Dual Cultivation

Chapter 881 - Stellar Bazaar

Chapter 881 - Stellar Bazaar

After handing 100 spirit stones to the guard, Su Yang prepared to enter the city.

However, the guard stopped him when he noticed Xiao Rong following him.

"Are you two together? If so, the entrance fee is 200 spirit stones in total. It's 100 spirit stones per person." The guard said to him.

"Oh, okay."

Su Yang handed the guard another 100 spirit stones without making a scene.

Once they were inside the city, Su Yang went straight to the Registration Hall with Xiao Rong following closely behind him like a child following her parents.

Sometime later, they arrived at the Registration Hall that was a massive building that took up a couple of blocks.

Inside, Su Yang looked for an employee that was not busy, but he quickly realized that all of them were occupied, so he went to the line with the least people.

Even then it took them a few hours of waiting before it was finally their turn.

"How may I help you?" The worker, who was a young woman, asked them when they walked up to the desk.

"I would like to sell some things in the Stellar Bazaar."

"I understand. Which tier would you like to apply for? And how many days?"

"What kind of tiers are there? And what are the differences?" Su Yang asked her, as he has never sold or bought anything at this place before. The only reason he knew about it was because he used to cultivate with a few prominent sellers in this place.

"We have three tiers, each with their own benefits and restrictions. The first is the bronze tier, which will cost 100,000,000 to 700,000,000 low-grade spirit stones depending on how long you're staying. The bronze tier is the most basic tier, and it will allow you to sell anything as long as your total doesn't exceed 1,000,000 medium-grade spirit stones or 100 high-grade spirit stones. You are only allowed to sell in the outer areas of the bazaar with this permit. Also, the city will take 20 percent share of your sales."

"The next tier is the silver tier, which is also our most popular tier. It will cost between 50,000 medium-grade spirit stones to 400,000 medium-grade spirit stones. With this tier, your total sales limit will increase to 5,000,000 medium-grade spirit stones or 500 high-grade spirit stones, and you get to open up your shop in the inner areas. As for the share, the city will only take 5 percent."

"The final tier is the gold tier. It will cost you a minimum of 10 high-grade spirit stones and at most 70 high-grade spirit stones. You can have unlimited sales and the city will not take any shares, and you'll get to sell your treasures in the core area, where the wealthiest usually go."

"You can also choose how long you want to rent the permit from 3 days, 15 days, to 30 days."

After pondering for a moment, Su Yang spoke, "I'd like the gold tier for 3 days."

"Okay. Please give me a moment." The woman walked to the back for a minute before returning with a permit.

"Please write your information here and pay 10 high-grade spirit stones."

"Sorry, I only have low-grade spirit stones if you don't mind." Su Yang said as he handed her a storage ring containing 1 billion spirit stones.

A moment later, the number 1,000,000,000 showed up on the scale.

"Thank you. I will get your permit right now, Xiao Yang." The young woman said before going to the back again.

It took a few minutes this time, and when she eventually returned with a golden medallion, she said, "Although you are allowed to enter the center of the bazaar, you may also open up your business in the other areas if you so wish. As for your location, you may pick whichever spot that isn't already taken. The permit also expires in 72 hours starting now. If you wish to extend your time, you can just come back here and let one of us know. Best of luck to you and your business."

"Thank you," Su Yang accepted the medallion with a friendly smile on his face.

He then left the building with Xiao Rong and went to the center of the city, and the closer he got, the more people flooded the place.

The outer area was the worst with hundreds of thousands of people crowding the place. The inner area wasn't as bad, but there were still too many people for Su Yang's comfort.

Fortunately, there weren't too many people in the center of the bazaar. After all, mostly incredibly expensive treasures are sold in this place.

However, despite having the least visitors in this place, the center of the bazaar has earned more money than both the outer and inner areas combined.

After finding a place to open up his business, which wasn't too hard to find, Su Yang retrieved a blanket from his storage ring and placed it on the floor.

There were two different types of liquid on display. One of them was transparent and the other one was pure white.

"Master… that is…" Xiao Rong immediately recognized the contents inside these bottles, as they contained her own Yin Qi and her favorite— Su Yang's Yang Qi.

"That's right. I am going to sell your Yin Qi and my Yang Qi. Although this may be incredibly weird in the previous world, in this world, it's not uncommon to see people selling such things. And your Yin Qi is very valuable, whether you believe it or not. Not only are you at the Ancient Realm but you're also a v.i.r.g.i.n, which means your Yin Essence will be in its purest form. I also mixed in some ingredients, enhancing it." Su Yang said to her.

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