Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 2826: The Danger Of Harboring Wealth

Wu Ke stared at Li Qiye or to be exact, he was focusing on the sword on Li Qiye’s back.

Li Qiye only smiled and didn’t comment on this invasive gaze.

“Repentance is only a tiny school with no hidden dragons to speak of. What happened recently is only a stroke of fortune.” Wenrui also smiled.

“Dean, may I test myself with him?” Wu Ke seized the flow of the conversation, still confident despite talking to the dean.

It seemed as if he would fight Li Qiye regardless of Wenrui’s opinion.

“You really want to spar with Student Li?” Wenrui smiled.

“Yes, please grant me permission.” His words were respectful but the same couldn’t be said about his attitude.

Everyone could see that he didn’t actually care to get permission from Wenrui. This was due to the power of his legion. Not many in all of Immortal Lineage would dare to look down on the Divine Beast Legion.

This group was started by Violet Dragon Empress, a student of Dawn. However, she had another terrifying status - the lord of True Dragon Court!

This sect was rumored to be the only contemporary power to have real divine beasts!

In history, many people and sects claimed to possess these divine bloodlines. More often than not, they only had pseudo or fake bloodlines. At best, it would be a thin bloodline from a descendant of a divine beast.

This wasn’t the case for True Dragon. This system had the real thing. In fact, rumor has it that their progenitor was an ancestral dragon. This was an extraordinary bloodline.

Thus, this particular system was both prestigious and powerful.

Violet Dragon Empress herself had plenty of power as a mighty Everlasting. Her legion, Divine Beast, had many young masters and experts with divine bloodlines. This legion was influential in the entire world, not just in the Academy of Light.

Wu Ke wasn’t an outstanding member of this legion. However, he had good social skills and had many brothers. That’s why when Zhang Dingyu asked him for help, he immediately brought a dozen beasts-or-so here without hesitation.

Wenrui didn’t mind the aggressive tone and turned towards Li Qiye then said: “I’m afraid that’s no good, blades do not have eyes so someone can get hurt. That will harm our academies’ relationship.”

“Dean, please don’t worry.” Wu Ke sneered: “This is a personal matter and has nothing to do with the academies, not even if death is the result.”

“Still no good.” Wenrui shook his head and blabbered onward: “Peace is best, everything is negotiable…”

“Please allow us.” Wu Ke interrupted him: “You wouldn’t have been so tough on my brother back then if you truly believed that. It’s too late now to try and protect your students. They will need to answer this themselves or we won’t let this go.”

He no longer gave Wenrui any face and revealed his real agenda. He had absolute confidence thanks to his party members.

If Du Wenrui were to forcefully step in, these members would stop him. In fact, if they weren’t hesitant because of his status, they might teach him a lesson too.

Wu Ke and the others were different than Zhang Dingyu. The latter was a student of the Academy of Light while they were from another system.

Plus, they had powerful backgrounds too. Joining the Academy of Light was only a type of training for them so they didn’t care about being expelled.

“Dean, let this thing be resolved. Someone must be responsible for this. We’re not in a position to trouble someone of your great status, but he, he must give us an answer.” Another member of the legion spoke.

“Well, it’s unreasonable to demand an answer. Dingyu lost a bet and deserved the punishment.” Wenrui waved his hand.

“Hmph, using some devious art to knock down the fruits is not winning. There is clearly cheating involved, that’s why I’m here to get justice back for my brother.” Wu Ke snorted.

“Many eyes were watching, none of them saw anything…” Wenrui shook his head.

“Dean, let’s stop wasting words. We don’t care for your permission and will capture your students to reveal the truth. You can’t protect them forever.” Wu Ke lost his patience.

“Repentance Institution messed with the beehive this time.” A hidden spectator murmured.

“I heard this particular legion focuses on comradery and heroism, resulting in strong solidarity. Messing with one is the same as messing with the entire legion. They are quite notorious in our system right now because of this.” An older student revealed.

“It’s over for them then, that’s what they get for provoking the legion.” Another student gloated on someone else’s misery.

Du Wenrui put on a look of helplessness and said: “Fine, then let me ask Student Li.”

“Student Li, what’s your thought on this, will you accept their challenge and spar with them for a bit?” He asked Li Qiye.

“The enemies are standing at the gate so what else can I do? Definitely not turn into a cowardly turtle.” Li Qiye chuckled.

“Student Li, that’s not always the case. Take one step back and realize the immensity of heaven and earth. If you’re really not a match for Student Wu Ke, then you can apologize and pay the damage. For example, give them the Sword of Repentance.” Wenrui coughed and said.

“Dean!” The Repentance students were shocked. This sword was their academy’s defining treasure!

The members of the legion including Wu Ke had a greedy flash in their eyes as they stared at the sword.

Though they claimed to be here on the side of justice, they were actually here for this sword.

Dingyu persuaded them by bringing the sword up when he asked for help. Just imagine, an ancestral treasure in the possession of a regular student? How could experts like them sit idly by?

“Hand over Repentance and we’ll go easy and spare you.” Dingyu shouted.

“Repentance…” Li Qiye touched the sword and looked helpless: “I can’t do that, it’s a progenitorial sword that can slay evil and uphold righteousness, an ultimate treasure. How can I give it away?”

“Well, life is the most important thing.” Wenrui seemed vulnerable as well: “It’s worth it to trade the sword for your life. It’s your sword so I can’t interfere, think hard about it.”

Having said that, he told Qiushi and the other students to move farther back. He seemed satisfied with just watching.

The students became anxious. Zhou Qiushi hurriedly said with a low voice: “Dean, we, we can’t abandon Junior Brother Li like this…”

Wenrui smiled and shook his head, signaling them to calm down.

“You should listen to your dean. Hand over the sword now, it is your only chance.” Wu Ke said and tapped on his own sword.

He was a swordsman and his current sword wasn’t too bad. Of course, it was a piece of crap compared to a progenitorial sword. How could he not want the latter for his own given the current opportunity?

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