Dungeon Hunter

Chapter 242: Epilogue


I plundered Death Bringer’s powers after he died. The already dead enemies collapsed as my remaining troops cheered at the victory.

We had won.

I won a great victory against the devil.

We cleared up the bodies and prepared funerals. After that, a huge party was held for everyone to celebrate the victory. I was at the centre of the victory.

I killed a devil.

He was known as the Hell Monarch, but everyone here knew.

I killed him and now there was no one to stop me in the Demon World. I was the absolute. I was king of the Demon World.

In the name of the king, I promised to devote myself to the restoration of the Demon World.

At the same time, a ceremony was held for the birth of a new demon king.

Demons who survived by hiding came out one by one.

A huge crowd gathered in front of the castle.

All the demons in the Demon World had come. They didn’t know the new demon king. The ruler who would govern over them for a long time had the name of Randalph Brigsiel...

After the banquet was over.

I entered the demon king’s room alone.

The surrounding area was dark and silent.

Duk. Duk.

My footsteps echoed in the room.

I slowly climbed the stairs.

There was a big chair at the top of dozens of stairs.

It was made from bones of dragons and balrogs, and only the demon king was allowed to sit on it.

I sat down on the throne.

I slid in and tilted my head backwards. I took a deep breath.

It was a long journey. I had finally become the demon king and sat in this chair like I wanted.


I slowly closed my eyes.

Soon, I feel into a deep sleep.

It was the first restful sleep after a long time.

The survivors on Earth quickly regained the glory of the past. The demons were no longer threatening humanity. Only the dungeons and creatures remained.

But there were changes.

First, the sky changed. A huge black door was located in the sky. It was a place that couldn’t be reached by plane or jet. It was a territory that no one could reach. However, they were sure that door was connected to the world of the demons. No one attempted to reach it by force.

And the dungeon in Korea regained its original appearance. It became slightly bigger.

The dungeon reached into the sky. To be exact, it touched the black door in the sky. It was like a place connected with the door.

The surviving creatures transformed and quickly increased their numbers in the dungeons.

As they grew, monster waves began again. The Awakened stuck together and endured the crisis well. It was easy because the creatures that exited the dungeons weren’t very strong.

As time passed, the Awakened were divided into two large groups.

The guardians of humanity. And the hunters climbing the dungeons.

They were dungeon hunters.

“Noona! Watch out!”

Edward exclaimed.

He covered Yoo Eun-hye’s back and struck a creature with his sword.


The creature was split in two. The creature screamed.

Edward sighed as the danger disappeared.

“Phew! Really, until the end...aren’t you too clumsy?”

Edward sighed.

Then Yoo Eun-hye laughed playfully.

"Aren’t you guarding my back?”

"You should still be careful. I might not always be able to save you.”

"Aren’t you the strongest Awakened?”

“Those are just words.”

Edward shook his head.

In the meantime, Kim Yura and Kim Min-ji commenced their treatments.



The injuries on the Awakened were healed in an instant. It wasn’t strange to call it an amazing ability! Yoo Eun-hye clicked her tongue despite seeing it a few times already.

“We wouldn’t have come this far if it wasn’t for the two of you. Thank you.”

"Of course we have to do this.”

Kim Yura laughed.

Just three years ago, her expression had always been dark. But three years after the transformation of the dungeon, she had recovered much of her bright self.

"By the way, how many floors are there? This is already the 54th floor...”

Yoo Eun-hye asked with a pout. Yoo Eun-hye was an Awakened who hunted dungeons. She had already conquered several dungeons. After a long trial and error, she was finally attempting to conquer the highest dungeon that was located in Korea.

But it wasn’t finished yet.

"What dungeon would be safe from Noona? Just take it easy. It will soon come to an end.”

Edward responded like he didn’t care. So Yoo Eun-hye had to believe it.

“What will be here? I will be bored if it is just a Dungeon Core.”

"This is Korea’s dungeon. The demon king’s dungeon! This is already the eighth challenge...isn’t it obviously connected to the door in the sky?”

"Won’t the world where the demons live be on the other side of the door?”

“Yes. But don't think about entering. We will check the risks. It is our job to confirm the chances of the demons returning.”

In other words, the dungeon hunters acted as scouts.

"Only confirming...”

“Ah, really. Don't think otherwise. Just thinking of that time still makes me angry.”

