Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3313: Ninety-nine

This trial was eliminating disciples at a rapid rate. The majority couldn't make it past the tenth step. Those capable of getting to thirty were all top disciples of the five peaks.

Very few made it to the sixtieth step. These were definitely among the top ten of this generation.

More than half were done at this point. The first-timers were sad because they lacked both experience and power, unlike their senior brothers and sisters. This meant that they couldn’t participate in the fifth trial.

The older ones who only managed to reach the thirtieth step was fine with it due to the point system. They got fifty and this was enough to move on. The fifth trial was the most desired one anyway.

Zhan Hu had an impeccable showing. He had no problem moving up the first sixty steps.

The spectators from Jade Bird naturally clapped and cheered for him. Some from Furios Tiger joined in as well.

“First Brother should be able to do eighty steps.” One member of Jade Bird praised after seeing his effortless ascend.

“No, I think eighty-five.” An older senior brother speculated.

Zhan Hu started slowing down after seventy steps. Each subsequent step became difficult.

A regal aura oozed from him just like a dominating king. He wanted to use his power at this point.

“Raaa!” A tiger roar chased away the clouds above. A tiger totem emerged, looking fierce and stately.

“Skyroar Divine Tiger! A high-level black merit law from Iron Rod Demon King’s branch.” Many shouted after seeing this.

His lineage’s merit law empowered him and quickened his pace.

The spectators became envious once more. Zhan Hu came from a prestigious clan. The members of this clan could learn their clan’s merit laws along with Divine Black’s. This put Zhan Hu at a great advantage compared to other excellent disciples.

“Eighty!” Shouts came about from the demons.

Zhan Hu had the best result so far in this trial in the most dazzling manner. Those from Furious Tiger and Jade Bird took pride in this.

However, he started slowing down despite the totem empowerment. Sweat beads could be seen everywhere from the overwhelming pressure.

“Eighty-five!” His body trembled while the crowd cheered.

“Eighty-six!” He still took another step and finally gave up at this point.

“First Brother, you’re something else. Eighty-six is the best result so far.” One junior cheered.

“Still not ninety.” He replied with a tinge of regrets: “It’s up to you, Senior Brother Huang Ning.”

“Don’t worry, I will try my best to not let you down.” Huang Ning smiled in response.

They have let go of their competition and formed an alliance to deal with a common enemy - Li Qiye.

Huang Ning really didn’t disappoint. He easily climbed up seventy steps as his robe fluttered in a cool manner.

He had a transcending aura like a crane among a flock of chicken, truly a handsome and elegant man.

“He’s so handsome.” Many girls from the five peaks were enamored with him since he looked so cool while climbing up the steps.

“He’s definitely the best looking in Thousand Demons.” The ones from Thousand Demons were the biggest fans.

“Yes, a man like him is the center of attention anywhere. He’s so perfect and his charisma far surpasses others yet a few still want to challenge him, so ignorant.” One girl said while glancing over at Li Qiye with disdain.

“Isn’t this good? We need blind people like that to challenge Senior Brother Huang Ning. That’s when he’ll really shine. He might be nice but if they ask for it, don’t blame him for crushing them.” Another said.

These girls were fans of Huang Ning and naturally disliked Li Qiye.

Huang Ning started slowing down after making it through eighty steps. He also activated his totem - the great figure of a demon king with an imposing presence.

“Luminous Vine Demon King.” Some said with respect.

Everyone knew that he had the bloodline of this demon king. With his mantra activated, the power in his blood also rushed out.


“Senior Brother, you can do it! You’re the strongest and most handsome in Thousand Demons! You can do it! Infuriate that toad!” His fans started chanting.

Some male disciples enjoyed this as they glanced at Li Qiye. Everyone knew who the chant was referring to.

Alas, Li Qiye was still sleeping on Qianyue’s thighs. She didn’t care either and continued looking at him as if nothing in this world was more attractive.

“Ninety-five!” The girls below clenched their fists, feeling even more nervous than Huang Ning.

“He can definitely make it to one hundred! One hundred!” Some started praying for him.

“Ninety-seven..” Huang Ning had a tough time by this point. Bean-sized beads formed on his forehead as he was drenched from top to bottom.

“Ninety-eight!” Others were counting. If he were to make it to one hundred, he would be the first to make it this far for this trial.

“Ninety-nine!” He was pale and shaking. This next step was extremely hard.

“Pluff!” He eventually faltered and vomited blood. He fell down and was caught by an examiner.

Many felt bad for him, even the human disciples.

“This is already an exceptional result.” An elder praised. Huang Ning surpassed expectations and solidified his status as a genius.

“What a shame.” Huang Ning looked up the steps with regrets after recovering.

“It’s okay, you’re the strongest in Thousand Demons and the second-best in the sect.” The girls came up and consoled him.

“Right, your score is more than enough to beat the random nobodies. Just wait for him to embarrass himself.” Another said.

Huang Ning glared over at Li Qiye and couldn’t wait to see the guy try.

The elders wanted to leave Li Qiye and Gong Qianyue for last. The reason for Qianyue was obvious. She was their best disciple so they wanted her to be the last on stage.

As for Li Qiye, they were doing him a favor. They wanted him to watch the senior brothers and sisters try first so that he could mentally prepare for the trial. Alas, he has been sleeping the entire time.

This made them shake their head while feeling helpless.

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