Emperor of Solo Play

Chapter 188 Barbarian King (5)

Chapter 188 – Barbarian King (5)


"We broke through!"

- The path is open!

The battle began, and the confrontation opened up with the magical bombardment sent by the Magicians. Then the Tankers made a line to stop the monsters from reaching the Magicians. While both sides battled to whittle down the number of each side, eight teams started boring holes through the horde of monsters.

"Drill through! Drill through!"

"Strikers carry the Priests and Magicians in!"

"Hurry up and get in there!"

A large amount of the force started to be sucked through the holes. Then the Users started to build another wall as they stood with their backs towards the Barbarian King. It looked as if they were protecting the Barbarian King.

"We are in place!"

-After solidifying your position, I want the Healers to stick close to the Tankers!

-You guys take charge of columns that break away!

"If the situation is desperate, the Magicians should use magic to regain the Aggro!"

-This is for the Magician Team. Please hold back from using AOE magic. It has to be Target Magic. I will say this again. Please hold back from using AOE Magic. We have to make a ring. You guys have to fight the battle through Target Magic.

This was called the Donut Plan.

It was a plan devised to stop the monsters, who had come out to protect the Barbarian King, from returning to the Barbarian King. The Tankers would block off the route back. A wall had to be formed. The Barbarian King would be at the center. The Users and monsters would form a donut shape around it.

This was the crux of the plan.

- The Hahoe Mask is getting ready.

The empty hole in the middle of the donut would be the stage where the Hahoe Mask and the Barbarian King would fight.

The start was announced by the Bone Dragon.

The Bone Dragon flew high in the sky, and it was the first to attack the Barbarian King. It was 20 meters long, and the enormous Bone Dragon was terrifying.

It was made using a level 220 Dragon type boss monster, so it was well worth its cost. The Ingredients cost tens of thousand of gold.

The Bone Dragon landed in front of the Barbarian King, and the remaining monsters near the Barbarian King charged forward. All the large monsters stuck to the enormous body of the Bone Dragon.

After several seconds….


There was thousand Bone Explosives planted inside the Dragon’s body, and in a flash, all the monster sticking near the Bone Dragon was swept up in the explosion.

This was the signal.

- The Hahoe Mask is on the move!

When the signal was given, Hahoe Mask started running. He started to run towards the wall that was paved with the lives of Users. The Skeleton Warriors was close behind Hyrkan.

In a flash, the group jumped over the wall made by the Users.

"Oh oh oh!"

"It’s the Hahoe Mask! Hahoe Mask-nim looked at me!"

"He didn’t look at you. He looked at the monster in front of you!"

"You are the only one we trust, Hahoe Mask! Please kill the Barbarian King!"

Hahoe Mask and the Skeletons flew over their heads like sparrows in flight. The Tankers, Priests, Strikers and Magicians gave him words of encouragement.

Hahoe Mask left the cheering Users behind as he ran towards the Barbarian King. The number of monsters charging towards the Hahoe Mask was few in number.

The Bone Dragon had been used as bait, and its suicide bombing had taken out most of the miscellaneous monsters.

The Skeleton Warriors were in charge of taking care of the leftover monsters. While Hyrkan reduced his speed, the Skeleton Warriors charged past Hyrkan to kill the monsters.

Several Skeletons unhesitatingly charged towards their master’s biggest enemy. They fearlessly charged towards the Barbarian King.

The Barbarian King had done nothing up until now, but it moved in reaction to the Skeletons.


The long nose of the Barbarian King was swung like a whip. In just a single swing, two Skeleton Warriors approaching the Barbarian King was broken into pieces. However, one was able to dodge, and it approached the feet of the Barbarian King. The Skeleton Warrior stabbed the Gem embedded in the Barbarian King’s armor.

It was able to hit the Gem only once.

After the Skeleton Warrior finished its single attack, it was immediately grabbed by the Barbarian King’s hand.

Kwah-jeek, kwah-jeek!

The Skeleton had been equipped with the Bone Armor and the Tattoo Scorpion set. However, it was crushed in an instant.

The Skeleton Warriors were impregnable against most monsters here, yet they were easily broken. They were like toys in the hands of the Barbarian King.

The Skeleton Warriors exploded as they let out the poison of the Tattoo Scorpion, yet it had no effect on the Barbarian King.



The explosion, which had erupted in the Barbarian King’s hand, was somewhat effective. The Barbarian King’s hand was frozen. The Bone Explosive held the Transcendent Rank Ancient Power, Legendary Rank Ancient Power, Mythos Rank Ancient Power and the Power of Frost. It froze the Barbarian King for 3 seconds.

