Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Talent: Fusion


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Ji Ye did not immediately choose to learn the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist.

After recovering all the used bolts, picking up all dropped items and getting a slice of anaconda meat, he took ten minutes traversing the hot and humid jungle before entering a cave hidden behind a large boulder.

He found this hiding spot two weeks back, after killing its former inhabitant—a Ordinary Rank-7 black bear.

During his stay, he took many trips to eliminate all threatening monsters around the cave and placed several traps to ensure his safety!

Other than some animal fur and dried meat in the cave, what was more eye-catching was some small trinkets.

For example, a bottle of yellow male cologne, two Zippo wind-resistant lighters, and a box of Gillete razor blades.

These were naturally dropped after killing the monsters.

The cologne was pointless for him.

It was not that Ji Ye liked the smell of sweat, but because there were too many creatures with a keen sense of smell in the forest. If he were to use the cologne, it would only attract a group of poisonous Black Horned Wasps.

The Zippo lighters had been quite useful. One of them was even a gilded limited edition.

As a survivalist, Ji Ye knew many ways to make a fire. It was not a problem for him to eat raw flesh like the fresh anaconda that he had just brought back!

As for the Gillette razors…


Using the filtered water preserved in the shelter, Ji Ye removed the camouflage paint and some stubble from his tanned skin, showing the hardship-forged face of a hardboiled man. His sharp facial features, bushy brows and dark skin gave him a rather mature look, unlike all the young famous idols in TV shows.


He sat down on a carpet made from the unfortunate former owner of the cave and took out the orb that contained the new skill he had just obtained.

[Learning skill. 10 experience points lost. 10 experience points lost. 10 experience points lost…]

Then, Ji Ye sat on the spot and did not move. He looked like he had entered a meditative trance in a cultivation novel.


He reopened his eyes after several hours passed.

Even though he looked slightly worn out, his sturdy visage was only amplified by the new aura he had just gained as if he went through a lengthy baptism.

The truth was, by spending a few hours and hundreds of experience points, he had gained knowledge of Earth’s traditional martial arts—Seven-Sided Mantis Fist—that would otherwise cost him months of concentrated study to grasp.

Even his muscles and hands had changed slightly to go with the new art he had just learned.

That’s right. In this “Land of Inheritance” that had some gamelike rules, the experience points obtained from killing monsters could be converted into true “experience”!

Without a doubt, this was something that surprised him the most.

Theoretically, anyone could learn anything—martial arts, techniques, knowledge—in a short amount of time as long as they collected what they needed.

As for the exact amount of time and experience required, as well as the limit one could reach, all of that naturally depended on one’s own perceptivity!

[You learned “Seven-Sided Mantis Fist (Lesser Mastery).]

Ji Ye’s perceptivity was undoubtedly top notch. The first time he cultivated, he had already reached the Lesser Mastery stage of the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist.

“Furthermore, although the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist is called fist technique, but to be precise, it should be a combination of ‘Mantis Fist’ and ‘Seven-Sided Footwork.’ It includes a variety of hand-to-hand moves that use my wrists, legs and grappling techniques…

“It’s even created by imitating the mantis stance and intent. At the Lesser Mastery stage, the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist, coupled with the fact that my body is more than twice as strong as an ordinary person’s, if I were to encounter an Elite Violet Jade Mantis, I should be able to kill it without getting injured!”

He felt his bodily changes and was more than satisfied.

He was considering whether he should hunt some more mantises to obtain more experience before the sky turned dark.

[Your trial time has concluded.

You may choose to return to your original location before “logging in.”

For completing a trial for the “Human” race, you will receive a new talent.

According to your current ranking, you may choose to receive an “inheritance” Talent Skill or a Rare Perfect Talent Skill based on the trial!”]

The message popped up in his head when he was least expecting it.

Wait, I can return to Earth?

His initial confusion was quickly replaced by uncontrollable excitement as he comprehended what this meant.

Apart from the mental pressure caused by the dangerous world and monsters around him, he was also anxious about his unpredictable future.

He had been wondering whether he, as a “pioneer,” was allowed to “log out.”

Now, it was clear that it belonged to the latter. It was undoubtedly a delightful thing!

Furthermore, the reason why it had been so difficult for the past month was because of a ‘trial’?

Now that he had passed the trial, he could choose to obtain a “Talent Skill”!

“Talent Skill?”

After more than a month of life-and-death experiences, Ji Ye was much more composed than an ordinary person.

Therefore, he quickly regained his composure after a short moment of excitement.

However, he didn’t immediately go offline. Instead, he focused his attention on the “talent” aspect mentioned in the last two messages.

I should choose one between a perfect or an ‘inheritance’ talent then? Hmm…

From what he learned about this place so far, he knew that all the things in the Land of Inheritance had a tendency to fall into five different levels, which were “Common,” “Refined,” “Excellent,” “Superior” and “Perfect.”

In addition, some special items would have the word “Rare” behind them, which meant that it was extremely rare and might even be unique!

It was obvious that if he chose the first “Rare Perfect” talent, he would definitely be able to obtain a very powerful skill. At least, it would definitely be much stronger than the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist he had just obtained.

