Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3413: Taking The Source Stone

The large source stone of the beetle king issued resplendent rays capable of sealing space itself.

The cornelian glow came from within the thin shell in a blinding manner, akin to the sun itself. People couldn’t stare straight at it, rendering it impossible to predict the treasure within.

They could actually sense a blazing flame surrounded by the shell, on the verge of incinerating and breaking out. Everyone could sense the impressive power in there, stopping in their track and staring at the stone in awe.

“Gulp.” Swallowing and salivating noises could be heard from the crowd.

“What kind of treasure is in there?” One guy asked.

“In my opinion, it starts at least at the dao lord refined jade level.” One older cultivator focused his gaze, wanting to see through the shell.

Many were doing the same thing in order to figure it out. Unfortunately, their heavenly gazes were useless.

“Are we doing this?” The top masters nearby quietly discussed. They consisted of elders and sect masters.

One person shouldn’t be able to grab this stone because the beetle king was just too strong.

“Whoosh!” Finally, someone decisively made a move with a divine rope. It instantly coiled around the stone source of the beetle king.

Unfortunately, the guy couldn’t pull it back because the king had one tiny foot on it. The thing was only around the size of a fist so its foot was tiny, to say the least.

However, the powerful cultivator had no chance of moving it an inch. It was as if he was trying to pull thousands of mountains stacked on top of each other.

“Buzz.” The king flapped one wing without flying up. The wing shot out a golden slash.

“Splash!” The cultivator was instantly decapitated. Blood gushed out of his severed neck.

It was far more powerful than the other beetles. Just one wing flap was enough to kill a top expert.

“Suppress it!” Three famous old cultivators made their move in the next second.

One of them used a treasure seal with immense suppressive pressure. Another roared and spread out his hand like the claw of a true dragon. It cut through space as he tried to grab the source stone. The final old man summoned a shield to deal with the king.

The three of them planned this beforehand - one focused on offense, another defense, and the last grabbing the stone.

Unfortunately, they still underestimated the beetle king. It used its horns and easily pierced through the seal. Its wings flashed again and cut the shield in half. Finally, it slightly moved its foot and reduced the dragon claw into a bloody mist.

The three actions flowed beautifully like water. This king was as powerful as the top human cultivators.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Three screams came out, signaling the end of the trio.

“Don’t let it get back inside its hole!” More cultivators jumped forward to stop the king.

They knew the danger but the temptation of the precious source stone was worth the fatal risk.

In just a short time, numerous employed different methods and schemes for the sake of winning the stone.

The king still had one foot on the stone and fought against the mass. Screams and blood engulfed the valley as many combatants were being killed.

At the same time, Li Qiye watched with both hands behind his back. He stared at the source stone with no intention of joining.

“That beetle is so strong.” Shi Wawa couldn’t believe it while watching the massacre.

Qing Shi nearby was only interested in the source stone, not the beetle king. He asked Li Qiye: “Brother, what do you think that treasure is?”

“A decent weapon.” Li Qiye glanced at him.

“You can see it?” Qing Shi only asked for fun, not expecting to hear an actual answer. After all, the shell barrier prevented others from seeing it.

Li Qiye smiled and didn’t answer.

“You must be a mason master.” Qing Shi stared curiously at Li Qiye. These mason masters were best at understanding source stones.

“Our Young Master is amazing like that, he can pick any stone without making a single mistake.” Wawa jumped in, having experienced Li Qiye’s ability.

Qing Shi’s curiosity grew, wondering who Li Qiye was. Alas, he couldn’t figure anything out.

“Ahh!” Ultimately, the strongest elder in the first wave fell to the beetle king.

The thing still stood in the same spot, looking like a prideful ruler. Countless corpses piled around it.

The remaining experts took a deep breath. They exchanged glances, not daring to give it a shot.

This wasn’t the case for Prince Wu’s party. Six old men behind him summoned six bronze treasures. They descended and surrounded the beetle king.

Prior to this, these men have been watching carefully to look for the king’s weak points.

“Boom!” The six pieces started shrinking towards the center. They wanted to trap the king and the source stone then take both with them.

“So ambitious, they want the king too.” The spectators became surprised.

“Well, they’re big shots from Wu.” Another said.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Loud blasts came from the center of the six treasures. Big indentations appeared on their other side.

“Boom!” Finally, all six were blown away, unable to contain the beetle king.

“Again!” The six worked together by combining their vitality in order to summon a different treasure.

A golden bell emerged with the aura of a Heavenly Sovereign. It was as if one was sitting up in the clouds, ready to suppress the firmaments.

“A Heavenly Sovereign treasure!” The crowd blurted out in astonishment and fear due to the invincible aura stemming from it.

“That’s Wu for you, living up to its reputation.” Another commented.

“Poof!” The bell poured down a torrent of flame, fully surrounding the beetle king. This flame could incinerate heaven and earth with its might.

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