Elite Doting Marriage: Crafty Husband, Aloof Cute Wife

Chapter 1457 - Go As Far As You Can (Part Eight)

Chapter 1457: Go As Far As You Can (Part Eight)

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Since Bai Jing was Su Yue’s best friend, she dismissed her suspicions of her. She didn’t want to change her perception of her friend even if she had changed.

“I really didn’t, Su Yue.” Bai Jing continued to explain as she stretched her hand to grab Su Yue.

“Bai Jing, that’s enough,” said Su Yue loudly. “Don’t ever talk to me and I never want to see you again.”

Her tone and attitude seemed that she was determined to sever all ties.

A gleam of hatred flashed across Bai Jing’s eyes, but she was still sobbing as though she had suffered a grievance. “Su Yue…”

Su Yue refused to give her a chance to speak. “Don’t ever let me see you again.”

She coldly swept past Bai Jing and stretched her hands toward Yan Rusheng. She bent before pulling Yan Rusheng to his feet.

She was struggling to bear Yan Rusheng’s weight as she was so dainty.

Su Yue gritted her teeth and mustered all her strength. He slumped against her for support, and they tottered towards the door.

When they reached the door, she leaned against the doorframe while Yan Rusheng leaned against her.

She used her hand to wrench the doorknob.

Bai Jing’s cold and distant voice sounded. “I’m going abroad for studies soon.”

Su Yue glanced back at her and said, “Go as far as you can.”

She opened the door and dragged Yan Rusheng out.

Yan Rusheng was simply too massive and Su Yue couldn’t walk anymore after a while. She slumped against the wall with him beside her.


Yan Rusheng seemed to regain consciousness.

No, he was merely in a daze and kept mumbling Xuxu’s name.

Su Yue rubbed her eyes and smiled at Yan Rusheng. “Third Brother, don’t drink again in the future.”

It was fortunate that she had saved him in time. How would she be able to face Third sister-in-law if something happened?

‘Hi, I’m Su Yue. What’s your name?’

‘I’m Bai Jing.’

‘Thank you for today. From now on, we are friends. Best friends…’

Su Yue sat there gasping for breath as she reminisced her first conversation with Bai Jing.

Her heart was aching terribly.

Suddenly, she turned around to hug Yan Rusheng and buried her head into his chest as she bawled.

She really took Bai Jing as her best friend and also a sister. But she had plotted to harm Third Brother and Third sister-in-law.

She knew she would miss Bai Jing, and she would never forget the smile on her face. It was genuine, warm, and innocent.

She was the second person to smile at her. The first was her Third sister-in-law.

She thought that they would be friends for life.

“Yueyue! What’s wrong?”

Xuxu came out to look for both of them as they didn’t return for a while.

She heard Su Yue’s sobs from afar, so she walked towards the sounds.

When she saw Su Yue crying with her head buried against Yan Rusheng’s chest, she ran over to her.

Su Yue heard Xuxu’s voice and she hastily wiped her tears. She straightened her back and grumbled, “Third Brother drank too much. I tried to help him back but he pushed and scolded me.”

Even if Bai Jing tried to do something so despicable… no, she had already let her down once.

She had no intention of exposing her. She said that she would go abroad soon so she would just quietly let her go.

She would never allow her to contact her third brother and third sister-in-law again.

Xuxu heard Su Yue’s explanation and she was exasperated. She felt that Su Yue was being overly dramatic.

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