Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Two Players

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“Hey dude, let’s get something to eat together, all right?”

After spending some hours skimming through different posts carefully,

Ji Ye heard someone calling him when the sky outside was almost dark.

The speaker was quite the large man, weighing close to 125 kilograms or more. He was looking at him with squinted eyes and a friendly smirk from across the window, while he stood on the balcony of the neighboring room.

“Dude, you just logged out today, am I right? I’m sure that place was vacant last time I checked.”

Ji Ye didn’t reject the offer.

For one, he did feel a bit peckish.

Besides, the layout had two apartments per floor, so this fat man was probably going to be his neighbor for some time.

“Heh heh. Call me Zhu Mo.”

“Hehe, it’s that Zhu from Ming Dynasty, and Mo as in a certain someone!”

They introduced themselves in the elevator, when Ji Ye was slightly surprised by his neighbor’s weird name1.

The same went both ways, since Ji Ye’s surname wasn’t exactly common in this country.

Ding Dong!

The building they were in had over ten floors, with two independent apartments per floor. The elevator stopped halfway on their way down and another man came in.

This one looked slim-bodied. More so when compared to the fat one. He had a small lock of hair dyed yellow and he always kept a cunning expression on that funnily-featured face that somewhat resembled a monkey that reminded Ji Ye of a famous character who wreaked havoc in heaven described in a certain classical novel.

“You’re… Death Teleporter!

The man’s eyes widened in shock the moment he saw Zhu Mo. He spent a few seconds carefully checking Zhu Mo from head to toe.

Then, his eyes widened!

“Oh my god. I’m your biggest fan! I check your TwiTube stream every day!”

Excited, the slim man took out his phone and showed them his loyal viewer badge.


Ji Ye glanced sideways at Fatty Zhu.

From the looks of it, this heavyweight neighbor of his was a rather famous online streamer.

However, this was quite normal. After all, the first batch of people to be selected were the most outstanding ones in their fields!

“Wow, I’m so lucky to meet you here.”

“I didn’t think you’d also be a tester too, man! With your identity, you must have encountered a test regarding games in the Land of Inheritance, right?”

Ji Ye’s reaction was relatively calm, but the thin, yellow-haired monkey who had met his idol was obviously extremely excited. He kept talking!

“You could put it that way,” said Zhu.

“I was tossed in some kind of biological research facility. There was this strange starter helmet. When I wore it, I could command a bunch of weird genetically-modified creatures. Starting from the second day, there were other monsters attacking the facility, while I used the experience from killing the intruders to raise my rank. After leveling up, the number of creatures I could communicate with and command also increased…” Fatty Zhu said.

“That sounds like a game all right. Yeah, someone like you can beat it without breaking a sweat!”

Upon hearing this, the monkey’s eyes were filled with envy. It was obvious that he wished that he could have been part of it.

“No… It wasn’t how you imagined.

The intruders grew stronger every few days. Yesterday, I was met with several Rank-6 Elite monsters. If it wasn’t for the few spoils of war I accumulated previously, I would have already failed!”

“Thankfully, I survived until the trial ended!”

Zhu Mo shook his head with a somewhat relieved look.

“But you still cleared it, didn’t you? I was in a worse situation compared to you. You know ‘Cube’? That horror movie? Guess what, I was thrown into a similar maze. There were all sorts of traps and coffers I had to unlock because I needed what was inside them to survive. I received a ‘master key’ at the beginning but it only had 10 uses. You know what’s the worst? It didn’t tell me the coffers themselves could open up to be monsters. I was eaten alive by a Mimic on the 14th day. That was… painful. I hoped I could have died faster.”

The sweat drops on his forehead meant he had truly felt terrified.

“Master key…?”

Upon hearing his words, Fatty Zhu and Ji Ye looked at each other.

The test of the Land of Legacy would be related to one’s occupation to a certain extent. This made the two of them inevitably have some guesses about the occupation of the blonde.


The entire third floor was modified into a self-service restaurant, and this was where they needed to go.

“Oh, Chief Liu. You’re on shift again today?”

A middle-aged guard in a black suit was watching this floor by the elevator entrance while carefully glancing at different spots around the floor.

The slim man surprisingly went to greet him, before he began introducing him to Ji Ye with a grin.

“This is Chief Liu from the police apartment. People usually call him ‘Yang City’s Hawkeye,’ because he knows how to pick out criminals from a crowd. Each year, he throws several bad guys into prison…”

Then, he led Ji Ye and Fatty Zhu to the food area while explaining.

Having just logged off today, both Fatty Zhu and Ji Ye further realized how this “player base” was valued by the higher-ups

After all, such an elite top-tier police officer was arranged to be in charge of the security of a canteen!

After fetching their portions of food and choosing a table, the slim man offered to introduce himself as well.

He was Hou Qian.

This made Ji Ye seriously suspect if it was because of his surname, that he had encountered these two “players”.

The reason why Hou Qian was familiar with the police station was because he opened a locksmith shop beside the police station.

Due to his superb skills, he had even dabbled in world-class safes. He was quite good at picking locks with designs from all over the world; even the local police force or sometimes, the provincial department, would occasionally ask for his assistance. Before being summoned to the Land of Inheritance, he would often work for cops as an invited specialist.

Again, those who were allowed to enter the Land of Inheritance couldn’t be simple.

Ji Ye would never have expected that a loyal fan of a game streamer was a professional lock-picker who could get inside the best safes in the world.

“Believe it or not, I knew Chief Liu since we were young! He got to that position all thanks to me…” the slim man said with a proud smile. Though he did not go into any details.

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