou asked.

"As soon as possible!" Dai Zheng said as he stared at Su Yang with a menacing look.

"Then how about right now? I happen to be free until right now."

"This disciple will greatly appreciate that!"

"Disciple Su Yang?" Elder Zhou looked at him for confirmation.

Su Yang nodded and said: "I have no problem doing it now."

"Very well, then let us head to the stage…"

Elder Zhou began walking first and led the way.

"Hey look! It's an official deathmatch!"

"What? Who's fighting?"

The disciples that happened to be around the arena quickly approached the stage when they noticed Su Yang and Dai Zheng climbing the steps.

"Elder Zhou is overseeing this deathmatch, so it really is official!"

"That's Dai Zheng! Who is he fighting… that's Su Yang?!"

"Su Yang is having another deathmatch just a week after his last one!"

The disciples were clearly excited to witness this fight, especially after hearing rumors of Su Yang defeating Yang Ming, who was at the sixth level of Elementary Realm.

"Are the two of you ready?" Elder Zhou asked the two on the stage.

"Ready!" Dai Zheng tightly held the sword in his grasp, his breathing patterns change.

Su Yang played around with the steel sword in his hands; it was a borrowed weapon just for this fight. "Before we start, I'd like to tell you a story… a love story between a renowned general and a rogue cultivator," he said in a nonchalant manner, dumbfounding everybody there.

A love story between a general and a rogue cultivator? What the hell is going on? Since when did this deathmatch become a place for story-telling?

"What the fuck are you talking about?! Hurry up and fight me!" Dai Zheng said in an irritated and impatient tone, his teething itching just to see Su Yang's blood.

However, Su Yang ignored him and continued to speak with a calm expression on his face: "During the Chaotic Era, when wars are considered a common sight, there existed a peerlessly beautiful woman, who happened to be a general for some powerful army. Her beauty was said to be devastating enough to destroy continents and her talent with the sword unrivaled…"

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