Emperor of The Cosmos

Chapter 153

Chapter 153

Space of the Sarira

"You want to make my body a container of this spiritual sword and seal it? Isn't it like putting a couple of nuclear reactors in my body? Isn't that a problem?"

Jiang Li was a little frightened . But this was not his fault . In his memory, every time spiritual sword showed up, it shocked the earth like an intercontinental missile attack .

Moreover, spiritual sword needed a lot of spiritual energy every day . Ordinary people couldn't afford it . The speed of its spiritual stone consuming was like rushing water .

"In the past, I was not sure, but now my cultivation and my heart state improved, so I think I can control the spiritual sword with the help of this battleship, which cost all my money and has an energy smelter in it . Besides, your Sarira of Great Emperor seems mysterious . "

Hong Heiyu was full of vigor so he restrained his hot temper and looked happy because of his improvements .

"My Sarira of Great Emperor has its own space . "

Jiang Li opened up the space of the Sarira, and the spiritual energy came out suddenly . It was a large storage room in thousands of square meters wide and ten meters high .

"A Heaven-rank spiritual treasure!" Hong Heiyu stared at the space, "This is the space folding technology that human beings dream of . It has not yet been put into production and no one have the chance to use it . "

"There was no space for my Sarira at the beginning, but every time I jump in a wormhole, the absorption of energy surges and the space expands . I want to inject more energy into the Sarira of Great Emperor, but I don't know how to do it," Jiang Li suddenly thought that Hong Heiyu might help him inject energy of wormhole into Sarira .

"Jump into wormholes could expand space and absorb energy? That's right!" Hong Heiyu not only had strong cultivation, but also knew much more about science than Jiang Li . He was also a scientist because it was easy to study science with his brilliant brain . The battleship was designed by him, "The space folding technology is also our developing direction . This is a good opportunity for study . I will study the Sarira of Great Emperor and inject energy into it with the method of Wormhole Manufacture Base . Its space will definitely expand again . Maybe my research will make space folding technology of human beings progress . "

"That is a great wealth, which is more valuable than the Sun and the Moon Essence . " Jiang Li was amazed . If his mentor conquered the space folding technology, he could become the richest man in a twinkling of an eye .

"The sun and the moon essence?" Hong Heiyu said in a leisurely manner, "Your father was the chief scientist of the Sun and the Moon Group under Jiang Family in terms of the essence of the sun and the moon . I have learned that, on the earth, he plans to embark on a study on the essence of the sun and the moon, cooperating with Zhang Anquan Group . Zhang Anquan is a strongman, but someone must be equipped with powerful equipment to go to the moon base and draw the real essence from the space station near the sun, which is very difficult . "

"Mentor, you really know details of my family . " Jiang Li didn't think it was uncommon . Every Astral University student's family information would be recorded to ensure they were not the alien aborigines .

"The Sun and the Moon Essence has great research value . Once it is sold on the market successfully, it is not difficult to become a multimillionaire . You have great potential, so you should make much more money in Astral University and support your father's research . " Hong Heiyu patted him on the shoulder, " Since Sarira of Great Emperor had a space, it is much easier to control the spiritual sword . Originally, I only have 50% probability of controlling the spiritual sword, but with this space, we could obtain the spiritual sword absolutely . "

"You mean, put the spiritual sword in the space?" Jiang Li immediately understood .

"Right!" Hong Heiyu went to the front of Death Valley . His eyes shot out a ray which pierced the thick fog, and immediately he saw the deep part of the valley . Jiang Li went over and found that the ground in the deep part of the canyon was a kind of dark and heavy stone, which was as hard as diamond . The whole canyon was long, narrow and deep . The wind was gusty and bleak . Some free golden rays exuded out of the ground and penetrated in again, making this place look like a swords hell .

Even Hong Heiyu's supernatural power could not reach the deeper part of this canyon .

Inside the canyon, it was still foggy and dark . No one knew what was inside there . Jiang Li could vaguely see a huge stone gate embedded in the depth of the mountain .

There were all kinds of paintings on the stone . They were all line-shaped figures performing all kinds of fencing movements, which were as violent as thunder, as quick as wind, as elegant as dance .

Deep in the stone gate, there must be something huge and terrible .

"Deep in the canyon is a cave emitting huge evil sword spirit all the time, which blocks the whole canyon . Even the gravity here is affected so it's no use to bombard by battleship . But every ten years, when the planets outside the Emperor Planet moves into a certain trajectory, the cave will open, absorb the power of the aligned planets and breed and shape swords in it," said Hong Heiyu .

"There are some ancient things on the Emperor Planet . I wonder if there is anything similar on the earth?" Jiang Li was very curious .

"These nights, the celestial phenomena will change, and the planets near the Emperor Planet will converge according to their trajectories, so we have to wait patiently," Hong Heiyu once again clicked the optical computer chip on his wrist, and a lot of star maps appeared . One of them was the Emperor Planet . Many planets revolved around the Emperor and pulled each other, forming a huge mechanical trajectory in the void .

