Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 599 - Examination Ends

Chapter 599: Examination Ends

The fight against Poseidon ended just like that. No one would have ever expected that Poseidon would die in such an anticlimactic and useless manner.

A so-called god was just a human that was stronger than most. Of course, Poseidon’s rank was even higher, but other than Xiao Lin and Gu Xiaoyue, the rest of them did not know the enemy had been the god of the sea from Earth mythology.

Xiao Lin wanted to laugh out loud, even though his entire body ached to the point where even laughing was incredibly difficult because, as he looked at the mass of light that was descending, and the fact that the two figures in the mass were very possibly the first colonists, a ridiculous notion surfaced in Xiao Lin’s head.

The students did not exist in true history, and the reason that the two ancient people could cross countless galaxies to arrive in this completely new world, came from Poseidon. It was because Poseidon had used most of his power to maintain and expand the crack in space and that they had the chance to cross. After all, Anna’s little sacrifice would never have actually been able to open the wormhole to Earth; their initial speculations were wrong on that front.

However, the fact that Poseidon appeared in this world was because Xiao Lin had used Time Rewind, broken through the wall of time and sealed that man into the wormhole.

Without Poseidon being sealed, he would not have appeared on Planet Norma. If Poseidon did not appear on Planet Norma, the first colonists would not have arrived successfully. Without the first colonists, Dawn Academy would not have been born. Without Dawn Academy, Xiao Lin would not have been admitted, and everything today would not exist.

Looking at the source, the origin of everything was Xiao Lin!

That crazy notion caused Xiao Lin to want to laugh, but it was a bitter laugh, because that meant that, from the time the Poseidon was sealed during the Atlantean era, everything had basically been determined by fate. In another manner of speaking, the wheel of fate had started to churn.

Either it was him who changed history, or everything he had done had been predetermined. If it was the latter, then discovering that everything he had done, pursued, and worked hard on had been predetermined was a tough pill to swallow.

With those complicated emotions, Xiao Lin quietly lay down on the floor unmoving after losing all his strength. The two figures had seen him, and were walking toward him, but it was as if the Academy never planned on allowing the new students to interact with their predecessors. When the figures slowly turned clearer, Xiao Lin’s sight turned darker.

Everything started to spin, and when he reopened his eyes, everyone was already back in the public classroom.

The examination had ended!

Escaping from death, most of the people in the classroom could not help but stand up and celebrate with their friends. The ones who lived until the end had all profited.

Judging from the number who were cheering, the ones who lived until the end only took up about 20 percent. Xiao Lin let out a sigh of relief when he noticed the calm woman sitting beside him.

Gu Xiaoyue was looking at Xiao Lin as well, and her expression was a little emotional. Xiao Lin did not know if it was due to that shocking fight or the fact that she managed to live.

The evaluation would come after, and everyone could see the results from their computers. After the examination, everyone was exhausted. Even though their physical injuries would be fully recovered after returning, they could only recover their mental fatigue through rest.

However, those who managed to survive would all walk toward Xiao Lin before they left, respectfully and sincerely thanking him. Even though no one held any suspicions towards Xiao Lin’s status as a monitor anymore, Xiao Lin had still missed out on too many monthly examinations; it was inevitable that there would be those who would criticize him for not being reliable.

Most of them had seen Xiao Lin’s skills during the last semester, but no one expected that Xiao Lin’s skills would improve to such a horrifying degree after just half a semester. Knowing and experiencing it for themselves were two completely different matters, and after such an astonishing battle, even those who did not do anything felt their blood pumping.

They all knew that it was because of Xiao Lin that they managed to survive the examination.

As for those who died earlier and did not know anything, they were at a loss, but their friends would quickly explain the matter with a proud and honoring tone.

That was right, being able to witness a battle of that level and survive caused them to feel honored. More importantly, the one who defeated an enemy of that level was Xiao Lin, their own monitor.

“Let me tell you, Xiao Lin was incredibly strong. I think that battle was at least Silver-ranked…”

“I really have to bow down to him. It’s a pity you died early. That last battle was so intense, I was so anxious as I was looking on.”

“You know? The monitor looked so good when he fought. I’ve decided that Xiao Lin is my idol from today onward!”

Listening to the conversations around him, Xiao Lin did not know how to react. He was actually a little ashamed; the difficulty of the examination had been increased because of him; if the sea god was just at Silver rank, it would not have been so difficult.

When most of the people in the classroom had left, Xiao Lin stood up and said to the woman next to him, “Shall we go back together?”

Gu Xiaoyue hesitated for a moment before nodding.

Xiao Lin was surprised. The woman rarely agreed. He was immediately elated, and could not help but wonder if he should just invite her to eat together.

Gu Xiaoyue was actually very shy. Even though she was quite good friends with Xiao Lin, it was only when they were alone. She was still not used to being out in public, so she mostly rejected such invitations.

Xiao Lin more or less understood how the woman felt, which was why he had waited until most of them had left and the space was emptier. It was more natural that way.

They walked along the green trails. Even though China on Earth was having summer, the constant temperature in the academy’s space ensured that the weather was always just right. Putting aside anything else, the environment around the school was very good. Slowly walking among the extraordinarily lush and colorful flowers and trees that had been bolstered by magic was a great experience.

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