Elite Mages' Academy

Chapter 601 - Lifespan

Chapter 601: Lifespan

Knowing he had narrowly escaped death, Xiao Lin was shaken, but he did not understand what happened. No injuries would be brought back after the examination ended; he trusted that the academy would not hide anything regarding that, but his confusion came from the man in front of him.

There was a strange smell in the room, and it got even thicker when the man walked in. Xiao Lin suddenly remembered something, and he furrowed his eyebrows as he shook his head. “No, this isn’t a hospital ward! This is an experiment room!”

Because Xiao Lin regularly entered Song Junlang’s experiment room, Xiao Lin was no stranger to that smell. The experiments used various strange potions and ingredients that would regularly have strange smells, so they could only be in an experiment room. After all, there was no way a ward would have random potions around.

“I never said this was a ward, nor does the academy have any specialized hospitals.” The man looked at Xiao Lin and slowly said, “This is the seventh experiment room. I’m called Wang Shengming, the one in charge of this place.”

At that time, more people came in, and Xiao Lin looked at them. Those people were not in white clothes, but they were all fully clad in armor, and the swords in their hands were all unsheathed as they looked at him in alarm, as if they were facing a big enemy.

“Are you detaining me?” Xiao Lin half-jokingly asked.

“No way.” Wang Shengming waved his hand, motioning for the others to leave.

When the room was empty, the man thought for a moment before suddenly saying, “You are someone the dean trusts, and I believe in him. I also believe that the student union president would not help someone evil, but the current investigation isn’t good for you.”

“Investigation?” Xiao Lin started to sweat; it was like he had entered a completely foreign world after he woke up.

“Let me get straight to the point; regarding the forbidden technique you used, we haven’t seen any matching data so far, but I think it’s best for you to be honest. It would be better for you as well. Otherwise, we won’t know what potions to use to help you.” Wang Shengming looked at Xiao Lin. His words were shocking.

Forbidden techniques on Planet Norma have been forbidden by all the academies, because forbidden techniques could usually cause immense harm and burdens on the user, and could also cause unexpected results. Wang Dalin had been sent back to Earth by the student union because he used one; there had been no room for negotiation.

Xiao Lin obviously could not have made such a mistake, as he had never learnt any forbidden spells anyway. Facing Wang Shengming’s questions, Xiao Lin’s first response was anger, as he was certain that there had to be some mistake somewhere, or that someone was framing him. After all, he knew the military did not like him.

However, he quickly composed himself. Wang Shengming’s expression was calm. He did not have any expressions of ridicule or triumph, but instead one of helplessness and pity. It was like he was looking at a fallen criminal.

At least the person in charge of the room did not seem to have been arranged by the military. Even though the dean could not manage the daily affairs due to his illness, the temporary dean was still temporary, and the dean was still the dean. Furthermore, in the academy, the student union’s power was the greatest, so trying to start something under the nose of the president was incredibly difficult.

So, Xiao Lin quickly discarded that possibility, but if he had not been framed, then why was he being under such an intense guard after waking up from a coma. He was even accused of using a forbidden spell and violating the academy’s rules.

After calming down, Xiao Lin suddenly thought of something. Forbidden spells could be explained as unnatural power. To be even more direct, it was something that could allow someone to use several times more power than their basic attributes.

Xiao Lin obviously had a power like that. Miracle might not be one, but Ruin and Myth that he had just used were definitely skills that allowed him to greatly exceed his abilities. Yet, those were all skills that he had used his talent to unlock, so how could they be forbidden spells? Furthermore, it was not the first time he had used Ruin; he never had an issue then.

“Hold on. You mentioned my body?” Xiao Lin finally caught the important point. He seemed to have thought of something, and furrowed his eyebrows.

Wang Shengming did not have a shred of happiness in his expression when he looked at Xiao Lin; he sighed in pity before taking out a laptop. He opened it and typed a few things before showing Xiao Lin. “This is the data we got after examining you yesterday. You can only look at it.”

On the monitor was Xiao Lin’s personal information. Normally, regular people would not have the right to open it like that, even someone in charge of the experiment room. Since he was able to, it meant that he had already obtained the permission from the student union. Of course, the secret contents, such as his SS-rank talent, had definitely been hidden.

Xiao Lin glanced over it and he immediately straightened up because he realized that each of his basic attributes had gone to 120. He rubbed his eyes, looking at Wang Shengming in disbelief.

After returning from the New World, his basic attributes should have been 80 points, even though his attributes had increased after training, but even with Academic Genius, there was no way for his attributes to increase by such a crazy degree. It had increased by almost half; that was something practically impossible in just a short month.

Responding to Xiao Lin’s surprised look, Wang Shengming emotionlessly said, “Don’t be quick to say anything. Continue looking; the important part is below.”

Next was Xiao Lin’s skills; of course Miracle, Ruin, and Myth were not there, but those were not the important points. What followed some other content, such as his attribute growths, and the final one was his remaining lifespan.

Seeing that, Xiao Lin’s expression froze. He was stunned.

On it, his remaining lifespan was listed as: [20 years]

“That’s impossible!” Xioa Lin put down the laptop and shook his head.

“The central computer’s records cannot be wrong. If you don’t believe it, we can immediately arrange a physical examination for you. In truth, we’ve done a lot of cross examinations in the past few days, but the results were all the same.” Wang Shengming took a deep breath, slowly saying, “We’ve checked your earlier lifespan and monthly examination date. Can you tell us, if you did not use a forbidden spell, where did the other 80 years of your lifespan go?”

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