Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Surprised Teacher

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“Master… You got your Primordial Chaos Art to Lesser Mastery already?” Lu Zhishen asked in great surprise.

He wasn’t using his full force back then because he didn’t want to accidentally hurt Ji Ye. As it turned out, Ji Ye’s punch was way more potent than he thought. He had almost lost the fight.

The “natives” of the Land of Inheritance were also aware of “extra training time” granted by EXP points. However, Lu Zhishen still didn’t believe that Ji Ye could improve Primordial Chaos Art so much overnight. Gaining basic mastery was much harder than other Common, Superior techniques! In theory, even if Ji Ye had done EXP training the moment he returned home yesterday, it would still be difficult to have reached Lesser Mastery. This was because this was an inner strength technique from their monastery. Reaching Lesser Mastery required a long period of meditation.

It was virtually impossible for ordinary people to last a night during EXP training. This was because two hours of this state was equivalent to training for a month! How could the average person last months of meditation? Likewise, it was impossible for Ji Ye.

That is, unless they found something else to do in the meantime to dampen their boredom, like practicing another art.

That was exactly what Ji Ye did. Lucky for him, he was well used to being alone.

“Not yet, I’ve just grasped it only.”

Ji Ye naturally shook his head at Lu Zhishen’s question.

The Primordial Chaos Essence hadn’t reached the Lesser Mastery stage yet.

However, as he had reached Perfect when it came to mobilizing his strength, his might was already comparable to the Lesser Mastery stage of the Primordial Chaos Art. This made Lu Zhishen misunderstand!

“But how is that possible?” Lu Zhishen almost stared his eyes out. “I already checked your body yesterday. Your Primordial Chaos Art has to reach the Lesser Mastery level for you to unleash that kind of strength!”

“Well, I got a new idea whilst training and made some simple optimizations to the art. Now it can help me boost my strength better,” Ji Ye answered with a casual look.

“Optimization? Boost your strength??” Lu Zhishen looked doubtful.

To him, the Primordial Chaos Art had already gone through countless revisions and changes in the hands of martial artists, over the course of many decades. It was more or less perfect. It was more or less perfect. He couldn’t believe that Ji Ye could make any useful adjustments overnight.

“It was just a sudden hunch…” Without holding anything back, Ji Ye explained how he came up with Primordial Chaos Force in detail.

He wanted Lu Zhishen to learn this new art if possible, which would further improve the safety of the settlement. Ji Ye was a “player.” A player often needed “downtime” in the real world, during which he would have to rely on this summoned hero to protect Twin Dragon Mount.

“Master… your potential isn’t like anything I’ve seen in all of my life,” Lu Zhishen commented with widened eyes, after listening to Ji Ye’s speech. “Not only did you grasp the fundamentals of Primordial Chaos Art in such a short time, you even discovered its flaws and made it better. Even the most brilliant martial artist genius in history would fall short in comparison.”

When Lu Zhishen instructed Ji Ye how to start learning Primordial Chaos Art, he noticed that Ji Ye was a complete stranger to martial arts and inner strength.

More importantly, some of Ji Ye’s new ideas had already surpassed his teacher’s knowledge.

“Master, you have created something new out of an existing art like no one else did. We’re lucky to have you by our side!”

That praise was sincere.

Ji Ye blushed slightly in embarrassment upon hearing the big guy’s commendation.

The new art was not entirely his doing, but the result of the Fusion skill. Though it wasn’t wrong to feel proud, since the Fusion skill had also been gained through hardship and effort.

[You provided enlightenment to your comrade. EXP gained: 5. Honor gained: 1.]

Ji Ye received this message when Lu Zhishen successfully comprehended Primordial Chaos Force.

Getting EXP points for teaching someone was not strange since he had already learned that killing monsters was not the only way of earning them. As a matter of fact, many productive actions he did in the Land of Inheritance might yield EXP points, like building houses and traps, weaving clothes, and so on. This was reasonable because not all players were fighters. It was fair to provide different means of gaining experience.

If more players wanted to “make a living” in the Land of Inheritance, of course they had to master all kinds of skills other than combat.

However, Ji Ye was very surprised to have received one Honor point out of it.

Upon careful thought, this could be explained. Teaching Lu Zhishen a new art was equal to contributing to the development of the settlement, namely, earning Honor points for helping human NPCs.

He then realized that Lu Zhishen was not the only man in the settlement he could teach.

Ah ha. I might have just discovered a way to farm for more Honor points.

Modern wisdom was undeniably helpful to those settlers who belonged to an ancient era. He could definitely share some technologies these people could learn, helping them attain a new level of civilization in the process, just like what the other protagonists in crossover stories used to do.

He wanted to get his new plan in motion right away.

Ji Ye spoke to Lu Zhishen during breakfast, “Chief Lu, I need to leave the settlement for a day or so. I’ll leave everyone in your care in the meantime.”

“Are you going to—of course, master. You can count on me.”

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