Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: A Perfect Fusion


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It was way past dinner time for people from ancient eras. Nevertheless, the residents of Twin Dragon Mount prepared a luxurious “Bore Feast” just to welcome their former leader and Ji Ye.

It was Lu Zhishen who had specially gone into a forest and brought back a dead Ordinary Rank-7 boar monster single-handedly, after which several chefs happily roasted it up with the help of candlelight, since there was no electricity or conventional lights available.

The folks of Twin Dragon Mount filled their stomachs to their hearts’ content for the first time in days, after being constantly shrouded in fear.

Ji Ye, however, didn’t enjoy the crude cooking that much, even though he was never picky. As a survivalist, he was well used to relying on beheaded bugs to stay energized. The pork was fine, even though the settlers almost didn’t add any seasonings to it.

After their meal, Ji Ye was invited to use the best room inside the temple, which was originally the personal room of “Blue Faced Beast” Yang Zhi, the third leader of the settlement.

As soon as he found some peace, Ji Ye immediately began training his inner strength.

Soon, the entire settlement quieted down as most people fell asleep, save for the night watchers and occasional beasts who made no attempt of invading the human home.

Ji Ye opened his eyes, feeling both tired and confused.

Man… This is harder than I thought.

Compared to “Ordinary Rank” skills such as Bulldozing Force and Mantis Fist, it was clearly much more difficult to cultivate the Ordinary-level Primordial Energy Force, even though Ji Ye chose to expend experience points to cultivate. However, after his first training, the level of Primordial Chaos Force in his stats window was only basic mastery.

As for his own level, he had reached the “Extraordinary Rank-0.”

Yes, Extraordinary Rank-0!

Rank-9 wasn’t followed by Rank-1, but Rank-0. It meant the grasp of weak extraordinary powers. The evaluation would be that of Extraordinary, but there was no significant raise in combat strength. It was just like the mage apprentice as mentioned previously.

The main problem isn’t the way strength is delivered in combat, but the accumulation of inner strength!

Ji Ye frowned. He realized that he had written off his acquisition of inner strength.

If this inner strength was the same as those described in common stories, then he might need a few years cultivating it to a useful level. Of course, he could cheat his way through in the Land of Inheritance by spending EXP points.

However, such a “cheat” was not as efficient as people assumed; using EXP points to boost a skill didn’t directly give him new strength. Instead, such an action would grant him “extra time” on top of what he actually had in reality, during which he was free to train the skill however he liked.

Thus, no matter how much EXP he threw away, the final outcome of the training still depended on his aptitude, quickness and patience.

Ji Ye was pretty good at studying, which allowed him to learn Mantis Fist to a fair level by using less exp. But this “inner strength” wasn’t something he could hone as easily, as it called for quality practice time. There was no getting around that.

To get the Bulldozing Force to the level of “flawless,” he had spent most EXP he had saved up. At the moment he only had 300 points left for killing the Black Serpent, which only gave him a “free training session” of 30 days, during which he had managed to level up Channeled Spirit to the entry level.

“This is not good…”

Spending 30 days training was bearable. He could live with way longer training sessions, which he already did, when the Mantis Fist kept him occupied for 3 full months from start to end. Still, the training on Mantis had more fun to it, because he had to perfect the skill by battling enemies. Channeled Spirit, however, mainly asked him to sit in one spot like a statue.

“But cultivation novels have all sorts of flexible ways of training, right?” he muttered to himself. “Maybe I can find a way that is not as boring…”

He was definitely not a fictional hero who could do whatever he wanted to train while at the same time growing crazily strong by each second. At least a “newbie cultivator” like him couldn’t achieve such a thing.

However, this was the Land of Inheritance, not a conventional fiction world. Just maybe…

Ji Ye skimmed through his personal profile and fixed his sight on the “Fusion” skill.

Next, he looked at Bulldozing Force, which had already reached the maximum level possible.

[Undefined Art]

[Level: Extraordinary]

[Rarity: Perfect]

[The fusion result of Bulldozing Force and Primordial Energy Art. Enhances the user’s overall strength by a great magnitude, as well as improving fitness.]

“Ha! A Perfect!”

An hour later, Ji Ye read the new info shown in his profile page while his eyes brimmed with joy. That came out better than he had expected.

That was the second “Perfect” product from the Land of Inheritance he had found thus far. Or, it was the very first one he could actually make use of, since that Spirit of Black Serpent was an offering that would be generally helpful.

A legendary art already sounded satisfactory. Being the creator only increased the joy.

Telling from his previous experience, something with legendary rarity still had pros and cons. The rarity was determined by the most outstanding property of the art, which was already explained in its description—to enhance his overall strength.

No doubt this would boost his fighting capabilities.

The most important thing was, he was once again granted the full knowledge of the product just like the previous time when he used Fusion.

Moreover, he didn’t lose the fusion materials. It seemed that the effect of Bulldozing Force had been added into this new art, which would keep enhancing his body.

Last but not least, this new art was capable of improving via fights, just as he hoped.

“The fusion result between Bulldozing Force and Primordial Energy Art… I shall name it ‘Primordial Energy Force’ then!”

That was lame. He knew it. But the name of the new art didn’t matter anyway, as long as it was powerful.

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