Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Special Department

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[First and foremost, those who are chosen as pioneers, do not panic! As of now, all kinds of intelligence we have gathered regarding the Land of Inheritance point to positive outcomes. Theoretically, this place is not hostile to mankind…]

Ji Ye quickly read through the post and gained a basic understanding of the Land of Inheritance.

As he summarized before, this Land of Inheritance did contain a great variety of elements from different civilizations, thus far including high-tech, magic, cultivation, fantasy, superpowers.

The Land of Inheritance was like a game, while pioneers were players.

The first group of players, or “beta testers,” were not average people who were randomly picked.

According to an investigation done by the Confederation, only people with particular skills or experiences had earned the tickets.

The oldest tester confirmed was 35, while the youngest was 16. Such a limit was probably meant to pick out able-bodied participants who had enough strength and stamina to finish their “initial race trial.”

Testers were assigned different challenges, mostly depending on their professions.

But there was always one thing in common; all of them were exposed to life-threatening risks.

Apparently, less than 10% of the testers had completed their missions after a month had elapsed.

Huh. I see.

Ji Ye thought with a knowing look.

That had explained why he joined the first batch out of a million people and obtained a good score in the trial.

Ji Ye was a professional survivalist and an extreme sports challenger. It was a rather uncommon job.

There weren’t many competitors since most of them were dead.

Besides, a survivalist needed great courage and could not fear death. This was an advantage compared to other professions.

Even though death was a very likely ending in the Land of Inheritance, it was not a serious problem.

This was because although the body of the chosen ones had physically disappeared from Earth, the evidence indicated that they had been ‘locked’.

When one truly entered the land of inheritance, it was actually a duplicate body similar to a “game character”. Therefore, encountering death in the land of inheritance did not lead to a synchronized death on Earth!

Still, the experience of dying could still leave some nasty mental traumas because it felt too real.

For this reason, the announcement also suggested that those who had “logged out” should seek out psychotherapists for proper examinations.

To avoid arousing social panic, the authorities were secretly gathering those “beta testers” and sending them to specialized facilities established in each city for systematized management.

“Wee-oww… Wee-oww… Wee-oww…”

By the time he finished reading this, the sound of sirens was already approaching.

Across the panoramic window of the standalone villa, he saw two vehicles—a police car and an ambulance—entering the estate built beside an artificial lake and low mountains.

Soon after these two cars arrived, a third car that looked like a fortified transport van modified from an army vehicle also closed in.

The three vehicles stopped right outside his house.

Next, a dozen men wearing black trench coats which had obvious weapons hidden underneath entered his home. They were led by their square-faced captain, a man who seemed to be approaching his 40s. They quickly scattered in all directions and occupied every corner of his villa. Their eyes were full of vigilance.

“Mister Ji Ye, is it? I’m Ling Chen, from the Confederation Office of Yang City. I’m captain of Operation Task Force One.

“Xing is from the police force. He’s one of the best on our team. He often boasts about himself, but you actually knocked him out. You are indeed an outstanding talent who got selected to enter the Land of Inheritance!”

A few minutes later, after making sure that his subordinate was fine, he got two of his men to carry him to the ambulance. Then he reached out a hand to Ji Ye, all the while maintaining a friendly look.

“There are a total of one million people who went to the Land of Inheritance.

“Based on the 3.5 million population of our Yang City, at least three hundred people entered, right? Do you need to make such a big hooha about it?”

From what he could gather based on the forum’s information, Ji Ye knew that the Confederation was at least not hostile to testers like him, so there was no reason to be stressed out.

Though he still didn’t understand why they dispatched a whole squad to his house.

“Theoretically, that’s true. However, the chosen ones are all top talents in their various fields, and our Yang City is a region where talents tend to leave… Therefore, the actual number of people selected is quite different!”

“In addition to the difficulty of the trial, the number of people who completed it will naturally be even fewer…”

As the leader of the Yang City Confederation Office’s Operation Task Force, Ling Chen had a bitter smile on his tanned, squared face.

Unbeknown to Ji Ye, who was in the Land of Inheritance, research proved that some special technology obtained from the Land of Inheritance was reproducible on Earth.

Theoretically, it would greatly accelerate the development of human civilization and change the entire world.

In addition, the million “beta players” that were selected were all outstanding people of their various fields.

Therefore, the first batch of people, especially those who could pass the trials, had now become special talents that were vied for by different areas!

Yang City, which was a city plagued by the constant outflow of talent, naturally placed more importance on this matter.

It was also because of this that they discovered that Ji Ye had gone missing after investigations. He must have become a ‘beta gamer’

The Yang City Confederation Office had already arranged for the short-haired youth to stand guard here.

However, Ji Ye’s profession was a little weird after all. He might have secretly gone to a place where there was no signal to reenact “Man vs. Wild”.

Coupled with the fact that today was the end of the trial, several targets that had been locked onto had gone offline earlier than Ji Ye. It left the Confederation Office busy!

Today, there was only one man watching Ji Ye’s apartment, who was unluckily regarded as a thief.

“Can you give me half an hour to pack my things?”

Ji Ye didn’t know the details of the plan, but he could see that Ling Chen was sincere.

He saw his neighbors and other residents in the community either curiously or enviously looking this way.

As for the purpose of his trip to the Confederation Office, he—as a beta gamer—didn’t reject the idea of being brought to settle in a standardized setting in Yang City.

“Of course.”

“You two, help Mister Ji Ye with his living room.”

Ling Chen agreed readily. Then, he said to the two staff members in the black trench coat beside him.


They nodded and quickly got to work.

“Hey Captain, do you have to be so nice to him? He just sent Xing to the hospital!”

However, after Ji Ye returned to his bedroom to pack his things, one of them could not help but grumble softly.

“Ji Ye, male, 25 years old, Yang City, Jiangzhong.”

“He was the top scorer during the national college entrance exam in the year 20X5 and later went to Jyoto University to study. In his third year of university, his parents died from a plane crash when they were away on business trips. He chose to drop out of school and became a dedicated streamer who focused on survival performances. He has also completed many difficult and extreme survival challenges!”

Ling Chen muttered a part of Ji Ye’s profile.

“From his profile, the trials that he went through in the Land of Inheritance are either intellectual or related to his occupation of surviving in the wilderness. Based on the fact that even Xing was knocked out by him, the possibility of the latter is much higher.”

“You have to know that according to the Confederate government’s statistics, the number of people who died in this kind of survival experience has far exceeded all precedents. According to what I know, even soldiers from some special failed to last till the end!”

Ling Chen shook his head and sighed.

Those who were selected from various fields were among the top. These few special forces soldiers were naturally the cream of the crop.

In any case, he was the type that could take him down in a few moves. If he were in some web novels, he would definitely be the type of “armament king”.

Even so, less than 10% could survive in the wilderness during the trials.

This was also the main reason why he placed so much importance on Ji Ye.

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