The 3 seconds was a golden opportunity. Hyrkan threw his Bone Spear.

The Bone Spear flew towards the shoulder armor, and it embedded itself in a red-colored gem.

It was surprisingly accurate!

However, there was no time to marvel at Hyrkan’s accuracy.

This was a fight against time.

The Users wouldn’t be able to last too long against the monsters. Moreover, the Skeletons and other summonable familiars wouldn’t be able to last long against the Barbarian King.

He had to destroy 31 Protection Gems in a short amount of time.

At the very least, the Protection Gem needed two hits to break it. This meant he needed to attack it 62 times to destroy all the Gems. If each attack took a minute, one had to spend an hour in destroying the Gems.

This was why Hyrkan stayed in place. He knew what he wanted to do. He’ll let out an all-out attack on the Gems. In a flash, he would strike the Gems with his Bone Spears.

He was Hyrkan.

He was a genius.

On the stage of the virtual reality game, his skill and talent was unparalleled. He was an extraordinary genius, who defied all common sense.

If he was a Magician, Ballista would probably have to give up his nickname to Hyrkan.

Hyrkan’s spear flew in a tight arc. It was once again embedded in the armor’s Gem.


[The first Protection Gem was destroyed.]

A Gem had been destroyed.


At that moment, the Barbarian King let out a cry that could only be made by a beast with the nose of an elephant. The sound went on for a long time as if it was a boat horn.

Hyrkan unconsciously spoke towards it.

"Come at me! Let's end this!"


-He made his move.

On the fierce battlefield, the Strikers attempted Armor Breaking, while the Tankers held the monsters at bay. When the Armor Breaking was done, the Magicians sent their magical spells against these monsters. The Priests busily moved around to save as many lives as they could.

In such a battle, the members of the Hands guild had been calmly killing the monsters. The order came to the nine Users, who had hidden themselves amongst the crowd.

They had given a reasonable effort at killing the monsters.

They abandoned their spots.

They started walking.

They moved towards the ring being maintained by the Users, who were sacrificing their lives.


Someone called after them, but they acted as if they couldn’t hear the person. They redoubled their efforts to reach the stage.

Of course, they couldn’t do as they pleased. There were Users tasked with dealing with changing variables, and these Users blocked the paths of the Hands guild.

"Hey. This place is off limits."

"At, that is......

The members of the Hands guild paused as they looked at the Users in front of them.

They weren’t thinking about whether they should fight or not.

They were think of a way that’ll allow them to kill the Users in front of them as soon as possible.

As they were pondering such thoughts, they looked closer at the opponents barring their way.

There was a flicker of recognition.

"Red Bulls?"


They finally realized, who was blocking their path.


There were over 200 Users gathered in the Bizma Plain. This large group was hidden as they looked at the battle. A User wearing red robes also looked at the battlefield.


As he watched the battlefield, a phone call arrived.



As soon as he picked up the phone, he heard an angry shout. However, he didn’t frown or sulk when he heard the angry shout. Instead, he put on a smile as he spoke.

"Ah. Who is this?"

- Are you planning on breaking the contract of nonparticipation!

The caller was Horus.

Of course, Hatch knew who was calling. He had answered the call knowing Horus had called him.

"Ah. What are you talking about?"

-You dare...... How dare you double cross us like this?

"Double cross? Do you know who I am?"


"Are we on friendly terms? Did we actually form a contract?"

-You son of a bitch! Do you think you’ll be able to get away with this?

"I’m asking, because I really don’t know what you are talking about. What did I do wrong? You said I did something wrong, yet you don’t have a contract. Do you have any evidence that’ll stand in the court of law?

-You bastard.

"Ah. If you want to talk in more details, you can call up our guild’s lawyer. We have a really expensive lawyer on retainer, so you shouldn’t do anything rash against us. Ah. I’m recording our current conversation. You might be called to court some day, so you should be careful."

When he ended the call, Hahui approached Hatch.

"Who called you?"

"Ah. It was my girlfriend."

Hatch answered in a flippant manner.


Hahui had a horrified expression on her face. It was beyond description. Hatch was taken aback when he saw her expression. Her expression was filled with shock, and she looked as if the world was about to fall all around her.

"No, it was someone I know. It was a joke."

Normally, he would tease her, but Hahui’s expression was too incredible. Hatch unconsciously stopped himself.