Jiang Li, by the astronomical knowledge he learnt, knew that the trajectories of these planets were very important . Even in some special periods, the changes in terms of gravitational and magnetic fields of the planets even had an immeasurable impact on the human body .

"If people reach Oblivion Realm, his powerful soul can connect the trajectory of a planet . When the man unites himself with the world, he will forget his flesh and turn himself into a planet . The vast energy on the body let him have infinite magic power . His life span will be easily longer than one hundred years because his body is a part of the void and he can absorb the power of the universe for his own use . He can make the weather change heavily in just a moment!" Instead of forcing Jiang Li to practice, Hong Heiyu told him some knowledge of Oblivion Realm, "The weapons these Oblivion-Realm practitioner made were directly quenched by the gravity of the whole planet, so their weapons also have some characteristics of the unity of man and the world . "

"So you mean…" an idea rose in Jiang Li's mind, "the gravity here was actually changed by an Oblivion-Realm practitioner?"

"Yes, you seem to understand a lot . " Hong Heiyu sighed emotionally, "A practitioner in Oblivion Realm does own the ability to change gravity with himself as the center because his spirit and the whole planet can be connected, by which he can change things magically . If you reach this realm, you have unlimited supernatural power which is enough to make seasonal changes just by your mind . "

"There seems no such powerful one among the indigenous people on the Emperor Planet . The criminal on the list of Astral University, the owner of Daqian Academy (Da Qian University), Chen Tianshu, is just in Hun-yuan Respiration Realm . If he is promoted to Oblivion Realm, the base of our Astral University will be in danger," Jiang Li said frankly to Hong Heiyu .

"Chen Tianshu . . . " the temperament of Hong Heiyu changed again . He seemed to have a different emotion with that name, "He is a talent and a powerful man . It's a pity that he is not a human on the earth . Birds of different feathers do not flock together . . "

"If our human beings develop on the Emperor, we will fight with him one day . The resources on the whole Emperor are incredibly rich," Jiang Li knew that every plant on the Emperor was a precious treasure for mankind . Under the influence of huge gravity, wood here was a precious material, let alone some medicinal materials and wondrous precious stones . He could make a fortune easily by taking back any grass or trees on Emperor .

Of course, he looked down upon such small profit-making actions .

"There are many flaws in your Mind Seals of the Great Emperor . Let me show you how to perfect it," Hong Heiyu began to perform the Thunder Seal of Great Emperor after grasping the air . When the sky was split, the air rubbed and a lightning flashed in the airflow . After it fell to the ground, the ground turned black and scorched .

Jiang Li rejoiced, and immediately followed him to start the practice .

Hong Heiyu taught Jiang with his own understanding of Mind Seals of the Great Emperor . As a result, details became perfect, which showed Hong's vision was quite different . Jiang Li kept practicing for several days . Gradually, he felt that the Four Seals were integrated and his martial arts was on a higher level .

During this period, Hong Heiyu still forced him to enter the valley for practice .

Not like before, Liang Li had more experience in dealing with evil sword spirit nowadays and with increasing experience in martial arts, he felt easier to avoid evil sword spirit .

Unfortunately, Hong Heiyu kept forcing him to deeper valley, where the evil sword spirit was fiercer . Liang Li was cut in two at the waist several time; he was beheaded on one occasion and was almost split in two on another occasion .

On the latter occasion, his head was just right, and his body was cut apart from his shoulder .

That was his most painful and dangerous situation . He watched his body be split and even some of his internal organs were cut .

At that time, Hong Heiyu flew to him in the twinkling of an eye, wrapped up Jiang Li with holy fetus and treated him with a lot of life fruits and various artificial blood and flesh .

Those artificial flesh and blood, in fact, were genetic ones, the same as human flesh and blood, and pretty powerful . They had the same structure as that of Jiang Li's flesh and blood and were made by simulating Jiang Li's DNA with optical computers . Only the highest technology of human beings could produce such operations .

"Ha ha . . . " When Hong Heiyu cured Jiang Li again, he couldn't help laughing, feeling that his disciple were getting stronger and stronger, "Next step, I want to build your body after you were really hacked to pieces, that is, when the evil sword spirit wraps around your body, your body will become a skeleton except your head . I'll make flesh and blood for you again then . Buddhism has the concept of white bones . Imagine your flesh falls off little by little, leaving only the skeleton . How about this hell-like torture? I have never experienced such training yet . "

"What?" Jiang Li almost jumped up .

Leaving him with only the head and white bones was much fiercer than beheading .

Jiang Li's mind was indeed very tough after he experienced the hell-like training again and again . He felt his mental strength almost doubled compared with that at the beginning of his cultivation .

If he returned to the Earth, he would surely hypnotize tens of thousands of people at one time .

Although his realm was lower than Wang Changrong's, the number of hypnosis could even surpass what he could do .

Rumbling . . .

Just as Hong Heiyu was about to put his idea into practice, a shake came from the deep valley .

The spiritual sword showed up!

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