Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 23: Nine Saint Princess (1)

Seeing that the Elders were still contemplating about his words, Li Qiye softly spoke: “If the business here is concluded, then let your prime descendant come out and meet me. No matter how heaven defying a genius is, they have nothing to brag about in front of me!”

This thirteen year old boy kept saying outrageous things; however, it seemed natural when it was he who was the one speaking – like it was a matter of fact.

Demon King Lun Ri gave his heavenly order: “Shuang’er, come out and meet young master Li.”

When prime descendant Li Shuangyan appeared in the Sky Chamber, her beauty brightened the place; a peerless beauty in this generation that people could not stop offering praises to.

This was a girl around the age of eighteen. Her features resembled a masterpiece painting; her thinly plucked eyebrows were arched perfectly around her shining crescent eyes. Her charming little crimson lips accentuated her alluring face. However, her expression was as cold as ice and arrogance could be contrived from the aura between her eyebrows and her pure white robe.

Li Shuangyan was the prime descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate as well as the number one beauty in Old Ox country. Not only that, her aptitude and cultivation level match her peerless looks as well.

Such a child blessed by the heavens, it would be natural for her not wanting to be wed to a person that only had a mortal Physique, mortal Life Wheel, and mortal Fate Palace. Plus, the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had already gone downhill, his position as the Prime Disciple was meaningless.

Li Qiye wasn’t overly surprised by the peerless beauty and pride-worthy talents of Li Shuangyan. As he floated through the endless currents of time, he had seen many beauties. When it came to talents and beauty, how many women could compare to Immortal Emperor Xiu Shu and Immortal Emperor Bing Yu?

After taking a close look at Li Shuangyan, Li Qiye nodded his head: “Not too bad.”

Li Shuangyan had a favorable opinion of Li Qiye after his first sentence, but the second enraged her. Li Qiye continued his thought: “She is still a bit lacking to be my wife. Saint Fate Palace is also moderately acceptable. I am currently lacking a sword maid; you can be my sword maid then.”

“You!” Not only Li Shuangyan, but the Elders were enraged as well. Li Shuangyan was not only the prime descendant, but she was also their pride. The whole Nine Saint Demon Gate put their hopes onto her. However, today, Li Qiye dared to arrogantly announce that he wanted her to be his sword slave; this was a complete slap to the face for them.

Not waiting for their retorts, Li Qiye slowly continued: “I don’t like to force anyone. Think over it carefully; if you agree, then you can find me at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.”

He stopped and stared at Li Shuangyan.

After hearing his words, she was shakingly maddened. Everywhere she went, she was the moon surrounded by the stars. Young geniuses that wanted to marry her could form a waiting line from the east to the west of Old Ox country.

However, right now, a boy that had not grown hair dared to presumptuously ask her to be his sword maid? The boy looks very cute on the outside but in Li Shuangyan’s eyes, he was extremely unlikable.

The elders exclaimed: “You are being too arrogant!” A descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate was only worthy of being a sword maid? The boy was clearly trying to humiliate the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

“It is up to you to take a chance. I have given you the opportunity; whether you can grasp it or not will depend on your fate.” Li Qiye ignored the Elders, took one last glance at Li Shuangyan, and then left.

Li Shuangyan’s icy expression was overtaken by red anger, and her milky breasts bounced from heavy breathing. She had met many arrogant people, but someone like Li Qiye was the first. The worst thing was that he was only thirteen. She was five years older than him, yet he dared to act that way in front of her. People say children are cute, but Li Qiye was anything but cute in Li Shuangyan’s eyes.

“Your highness, he dared to disrespect us like this; we can’t easily forgive him!” An Elder raged indignantly.

Demon King Lun Ri quietly answered: “A true dragon will fly to the nine heavens; a godly phoenix will sweep the nine worlds. A dragon or a phoenix, my eyes are eager to see!”


After coming back to his guest house, Nan Huairen quickly ran over and asked: “Senior, how is your marriage with princess Li?”

Protector Mo was also curious. He also knew that the Nine Saint Demon Gate highly valued Li Qiye; there was a high chance that this arranged marriage would be successful.

Today, when the Nine Saint Demon Gate formally invited Li Qiye, he thought chances were that they wanted to talk about the marriage.

“What marriage?” Li Qi ye stared at Nan Huairen and said: “I never said I was going to marry her. If she was willing, I would take her in as a maid.”

“Mai… Mai… Mai… Maid!” Nan Huairen started stuttering; Li Qiye’s words had shocked him.

“You were truly confused!” If this was before, he would be reprimanding Li Qiye. However, now, when he was standing in front of him, he felt that his position was naturally lower. Protector Mo didn’t dare to scold him from the perspective of a senior.

“She is only a girl, no need to be so terrified.” Li Qiye essentially didn’t mind. Li Shuangyan was indeed worthy of his tutelage; however, when compared to Immortal Emperor Bing Yu, she was quite lacking.

Afterward, Li Qiye had finally completed his blood rite with the four statues. With this done, this trip had been a complete success, so he wanted to return to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.

During this time, the Elders did not show their face; same for Li Shuangyan. Li Qiye did not really care for what they were planning.

“If we return, what do we report on this?” Before the departure, Protector Mo hesitantly asked Li Qiye.

Li Qiye glanced back and smiled: “This depends on your choice; do you want to be on my side or the Elders’?”

These were simple words, but they scared Protector Mo. He was not a dumb person; to become a Protector, he had to surpass many difficulties and encounters.

Nan Huairen couldn’t help but stare at his master. He was even more wily than Protector Mo and he knew how to pick the opportunity and read people’s intentions.

Their positions in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect couldn’t be considered low. One was a hall master, and the other was one of the twelve Protectors. Protector Mo was only below the Elders and the Sect Master. If he was to join a new disciple, anyone would say that was an unwise decision.

Protector Mo hadn’t responded yet, but Nan Huairen saw the light in this moment. He saw a new door opening right in front of him.

“Master!” Nan Huairen took a deep breath and reminded Protector Mo.

Protector Mo’s heart was swaying. As his master, how could he not know what his disciple’s thoughts were? However, this was such an unbelievable story; he, as a Protector, having to be under the command of a new disciple? This was crazy!

“Whatever you say, I will immediately do just that!” In the end, Protector Mo, heavily so, made the most important decision of his life at that moment; one that would carry special significance.

Protector Mo thought he was becoming senile; he couldn’t believe he had just become an underling to a new disciple. Not only that, he had to hide the many events that had happened, recently.

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