Dual Cultivation

Chapter 31 I Want Your Yin Essence

Inside Elder Lan's room that lingered with the smell of herbs and medicines, Su Yang stood by the entrance with a profound expression.

"You knew that I would be approaching you today, yet you still decided to come here yourself. What do you want from me so urgently?" Elder Lan spoke in a stern voice, almost as if she was trying to remind Su Yang of her status.

Su Yang kept his calm expression, and he said: "I will get straight to the point, Elder Lan – I want your Yin Essence."

Elder Lan expressed a puzzled expression at first, then realization, and finally bewilderment.

"You want my what?!" Elder Lan exclaimed loudly.

Unlike Yin Qi that could be extracted from females even after they lose their chastity, Yin Essence could only be extracted during the moment the female loses her virginity.

"I am about to consume the Pure Yang Flower and I need a partner to cultivate with afterward," said Su Yang without hiding anything.

Elder Lan's eyes widened with even more shock. "You are really planning to consume that? Do you have any idea what kind of medicine the Pure Yang Flower is?! There will only be one result if you consume it – a violent death!" Elder Lan was more angry at the fact that Su Yang was thinking to consume the Pure Yang Flower than him asking her for her Yin Essence.

"I have already said this before, Elder Lan. Look at me – do I look like someone who'd kill myself after spending so much effort into obtaining the Pure Yang Flower?" Su Yang slowly approached Elder Lan, his aura radiating an otherworldly feeling.

When Elder Lan sensed Su Yang's presence, she felt as though she was standing in front of a profound entity who has the whole world in his hands.

"W-Why me? I am a sect elder and you are an Outer Court disciple, do you have any idea what will happen if we cultivate together? The sect will not allow it!"

"If they don't know about it, then nothing will happen."

"That's not how it works! Anyways, I refuse! Do not overstep your boundaries, disciple Su Yang. I am only approaching you for treatment for my pain; it is not as though I have any feelings for you. Once the treatment is over, so is our relationship." Elder Lan said to him with a serious expression.

At the end of the day, she was a sect elder and he was a mere Outer Court disciple, not to mention Elder Lan still being a pure maiden. She didn't put so much effort into keeping herself pure just so she could lose it to some Outer Court disciple she'd just met.

Su Yang closed his eyes to hide the disappointment in his eyes and sighed. "A pity…" he mumbled.

"I apologize for coming here to bother you, Elder Lan. You are right, the gap between our status is too vast. We can act as though this conversation never happened. I came to you first because I thought my Yang Essence could've been of some use to your cultivation."

Su Yang turned around and prepared to walk away.

"Wait." Elder Lan suddenly stopped him with a frown on her face. "What do you mean by that?"

"The Pure Yang Flower will obviously enhance my Yang Qi by many folds, even more so for my Yang Essence. I was hoping to give it to you so you can reach the 4th level of the True Spirit Realm." Su Yang explained his true objective, and he continued: "You are close to having a breakthrough, no?"

Elder Lan's eyes widened at his words, and she stared at him with a speechless expression.

"As for your appointment with me… I will have to delay it since I will be busy in closed cultivation for the next few days."

Su Yang continued walking towards the door.

"Wait." Elder Lan stopped him again.

"Even if the Pure Yang Flower enhances the quality of your Yang Essence by many folds, you are only at the Elementary Spirit Realm. Such a small amount of Yang Essence would not benefit someone like me, who is at the True Spirit Realm, not even the slightest."

Su Yang only silently smiled at her remarks. He couldn't tell her that he was cultivating one of the seven Heavenly Sublime Scripture, as it would raise too many unwanted questions and bring countless troubles.

Before stepping out of the room, Su Yang said to Elder Lan: "Elder Lan, I will be borrowing your disciples for today, if you don't mind…"

Elder Lan's jaw dropped upon hearing his words.

"Don't tell me you plan on…"

"What other choices do I have?" Su Yang shrugged.

Elder Lan bit her lips as she watched Su Yang leave her room, seemingly in deep thoughts.

When Su Yang returned to the first floor, the girls there instantly glared at him with sharp gazes, looking like a pack of hungry wolves.

"Ahem." Su Yang loudly cleared his throat; it was as though he was looking for attention.

Luckily, he already received it the moment he walked downstairs.

"Although this may be a bit sudden… I'd like to–"


Just as Su Yang was about to request for their company in his bed, Elder Lan's voice loudly resounded from upstairs.

"Su Yang, get back up here! We are not done talking!"

Su Yang remained standing there with his mouth open after hearing her voice.

He smiled a moment later and said: "Let's save this for another time…"

The girls there looked at him with a puzzled expression. Just what did he want from them?

Su Yang turned around and began making his way upstairs for the second time.

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