Earth’s Best Gamer

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Settlement Mission

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[Enter the Land of Inheritance?]

[Please note that you may choose to return only after you have spent at least 72 Earth hours inside the Land of Inheritance.]


In other words, every time he logged in, he would have to stay in the Land of Inheritance for three days before he could go offline?

Of course, death was another matter!

As I thought. The same place.

Ji Ye lowered his guard when looking at his familiar “cave abode” which didn’t seem abnormal in any way.

Having half a day on Earth, this jungle was ushering in dawn.

Eh, the Fusion talent’s cooldown has dropped a little?

This means time back on Earth is counted for this skill’s cooldown as well?

Then, Ji Ye noticed something.

Of course, this was a good thing.

It seemed the message regarding the new mission was also delivered to him upon logging in.

[You have proven your ability to survive in the Land of Inheritance by passing the trial. However, no matter how powerful an individual is, it cannot lack the support of their species and the civilization that produced them.]

[On the mountain top, a vicious Black Serpent has occupied the only water source and is endangering the existence of a human settlement. You’re now tasked to eliminate the serpent within 10 days to ensure that no danger threatens your future civilization and fellow species!]

Human settlement?

Future fellow species?

Clearly, these words had already revealed a lot of important information.

In fact, before Ji Ye logged into the Land of Inheritance, Earth had already been shaken by this news!

“Is the Land of Inheritance accepting more testers then?”

“How can someone be picked? I offer a million for a clue! Honest offer!”

“Are they going to select from elites from various professions like the first batch? That’s so unfair!”

“Whatever, don’t pick me. I get this feeling that the place hides some kind of massive scheme. I don’t need money, longevity, or extraordinary powers.”

This thread had already risen to the top before Ji Ye logged in.

Whereas common civilians were venting out their various opinions and complaints, most offline players quickly entered the Land of Inheritance, including those, like Hou Qian, who had a psychological trauma because of death.

After hesitating for a while, they gritted their teeth and chose to log into the Land of Inheritance once again.

This was because with the precedent of the talent trial, many people were afraid that this ‘mission’ would be like the previous trial. A special reward was hidden!

Of course, there were also some people who refused to enter the Land of Inheritance due to their psychological trauma!

Not minding what was going on with those on Earth, Ji Ye chose to fully focus on his new “Settlement Mission”.

A Black Serpent on top of the mountain?

Guess I should check it out first!

He didn’t feel as stressed as before since he then knew that death wasn’t real. He wasn’t afraid of the ‘vicious Black Serpent’ which was probably a formidable foe, and was prepared to check it out.

In fact, even when he first arrived in the Land of Inheritance,

he might have been surprised and uneasy, but he did not feel too afraid!

Ever since he learned about the unfortunate plane crash that killed his parents, such feelings had faded to a certain extent, to the point of disappearing after he made the decision to quit school and challenge his limits.

This was also the reason why the female doctor with a master’s degree in psychology had a strange reaction.

Strictly speaking, it was not that Ji Ye did not have any psychological problems, but rather, his psychological problems were rather serious!

However, this ‘psychological problem’ proved to be quite an advantage in the Land of Inheritance!

Let me see… What should I take with me?

Since he had decided to climb the mountain, some preparations would be necessary.

First and foremost, taking his Flame Burst Crossbow was a must.

He came up with this name after creating this Zippo-branded silver bolt with his Fusion skill.

But there was a problem he had neglected before. The much bigger size of the bolt made the Bronze Bulldozer Crossbow incompatible with it.

Thankfully, from the description, the bolt only needed to reach a certain speed to activate the “Windproof Flames”!

He could simply try tossing it when in a pinch.

Then, Ji Ye wore a pair of nearly transparent “Violet Jade Twin Blades” on his arm. Finally, he wore the Mantis Invisibility Cloak that could cover his entire body!

To be precise, it was “environmental camouflage” instead of invisibility.

The color of the clothes could automatically blend with the environment, allowing him to become one with the surroundings.

Putting everything else aside, just this piece of clothing alone would definitely arouse the interest of the military on Earth.

He once heard that Ameagle had invested huge amounts of money to perform research on “invisibility cloaks” but without much success. This cloak would be a perfect sample to help the scientists make a technological breakthrough!


After everything was prepared, Ji Ye pushed the entrance boulder aside and stepped out of the cave.

As soon as it was activated, a white figure rushed towards his handsome face from the side!


Out of instinct, he sidestepped the attack and punched at the attacker using the Seven-Sided Mantis Fist reflexively.


The fist that was filled with strength collided heavily with the white figure’s surface. At the same time, there was the sound of a sharp blade slicing through.

The “Violet Wing Blade” on his arm flicked out in an instant and slashed across the white figure!

What’s going on? A fish!

Then, Ji Ye, who was originally solemn, was stunned when he saw the target.

After being sent flying several meters away by his punch, it crashed heavily into a tree, then bounced back to the ground and rolled twice. The creature that was almost cut into two by the sharp Violet Jade Blade was actually a fish.

The creature looked like a white, flying fish with two pairs of wing-like fins. It’s blade-like body weighed about three kilograms!

[Killed Four-Winged Blade Fish (Ordinary Rank-2, Common). EXP gained: 2.]

The information that appeared in his head proved that although it was obviously not from Earth, he did not recognize the wrong species.

However, his “cave abode” was high in the mountains. Why would a fish appear?

“Eh? The environment of this mountain is different from before?”

Ji Ye looked around with a surprised expression.

If he remembered correctly, the mountain he had chosen was only three to four hundred meters tall. It could only be considered a small hill.

However, he could now see through the gap between the tall trees and clouds. The top of the towering mountain was at least a thousand meters above the sea. More than half of the mountain peak was covered in clouds!

The cave that was originally in the middle of a forest had appeared on a cliff with a gentle gradient. There was also a stream that rushed down from above. The strange blade fish had clearly come from it.

Also, he heard the sounds of all kinds of beasts echoing around the mountain.

Did he enter a new map?

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