As he remembered, it was only of “Excellent” quality despite having a certain level of fame on Earth.

But there was something about the other choice…

“I choose the inheritance talent.”

He made the decision after a brief train of thought.

This reason was simple. This world was supposed to be the “Land of Inheritance” after all.

[You obtained the inheritance talent: Fusion.]


While bewildered, he summoned his “character window” in his mind.

[Alignment: Human (Earth)]

[Talent: Fusion (Inheritance)]

[Level: Ordinary Rank-8 (Common)]

[Skill: Bulldozing Force (Greater Mastery), Seven-Sided Mantis Fist (Lesser Mastery)]

[Inventory: Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow, Violet Jade Dual Blades, Mantis Stealth Cloak Mark-1, Zippo Silver Windproof Lighter, Gillette Razor, Cologne…]

He shifted his focus onto the “Talent” column.

[Fusion (Talent Skill)]

[Level: Ordinary]

[Rarity: Inheritance]

[Description: Fusing elements in your possession. Currently, you can fuse two Ordinary elements.]

Does this mean I can combine stuff?

The description was surely brief.

After reading, Ji Ye checked his items to imagine what he could do with such a skill.

Could he fuse a lighter with his new blade to make it spit blue flames?

Or, what would happen if he fused his Violet Jade Dual Blades with his bronze crossbow? He’d get a composite weapon capable of close combat?

If he combined the perfume with his cells, could he make his own sweat smell like cologne?

It had to be said that Ji Ye found his creative juices flowing…

No no no, that’s ridiculous. And wait, it says ‘elements.’

Then, it shouldn’t be limited to items, right?

Then, he suddenly thought of something and his gaze landed on his “skill column”.

He looked at his Greater Mastery “Bulldozing Force” skill, which was the other one he had before learning the Mantis Fist.

The name of the skill sounded similar to the Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow because they came from the same monster.

It was a small calf that was less than half a person’s height. It was entirely bronze in color, but it possessed an exaggerated power that could kick the head of a Rank-4 Forest Wolf which was charging at it!

It was also the first Elite creature Ji Ye encountered after entering the Land of Inheritance.

He bested it by spending a week using a lot of carefully arranged traps and luring it with food.

He obtained the “Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow,” a cell-strengthening agent—”Bull’s Might”—that could directly enhance one’s physique, as well as the “Bulldozing Force” that clearly did not belong to Earth.

It was because of the augmentation of the latter two that his physical fitness could reach the level of “Ordinary Rank-8” that surpassed Earth’s sports champions!

Back to the question. Could he combine these two elements whose names looked rather similar?

Perhaps it could obtain a higher level technique; for example, he could cultivate the legendary inner force, mysterious true essence, or even the spiritual energy in immortal cultivation?

Not really. It was impossible!

“Fusion: Silver Zippo Lighter and a Bronze Bulldozer Bolt!”

However, after some consideration, Ji Ye still did not fuse the skills directly. Instead, he chose two actual items.

After Ji Ye made his decision, the ‘Bronze Bulldozer Bolt’ and ‘Zippo Wind-Resistant Lighter’ that he held in his hands began to glow with white light, transforming into a light orb similar to the spoils of war that the Violet Jade Mantis had dropped.

Then, they gradually approached each other and blended together.


And when the two light orbs came into contact with each other,

Ji Ye felt something clicking in his mind as he shut his eyes immediately.

It took about ten minutes for the orbs to fully become one, before the final product was revealed.

It was a bolt that was a lot bigger and heavier than the bronze bolt from before. Its surface was a luxurious yet low-key silver, and its fine structure was extremely complex.

It even retained the “Zippo” logo printed on one side!

[Crossbow Bolt (unnamed)]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-0]

[Rarity: Superior (Rare)]

[Description: The marvelous fusion result of Bronze Bulldozer Bolt and Zippo Silver Windproof Lighter. A composite bolt with a unique structure. Bolts shot out have a special continuous burning effect!]

It has actually become a Rare item, and its level and quality have all been improved!

Ji Ye opened his eyes again and looked at the heavy silver bolt in his hands. His eyes were filled with surprise.

Although he had never seen anything like “Extraordinary” before, it was trivial to imagine that it was at a higher level than ‘Ordinary’!

The improved quality of the item is not the most important fact yet.

I can now remember the process of the fusion—including the combination process and every detail of the engineering steps.

If I get my hands on the necessary materials and tools, I can try making the same Burning Bolt without using this skill. I’m even confident that I can replicate it on Earth if I find a replacement material of similar nature!

The joy in Ji Ye’s eyes could not be concealed at all.

Yes, I’ve made the right choice.

As far as he could see, his new “talent” was terrifyingly significant.

And this was only the fusion of a lighter and a bolt.

According to the type of items dropped in this Land of Inheritance,

What if he could invent a future-tech pulse rifle, gene-modification medicine that gave him supernatural powers, skill books that actually helped people cultivate and transcend, or forbidden magic scrolls?

However, the Fusion skill had entered a cooldown period after the previous use. It seemed that he had to wait for two days before he could try it again.

Time to go back then.

After making sure that all security measures were in order, he “logged off.”

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