He was referring to Greenwich Observatory. Edward became agitated just thinking of that time.

“What? Didn’t you kill a lot of demons thanks to me?”

"Don’t you know how dangerous it was? And you went back to save the demon king? So where is the demon king now?”

"Up there.”

Yoo Eun-hye pointed to the sky.

"Yes. He went back to his world. So forget that bastard."

"I’ve forgotten everything.”

"There will be punishment if you are lying.”


The two of them started arguing.

Kim Yura laughed. Kim Min-ji had a small smile on her face.

"Even though time has passed, they are still the same.”

Kim Min-ji nodded.

No matter how much older or stronger they became, Yoo Eun-hye and Edward remained unchanged. They never backed down and had a firm belief. Kim Yura had a lot of faith in them.

That wasn’t all.

Heaven’s Will became the world’s strongest guild, filled with the best dungeon hunters. They were the last pioneers of the era of the demons. They were named protectors, but those who remained outside the dungeons were merely involved in the confrontation with the creatures.

But Heaven's Will didn’t give up. They continued adventuring in the dungeons. If they found treasures then they handed them to those who had fallen on hard times. In addition, all the cores they obtained were used for the development of new energy technologies.

Thanks to that, the world had many energy innovations.

With a little more time, everyone could hopefully see the glory of the past.

Some people expressed concerns. The dungeons changing, the door in the sky... They were anxious about the demons coming back.

Heaven’t Will moved to resolve this anxiety. They would be the light of hope to humanity.

So far, they had been completing that role well.

And there was no doubt that they would continue to do well in the future.

‘As long as both of them are here.’

They were the strongest combination. Humanity's strongest Awakened and the closest to the demon king.

Kim Yura and Kim Min-ji were praised as the Saintesses, but they were lacking compared to those two.

At that time, Kim Yura remembered one person.

Demon king. Randalph Brigsiel.

That name still caused fear in Kim Yura’s mind. However, she knew that his actions played a major role in saving humanity.

If it wasn’t for him, humanity would have perished. As of now, the two of them still hadn’t stopped arguing.

“Stop fighting! The creatures will hear you and come flocking!”

Kim Yura exclaimed.

Yoo Eun-hye promptly responded.

"I'd like that!"

“Noona, really, phew!”

Edward shook his head.

The Korean Dungeon Core shone. Originally, it would never have lit up again. The fairy disappeared so the light of the Dungeon Core should have been lost forever.

Yet, it shone.

This meant that the fairy hadn’t been destroyed.

I told Chrisley.

"Find out. Even if you need to walk through the whole world.”

I ordered.

According to my command, millions of demons moved. Millions of demons started to search the world.

A small pond with no name.

The width was 10 metres.

It wasn’t shallow or deep. It was just an ordinary pond.

I stood near the pond and stared quietly into the water.

"You were here."

I opened my mouth.

There was a seed of a fairy. It hadn’t bloomed yet. A fairy was born when someone gave it a name.

If it wasn’t for God’s Eyes then I would have walked straight past it. But I was confident about who the fairy seed was.

“Your name is Yihi. Yihi who likes laughing like yihihi. It is really important that you laugh in a silly manner.”

I carefully reached out and touched the seed.

"You will be the queen of the fairies. Your mission couldn’t be completed due to me. The Fairy World controlled by you will be quite fun.”

I carefully removed my hand.

The seed was in the pond. If it left the pond or the pond disappeared then the seed couldn’t bloom. It would disappear forever.

However, it took a very long time for a fairy to bloom from a seed. It wasn’t one hundred or two hundred years. It wasn’t even one thousand years. Maybe an even longer time was required.

I had to keep this pond safe until then. The pond was too small. The environment didn’t seem good either.

I spoke to the person behind me without turning around.

"Move the demon king’s castle here. Place my throne closest to the pond.”

“I will follow your words. My Demon King.”

It was Chrisley. She happily obeyed my command.

I was the demon king. I gained my position by killing Death Bringer. Every word had been turned into a reality. It was the same for moving the demon king’s castle.

But time was needed. I looked around and cut down some trees.

A chair made of wood was created. At first glance, it looked like the throne of the demon king. However, the raw material was only wood.

Once I couldn’t see any more lumps, I placed the chair next to the pond and sat down.


I laughed out loud.


Now I had truly achieved my dream.

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