"You surprised me!"

At Hatch’s explanation, Hahui’s expression changed instantly.

She put on a murderous expression again.

Hahui had on her usual expression, and Hatch was able to come to his senses. He responded in his usual manner.

"Why were you surprised when I said I had a girlfriend? This is strange. Are you interested in me? Do you like me?"

Instead of answering, Hahui glared at Hatch. The one to end this weird spectacle was Shir.

"Was it the Hands guild?"


As soon as he answered the question, a User quickly approached them. It was a User wearing an imposing helmet with horns. It was none other than the guild master of the Red Bulls. It was Matador Chev.

"We’ve engaged with the Helpers of the Hands guild."

Shir immediately asked a question.

"What’s the result?"

"They are still in battle...... They are a tough opponent. "

"I want you to show them your skill. If you can’t do this, there was no point in me paying an exorbitant amount of money to purchase your guild."

Chev let out an awkward smile instead of answering her. He was in a spot now where he had to follow her every order. He couldn’t just ignore her words.

"I’ll do my best."

At Chev’s answer, Shir turned her head instead of answering him.

They were at the Bizma Plain.

She looked at the Hahoe Mask, who was dancing with the Barbarian King on a stage made by the Users.

Hatch carefully spoke to her.

"What will you do if the Hahoe Mask turns down the offer?"

"We’ll go with our other plan."

"Then…… It’ll be war with the Hahoe Mask…"

Shir didn’t answer him. She looked at the battlefield with an expressionless face.


Hyrkan hadn’t used all his cards yet. Every time he was put in danger, he took out a card. When the 50 Skeleton Warriors he brought initially was turned back into Skeleton Fragments, Hyrkan summoned the Skeleton Knights.

The Skeleton Knights were on their Skeleton Steeds, and they fearlessly fought against the Barbarian King.

Hit and run!

The Skeleton Knights used the mobility of the Skeleton Steed as they performed at optimal level. A less knowledgeable person would probably mistake the Skeleton Knights as Death Knights. In other words, it was evidence that Hyrkan’s Skeleton Knights had gone through countless high level battles.

If it wasn’t for Hyrkan, the Skeleton Warriors and Knights wouldn’t have such excellent battle AI.

He was deeply moved.

It was as if he was a parent looking at his children excel in a brilliant manner.

However, at a certain point, he stopped himself from being impressed. In the end, the Skeleton Knights could only stall for time.

Eventually the Skeleton Knights exited the field, and the Golems started to appear in order.

The four Golems borrowed the appearance of Ogres using the Clay Play Skill. The Golems were large enough to rival the size of the Barbarian King.

However, the Golems couldn’t hold out as long as the Skeleton Knights. The Barbarian King’s trunk was powerful enough to destroy the Earth Golem and Ice Golem with a single blow. The demonic spirit of the Barbarian King ate away and crushed the Iron Golem. The Fire Golem was the most pitiful out of the bunch. The Barbarian King ignored the flames created by the Fire Golem. The Fire Golem’s fire was like a flame atop a birthday candle to the Barbarian King.

However, the time bought by the Golems was precious. Hyrkan was able to summon the Death Knight thanks to their sacrifices.

After appearing, the Death Knight fought the Barbarian King as if to avenge the Golems.

The Death Knight was the only one that was able to fight on equal grounds with the Barbarian King. The Death Knight didn’t retreat.

When the Death Knight appeared, the [Undying] Skill was immediately activated, and it awoke more Skeleton Warriors and Knight.

The Skeleton underlings took form again, and they expressed their undying will towards the Barbarian King.

'Thank you.'

Hyrkan was deeply moved by their efforts.

'Thank you.'

Hyrkan was thankful of the exploits of his Skeletons.

[The 31st Protection Gem was destroyed.]

Hyrkan was able to destroy the 31st Protection Gem. It was 48 minutes into the battle.

At that moment, Hyrkan opened his mouth for the first time.

"The 2nd Phase is starting."

Hyrkan’s voice had been low. A person next to him wouldn’t have been able to hear it.

- The 2nd Phase is starting!

However, he had spoken through his Voice Talk program.

"The 2nd Phase is starting!"

"The 2nd Phase in starting!

-The 2nd Phase is starting.!

It was like an echo. The same phrase filled the battlefield in seconds.

Hyrkan manipulated his watch. He set his watch on the second slot, and he immediately yelled out.

"Slot On!"


At the same time, the heavens let out a sound of warning.

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