Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3183: Celebration Everywhere

Trinity Eccentric felt awkward after hearing the bull. He bowed towards Li Qiye and said: “I was blind back then to try and establish a connection with you, Young Noble.”

He had met Li Qiye in a pavilion back then while the latter was trying to avoid the rain. He was still wheelchair-bound then.

Nonetheless, the eccentric still handed a jade pendant to Li Qiye in order to betroth Hui Qingxuan to him.

Anyone would find this unbelievable given the circumstances if they knew the eccentric and the goddess’s background.

After all, very few would be able to climb up the hierarchy to reach Five Element Mountains, let alone marrying their successor.

That would be akin to a bird becoming a phoenix - the luckiest thing in their life. This was the case for any cultivator in Immortal Lineage.

This was far from the case currently. Hui Qingxuan was indeed prestigious and brilliant, but now, Fiercest was the sole ruler in Immortal Lineage on top of being the greatest progenitor in history.

No one could stand on the same level as him. Thus, Hui Qingxuan had quite a way to go.

In terms of a match, the woman must at least be an immortal-level progenitor. That’s only the starting point.

For example, Lotus Ancestor. A member of the Ten Radiance like her might be more qualified.

That’s why Trinity Eccentric found himself in a tough situation. The whole matter back then seemed ridiculous in retrospect. Their sect was the one who was trying to climb on Li Qiye.

His erudite wisdom wasn’t enough to see through Li Qiye. The bull did a better job in this regard.

Li Qiye actually didn’t mind at all. He smiled and brushed it off.

Meanwhile, Everlasting Jiang had nothing but respect for Li Qiye. He got on his knees and said: “I wouldn’t have been able to break through without your guidance and might have died in there.”

Li Qiye briefly advised him back in the Immortal Demon Cave, allowing him to defeat his bottleneck and reach a level capable of fighting two progenitors alone.

Just think about it, so many brilliant minds toiled to reach the Fardao level. However, they became stuck there, unable to move forward.

Everlasting Jiang was also a member of the Ten Radiance. His talents were virtually unmatched yet he was still stuck for a long time, one era after another. In fact, he nearly died several times from potential qi deviation after trying to force his way through.

That’s why Li Qiye removed the cultivation mist and he became enlightened. His cultivation soared like the wind afterward so he had nothing but gratitude towards Li Qiye.

Li Qiye accepted the gesture with a natural expression.

It was Lotus Ancestor’s turn. She bowed and said with admiration: “I tried my whole life and couldn’t figure out the mysteries behind the thirteenth palace. It’s embarrassing to admit this but I didn’t even see the door. The path towards the grand dao is long and mysterious. I have many questions and are more than willing to offer my service if you can teach me a thing or two, Young Noble.”

This progenitor was beautiful enough to make people remember her forever after one glance. Now, she was on her knees, willing to offer her service to Li Qiye.

The others didn’t find this too shocking. It would be an honor to stay by his side. The qualification for this was awfully stringent. A member of the Ten Radiance seemed appropriate.

“It wasn’t too hard.” Li Qiye shook his head and said: “I’ll be leaving soon though, so I don’t have anything to teach you.”

“I understand.” She bowed and didn’t say anything else.

Of course, the first part could drive people insane. Many brilliant cultivators tried their whole life and couldn’t get the thirteenth palace yet he got it so easily?

Nonetheless, it wasn’t his fault for being Prime Progenitor. Someone like him could say whatever and it would still be justified.

“Your light will be the guiding lamp for Three Immortals.” Li Qiye then told the old tree demon.

Li Qiye approved of this demon. To earn such praise from Prime was a peerless honor but the demon didn’t become complacent.

He bowed and said: “You’re too kind. You can become a devil or a saint with a single thought, far superior compared to me. You can create a light that can also illuminate and save the living beings in a split second while it took me a lifetime.”

“It’s already amazing enough. Desolate Saint could have gone farther but he chose a different path. The light was only an experiment to him but you are different, never wavering once during your journey. You are better than him in this aspect.” Li Qiye nodded.

“I simply worked hard to compensate for my limited abilities.” The demon said. Though they were enemies, he never once criticized Desolate Saint in public.

“Desolate Saint started this path for others’ sake, he has done more than us.” He continued on.

The bull naturally didn’t buy this but it only shrugged and scoffed this time, not bothering to respond.

It always believed that Desolate Saint kept some dirty secrets and that it would actually be bad for Three Immortals if he were still alive.

“Since I’m just a visitor, there are some things I need to leave behind for Three Immortals.” Li Qiye smiled and changed the topic.

He then took out a shiny rock, taken from the old palace. Sword Saint’s group protected it with their lives while Fire Ancestor desired it.

“The wise sages left this for Three Immortals. I initially wanted to refine it but no time. This thing should be given to Qingxuan but she’s young and not strong enough so I will leave it with you. Your light is beneficial for it as well. You can give it to her when the time is right.” Li Qiye told the demon.

“This rock only exists in the legends.” Lotus Ancestor’s eyes widened with astonishment.

“I can’t believe it is real.” The eccentric became startled as well.

“I will do my best.” The demon bowed and accepted the rock with both hands.

“Hehe, Brother, let me touch it, just one little touch.” The bull salivated at this sight and became envious.

It coveted this rock but never had the chance to grab it. That’s why it immediately tried to play nice with the demon.

Unfortunately, the demon ignored it and carefully wrapped up the rock. The bull gritted its teeth in rage and glared at the demon with its round eyes only to be ignored again.

Li Qiye smiled after the demon accepted. That’s the reason he came here.

He originally planned to give it to Hui Qingxuan since she was the most qualified among the young generation. However, due to her age, she couldn’t control it yet, hence his current plan. It wouldn’t be late for the demon to give it to her later once she was strong enough.

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