Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 23: Xiao Lin’s Challenge

Chapter 23: Xiao Lin’s Challenge

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In the end, no one dared try it; such a test would only continue to undermine their self-confidence.

“Don’t think a Grade S or A in the admissions test makes you so great! I can tell you that the academy weakened the monsters in the test by at least half their actual strength!”

Everyone felt like a bucket of cold water had been splashed over their heads because it was exactly as she had mentioned. Many people were elated after surviving the admission test, buoyed by Chen Yu’s encouragement the night before.

The woman’s face was full of disappointment and impatience. “I wonder which bastard said that this new batch was special. Hmph. What a total waste of my time! For this afternoon, or more accurately, for as long as it takes, don’t do anything else. Just stay here, and keep practicing! We’ll start the next lesson once you all can exert a hundred percent of your strength value!”

The woman said this as she walked toward the door.

“Teacher–I mean–Tutor, where are you going?” Cheng Ming asked immediately.

The woman said petulantly, “I’m going home to sleep! Why would I intentionally waste time here with all of you?”

“But...but you haven’t taught us how to exert all our strength!” Cheng Ming was afraid of the woman’s aura, but he nevertheless straightforwardly asked.

The woman turned her head. She shot back as fast as a machine gun, “What’s there to teach! Do I need to teach this? Practice makes perfect, ever heard the phrase? ??Why are you still standing there? Practice; now! One-on-one! Practice how to swing the sword and how to knock down your opponents! Don’t forget that you’re not allowed to use those wooden training toys. If I find out that you do, you’ll never be allowed to enter this training hall again! Remember this: actual combat is always the fastest and easiest way to make progress!”

“Practice one-on-one with real swords? What if we get injured!”

The woman glared and yelled, “Did you leave your ears at home? Didn’t I say in the beginning that this hall has its own healing system? With these garbage swords, any injury—no matter how serious—will heal over. What are you afraid of?”

“But, our redemption points...” In the end, the questioner did not dare to finish his question.

Upon seeing the hall finally descend into complete silence, the woman nodded, satisfied, and yawned. She really seemed ready to go back home to take a nap, but when she took half a step out of the training hall, a somewhat hesitant, yet salient voice was heard.

“Um, Tutor, I’d like to ask something. I chose Basic Meditation as one of my courses this afternoon, so is it possible that I leave first and go to the meditation class since you’re leaving?”

Everyone looked in that person’s direction, glaring at him as if they were an idiot.

Xiao Lin felt embarrassed under their watchful eyes as well, but unless he had a better way, he would not have wanted to provoke that madwoman. The academy scheduled Basic Swordsmanship and Basic Meditation at the same time, and Xiao Lin was not about to just abandon any particular course; he wanted to smoothly progress into the sophomore year.

“Oh? This freshman wants to cultivate both magic and martial arts?”

The woman stopped for a moment, retracting her foot from outside the hall. She slowly walked toward Xiao Lin. She had a charming smile on her face and looked at him with intent.

The distance between the two was less than half a meter and her womanly fragrance was exceptionally refreshing. However, Xiao Lin was not in the mood to appreciate her beauty up close. He clearly remembered how the last guy who displayed his attraction to this woman was kicked into the air.

Every hair on Xiao Lin’s entire body stood on end. He took a couple of steps back and looked warily at her. After some thought, he realized that he felt unsafe and began increasing the distance between them to about ten meters.

The woman’s smile gradually faded. “Basic Swordsmanship leans toward physical attacks, and Basic Meditation cultivates spells. If I remember correctly, there’s a reminder in the course selection table saying that it’s not recommended for new students to practice both magic and martial arts.”

“But there is no express prohibition, is there?” Xiao Lin asked.

The woman’s expression became completely indifferent. “Yes, Dawn Academy does not prohibit it, and in fact, many graduates will choose to learn some basic spells. For freshmen, however, dual cultivation is a waste of time! Don’t you have the faintest idea why the academy arranged the freshmen’s schedules in such a way that the physical courses are held simultaneously with spell courses?”

“I understand that dual cultivation means that it will take me twice as long to reach the same strength levels as everyone else,” Xiao Lin said stubbornly, “But I insist on it. I’d like to attend the Basic Meditation class.”

The woman narrowed her eyes. “So, you’re some genius, are you? Tell me, what are your initial attribute values? I heard that there was a new record of 36 intelligence points in this batch of freshmen. Could you be them?”

A slight mocking laugh came from the crowd. “Tutor, you gotta have the wrong person. This isn’t the one with 36 intelligence—”

“DID I SAY YOU COULD INTERRUPT!” the woman yelled back.

Xiao Lin replied, “Strength, three; Agility, two; Intelligence, two; Constitution, three. That’s my current attribute value. ”

“Three points in strength and two in intelligence. Hehe, you’re very amusing. Are you sure you want to take up dual cultivation with those numbers? It’ll be even more difficult later on for you to increase your attribute values. You should thank the heavens if you can reach Black Iron Rank in four years with your basic attributes. If the freshmen in this class all bite off more than they can chew like you, the principal must be senile to have personally attended the opening ceremony!”

The woman was very disappointed. She felt that it would be pointless to continue arguing and had no intention of entertaining Xiao Lin. However, she had only just turned around and barely taken a step when Xiao Lin reluctantly ran up to her to ask. “So, is that a yes?”

On that occasion, even the earnest Cheng Ming felt that Xiao Lin was digging his own grave. Everyone could see that the furious woman’s mood had soured tremendously at that moment, yet Xiao Lin dared push her buttons.

The woman laughed out loud. The new students looked at Xiao Lin with pity, giving him looks that said ‘good luck’. Then, they stepped back, so as not to be affected by her rage.

Cold sweat streamed down Xiao Lin’s cheeks as quickly said, “Wait, wait! Didn’t you say that the initial goal is complete if we can fully display a hundred percent of our strength?”

“I did. And?” the woman asked indifferently.

Xiao Lin said what he wanted to say in one breath. “I think I’ve probably already accomplished that goal, and since you’re refusing to teach us, it’ll be a waste of time for me to stay. In that case, would it be okay for me to attend the other course?”

Several of the acting class monitors frowned when they heard that. Even Cheng Ming felt that Xiao Lin’s was boasting a little too much. Among them, Cheng Ming had the highest strength value, and even that was a measly 70%. The others were doubly certain that their strength was better than a loser with 10 attribute points like Xiao Lin.

“Oh?” The woman raised her chin and was somewhat surprised. “Then I’ll give you a chance. However, if you’re lying, then you’ll never be allowed in my class. I don’t care what you do with the other courses; that’s your own business!”

“If I’m not lying, does that mean you’ll agree with me?” Xiao Lin remained persistent.

The woman nearly lost her mind, but managed to suppress her anger. “Not only will I agree, I’ll get the lady who teaches Basic Meditation and to agree too!”

“Deal!” Xiao Lin was overjoyed; his problem was all but solved.

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