Dual Cultivation

Chapter 9 Wetting the Bed

Su Yang stood inside the training ground until the sun had set without receiving a single customer, yet he refused to leave and continued to stand there like a stone statue.

The disciples there were surprised to see such a patient character, and those who weren't aware of his identity were charmed by his noble presence. It felt as though they were being protected by a guardian spirit.

Time passed quickly, and soon, the night sky appeared. Yet, there still hasn't been a single customer that approached him.

However, despite getting zero customers after an entire day, Su Yang didn't panic, nor was he worried. Instead, he kept his confidence and remained his calm face, from morning to night. Such patience caused many to secretly admire him, wishing that they could have the same thing when it came to training themselves.

After some time, Su Yang finally moved. He tilted his head and looked at the night sky, but all he saw inside his head was an image of Elder Lan's round buttocks.

"Two… no, one day at most, huh." Su Yang mumbled. He then began rolling up the sign and prepared to go back home for the day.

After sending Qi Yue back to her living quarters, Elder Lan directly went back to her own. Inside, she laid on her bed with her back facing the ceiling. Since she cannot sit because of the abnormal pain in her buttocks, her cultivation came to a halt since a few days ago.

"This really sucks…" she sighed underneath her pillow.

The pain had started last weak without any notice and has been increasing at a fast rate since then. Unable to sit without crying, she could only stand or lay on the bed.

"At this rate, I wouldn't be able to walk without bearing any pain… I need to get this treated as soon as possible..."

Suddenly, the image of Su Yang and his handsome face appeared in her head, and that made her feel irritated. "Why did that rude brat come into mind?" She wanted to ignore him, but the fact that Qi Yue's leg had been treated by him wouldn't change no matter what.

"How did he do it? I wasn't even able to see the problem with my 10 years of experience, yet he healed her in a single night, and seemingly flawlessly, too."

"Ahhh! That little brat Qi Yue! Why won't she tell me anything? Am I not trustworthy in her eyes?"

The more she thought about the situation between Su Yang and Qi Yue the angrier she got. Suddenly, in the midst of her thoughts, an excruciating sharp pain that caused her to cry out loud attacked her buttocks. The pain was akin to having a sharp sword stab her in the rear over and over again, nearly causing her to lose consciousness.

In her forty years of life, she has never experienced anything near as painful as currently.

Furthermore, the pain did not cease and only continued to grow stronger. And within minutes, she lost consciousness, her body soaked in sweat.

When she woke up, it was already morning, and her robes were still wet. The bed sheets were also soaking wet, but it wasn't her sweating that had soaked them but something else entirely different.

"I… I…" The thought of her wetting the bed as a forty-year-old grown woman caused her head to explode in redness. Luckily, she lived alone by herself. If someone had seen her wet the bed at her age, then she would surely lose all face and her desire to live.

It was at this point after she had wet the bed that she realized the help she needed. If this continued, then who knows what might happen tomorrow, let alone a week from now. Just thinking about it caused her to tremble violently.

"But where do I get help? Who can help me?" Elder Lan pondered but to no avail. She could be considered one of the best doctor within the sect, yet she couldn't even heal herself.

Suddenly, an image of Qi Yue smiling appeared in her head, and standing casually beside her was a handsome young man with a calm expression – one that made others feel confident when in his presence.

"Su Yang!" Elder Lan quickly cleaned herself before rushing towards the training ground. When she arrived, however, neither Su Yang or his poorly made sign was anywhere to be seen.

She then went to Qi Yue's living quarters.

"Qi Yue! Wake up!" Elder Lan directly opened the door to Qi Yue's living quarters with a spare key that had been given to her by Qi Yue for emergencies.

"Mmmm…? Sister Lan…?" Qi Yue rubbed her eyes tiredly, puzzled as to why Elder Lan would be there.

"Su Yang! Where does he live? I need to see him right this moment!"

"Eh? Senior apprentice-brother Su?" Qi Yue has never seen her Sister Lan so panicked before, so she also began panicking. "What did senior apprentice-brother Su do? Is he in trouble?"

"No… I… I need to see whether or not he can… can treat my injury…" Elder Lan forcefully squeezed the reason she needed to see him out of her mouth through her embarrassment.

Qi Yue looked at her dumbfoundedly for a moment, and her eyes suddenly began sparkling. "Sister Lan requires senior apprentice-brother Su's treatment, right? I'll bring you to his living quarters right away!" Qi Yue said in a happy-sounding voice as she jumped off the bed.

"Un…" Elder Lan nodded, yet there was still a shred of doubt in her heart.

Could a mere Outer Court disciple like Su Yang really treat her injury? She was still hesitant, but the urgency in her heart overwhelmed her uncertainty. She wouldn't be able to endure pain she felt last night or waking up to herself wetting the bed for a second time, after all.

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