Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 11: Arrogance (1)

Although Nan Huairen was not a genius, he was not without skill. Otherwise, he wouldn't be a hall master among all the other disciples. He had read the “Invisible Dual Blades” manual before. In his eyes, it was only a normal martial technique, but in Li Qiye’s hands, it had a fearful offensive power.

He carefully looked at Li Qiye. As a wily person, he was capable of discerning characteristics and emotions from a person at a glance. However, he could not see through the thirteen-year-old Li Qiye in front of him. Thirteen years of age was when youths joined a sect; it was still an age where they would be emotionally provocable. However, Li Qiye possessed a calm aura that was as deep as an ocean. It was difficult to describe with words.

His Mortal physique, Mortal life wheel, and Mortal fate palace made the elders and Nan Huairen doubt him. In reality, Nan Huairen thought that Li Qiye had a mental illness during their first contact, a mental illness that made one act arrogant and carefree under all circumstances. However, after these last few days, he was starting to understand that arrogance and calmness were naturally a part of who Li Qiye was.

“This is a big disaster!” Protector Mo panicked since he was without a solution: “The trial is over! We have to return to our sect!"

Staying here right now was the same as lingering in a lion’s den or a dragon’s cave. The only thought in his mind right now was to flee.

“It is only a small matter, why do we have to run?” As the culprit, Li Qiye was lazily sitting in his chair. He slowly spoke: “To me, there is no place safer than the Nine Saint Demon Gate.”

Protector Mo angrily glared at Li Qiye. He really wanted to slap him a few times. However, he then remembered that a disaster was approaching and lost all of his desire to teach this brat a lesson.

“What do you know!” Someone who was normally reserved and quiet like Protector Mo couldn’t help but reprimand Li Qiye: “Do you think you are peerless under the heavens after you got lucky in killing Du Yuanguang? You don’t know the strength of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Not to mention the Demon King, even an elder is enough to deal with our six elders. The Nine Saint Demon Gate destroying us is akin to killing an ant.”

The words were humble but realistic. In reality, if the six elders were to be given titles, they would only be Named Heroes, equivalent to the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s protectors. The elders in the Nine Saint Demon Gate were all Royal Nobles at the very least, and the Demon King was one that had created countless miracles and legends in the last thirty thousand years. His strength was deep without a ceiling.

“My dear Protector Mo, do not worry yourself.” Li Qiye spoke in an aloof manner: “If this was anywhere else, I would be a bit troubled, but we're here at the Nine Saint Demon Gate. We will see who will kill who. Named Heroes? Royal Nobles? Those fools can’t reach the apex!”

“You…”: Protector Mo was at a loss for words. This little kid just said that Named Heroes and Royal Nobles couldn’t reach the apex when their elders were only Named Heroes.

At this very moment, something sounded outside. Nan Huairen’s expression instantly soured. He went out to check and quickly ran back inside while screaming with horror: “Not good! There is a blockade outside of the building!”

A crowd entered the building, led by Sectional Leader Fu. His expression, right now, was very ugly.

Seeing Fu’s expression, Protector Mo knew that one couldn't hide from the sun forever. He took a deep breath and went to greet him: “Brother Fu, this is only a little misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding? Then you can explain it to our junior, Xu Hui!”

Sectional Leader Fu stood to the side and a young man came next to him.

This young man wore golden robes. His body was surrounded by a bloody aura and a translucent golden light was situated above his head. He was only twenty, but his aura was already formidable.

When he saw the young man, Protector Mo couldn’t help but shiver. The man in front of him had most likely reached the stage of Heaven’s Mandate. It was quite unbelievable; it took Protector Mo fifty years to reach Heaven’s Mandate.

Sectional Leader Fu coldly said: “This is Xu Hui, the first disciple of Protector Hua. Du Yuanguang was Protector Hua’s latest disciple, but he is now dead. Junior Xu Hui wants reparations.”

Xu Hui stepped forward. His eyes exuded a golden light, making him seem like a sword that had been unsheathed. He possessed a tyrannical aura, an aura that felt as if it wanted to devour others.

Xu Hui was, of course, a lot stronger than Du Yuanguang. Even if he was not the ultimate genius, he was considered to be well-established within the sect, so many responsibilities were given to him.

“Murder must be punished by death; a blood feud has to be paid with blood. There is nothing else to say.” Xu Hui stared at Li Qiye like an animal that wanted to rip his prey apart into many pieces.

Protector Mo quickly mediated: “Junior Xu, this is a misunderstanding. My sect’s disciple didn’t want to kill him, it was only an accident.”

Xu Hui gravely responded: “There is no room for discussion. Hand over the criminal right now, do not commit another mistake. Otherwise, you all will be seeking death. If you're not careful, this might bring about the end for your sect.”

“No wonder…” Li Qiye slowly rose from his chair and gracefully walked forward while glaring at Xu Hui: “It is no wonder why the atmosphere of the Nine Saint Demon Gate was so grim, it is because of idiots like you.”

Both Nan Huairen and Protector Mo gulped in amazement. Nan Huairen screamed inside: ‘Oh my god, my great ancestor, speaking one or two less sentences wouldn’t kill you now, would it? You calling him an idiot to his face is akin to pouring oil into a fire.’

“Those words alone makes you worthy of being killed a thousand times over!”

Xu Hui’s killing intent erupted as he was filled with rage; he made a move towards Li Qiye.

Protector Mo interfered. He grabbed Xu Hui’s hand to stop him from rampaging.

“Protector Mo, don’t make another mistake!” Sectional Leader Fu channeled his energy; his body started to exude a golden light. When he took a step forward, his aura alone made it difficult for Protector Mo to breathe.

“Sectional Leader Fu, is this how you treat your guests at the Nine Saint Demon Gate?” Protector Mo was surprised by the difference in strength between him and Fu. Fu was a Named Hero; unless an Elder was here to combat him, there was no one here who could stop him.

Sectional Leader Fu showed no emotions as he proclaimed: “If you hand over the criminal, you will still be considered an esteemed guest of our sect. However, if you think your sect has the strength to become our enemy and continue to harbor the criminal, then not only will your life be forfeited, your entire sect will meet its demise!”

“Demise?” Li Qiye, who was being protected by Protector Mo, lightly chuckled and said: “The Nine Saint Demon Gate has become too arrogant. If there was the danger of a sect’s demise, it would be yours!”

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