Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 18: General History of Planet Norma

Chapter 18: General History of Planet Norma

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As Qin Chuan opened the door again, the discussion in the hall came to an abrupt halt. In fact, everyone already knew about the instructors from the forum the day before. To put it bluntly, the instructors were basically repeaters who did not make it to their sophomore year, so their initial awe had long since disappeared. On the surface of it, at least, everyone still showed respect, as the freshmen’s strength was still far behind that of Qin Chuan’s.

Qin Chuan heard what the ruckus was all about in the classroom and walked to Xiao Lin. He then said all of a sudden, “Xiao Lin is only the acting class monitor. The official appointment will not be decided until three months later. Only the truly strong are qualified to hold this position!”

Everyone’s expression changed again, especially Wang Dalin, who had completely broken all bridges with Xiao Lin. He remarked viciously, “Hmph, turns out he’s only an acting class monitor for three months. My attribute values are three times more than yours. Let’s wait and see what happens in three months!”

Xiao Lin sighed. He could sense the look in everyone’s eyes and such behavior was only human. After knowing the extent of the squad leader’s authority, everyone would be affected, with the exception of Gu Xiaoyue.

However, Xiao Lin also noticed that instructor Qin Chuan had his eyes focused more on Gu Xiaoyue when bringing up that point. Xiao Lin also realized that Qin Chuan did not take people like Wang Dalin seriously. Whatever he said earlier was just to incite Gu Xiaoyue’s fighting spirit and spur her to compete for the monitor’s position.

Deep down, Xiao Lin found it rather amusing and glanced at the girl next to him. Her indifferent gaze under her plain spectacles confirmed to Xiao Lin that Qin Chuan was merely preaching to deaf ears.

“Instructor, what’s up with my course selection form...”

Qin Chuan was dispirited and did not pay him much mind, so he casually answered, “There isn’t any problem with your course selection schedule. This time, the student union is responsible for the acting monitors’ course selection.”

Xiao Lin was relieved, but then heard Qin Chuan murmur vaguely, “Strange. Why is everyone paying so much attention to this freshmen class?”

Xiao Lin’s expression turned slightly odd. He recalled that his SS-Level Academic Genius talent was listed as top-secret, and the Central Computer made it clear that the dean was the only person authorized to know. Despite his narcissism in wanting to believe that he was the one garnering so much attention, the events happening since the previous night demonstrated to him that instructors and sophomores had their eyes only on Gu Xiaoyue.

The course selection commenced officially after that. Qin Chuan first had to introduce the course selection process, including the credits needed to enter sophomore year. However, he was embarrassed to find that all the freshmen already understood everything from Xiao Lin the night before. Xiao Lin had earlier gotten an explanation from the sophomore senior, who spoke in much more detail than the instructor.

Qin Chuan was very annoyed to discover that his final prestige as instructor was all but gone. However, he was utterly unable to lose his temper, as it was a last-minute decision by the student union. Even the dean valued the current batch of freshman, so as a measly little instructor, he did not dare to voice out any objections.

Qin Chuan was just about to skip the course introduction when some people expressed some discontent. Wang Dalin raised his hand quickly and shouted without waiting for Qin Chuan to speak. “Why aren’t you going on with explaining! There’s still a lot of things I don’t know. How exactly are the credits calculated? You should explain!”

A burst of laughter erupted from the class!

The reason Wang Dalin did not know about the course selection process was because Xiao Lin kicked him out of the discussion group the night before. As a result, he did not know anything about it. Qin Chuan was unaware of the situation and felt that Wang Dalin was deliberately making a fool out of him.

Qin Chuan, who was already very unhappy, looked even worse and angrily shot back, “I’ll collect your course selection schedule in twenty minutes! Your first class will be at nine o’clock. Don’t waste any time!”

After glaring fiercely at Wang Dalin, Qin Chuan walked out and slammed the door.

Wang Dalin shrank his neck, but was not brave enough to chase after Qin Chuan. He quietly asked the others about the course selection details. His popularity did not look too promising and the rest of them spitefully remarked, “Go ask Xiao Lin. He’s the monitor.”

Wang Dalin snorted coldly. He would rather die than ask Xiao Lin for help. He gritted his teeth and simply filled it up by himself. Low-pitched murmurs were occasionally heard, but Xiao Lin had said everything that ought to have been said. There was nothing else to fuss about regarding the course selection table.

Xiao Lin, who had already handed in his course selection form, had nothing else to do and fixed his attention on Gu Xiaoyue. She filled out her form in less than a minute, turned her head slightly, and glanced penetratingly at Xiao Lin. She handed him the form, adjusted her glasses, and asked in all seriousness, “Are there any problems with it?”

Xiao Lin smiled awkwardly. Curious, he decided to take her form. As expected, she chose Basic Meditation and Basic Perception. He thought about it and said, “You can actually choose some courses that train your physique. Your physique could use some help, and not counting your intelligence, your other attributes aren’t that high.”

Gu Xiaoyue turned her head completely and glared at Xiao Lin. She then remarked in a half-certain manner, “The monitor has the authority to check other people’s attributes!”

Xiao Lin had already mentioned that earlier and it was obvious that Gu Xiaoyue was always indifferent to things that did not concern herself. By then, Xiao Lin had begun to slowly become familiar with the girl’s character and helplessly nodded.

Gu Xiaoyue’s delicate eyebrows twisted together and she opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, she merely sat up straight again and said nonchalantly, “I’m born this way. It’s futile.”

It took Xiao Lin a while to piece together what the girl wanted to express: her body was born weak, and it would be useless even if she took courses in physical fitness.

Xiao Lin’s own physique was nowhere near stellar, but that was due to his own laziness and the otaku life. The ring of fat on his abdomen made him breathless after a 200-meter run.

Gu Xiaoyue was different, and Xiao Lin made a silent guess as to why the girl had only two years of life left.

20 minutes later, Qin Chuan came in and quickly collected everyone’s course selection forms. He then entered it into the Central Computer in front of everyone. Everyone was soon able to check their elective courses in the personal information section of the forum. Before leaving, Qin Chuan informed everyone that the first class was a compulsory course—General History of Planet Norma. Simply put, it was a history class, one that many people lamented; they expected it to be very boring.

A few minutes after Qin Chuan left, a young man with thick eyebrows, big eyes, and a bulging beer belly walked slowly into the classroom. He struggled and held a thick book in his right hand and had probably rushed there from a long distance. In addition, his obesity made him out-of-breath just by walking.

The young man wore a white T-shirt that had a hole in the shoulder. His glasses were big, and the most exaggerated item was the book he was holding. Its thickness was rather disturbing; it was as thick as half his arm.

The class was initially quite excited after imagining their history teacher to be like the dean—mysterious and an awe-inspiring mage. Evidently, the young man was far from the mages and wizards seen in movies or novels. He was more like a brick mover on the street and the entire hall resonated with a sigh of disappointment.

He placed the book on the podium with a loud thud, then lifted his glasses and carefully scanned the faces of every student in the hall. It was then that he began speaking slowly. His voice was very loud, and Xiao Lin felt his eardrums buzz despite sitting in the back row.

“I’ll be honest with you; this is the first time I’m teaching freshmen like you. Before that, my students were all graduate or doctoral students. However, that doesn’t mean I’ll lower my standards for your lot!”

Hearing that, Xiao Lin’s eyelids began to suddenly twitch!

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