Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3581: Entering

Chapter 3581: Entering

Thus, only South Peak Marquis agreed to bet with Li Qiye.

“Forget it, I’ll stop messing with you all since it’s wasting my work time.” Li Qiye shrugged and headed for the valley.

“Young Friend… you’re going without any preparation?” The marquis called out after seeing this.

“No need to take a shower and light some incense first.” Li Qiye chuckled.

The marquis smiled wryly. It looked like he was being bothersome by worrying.

Li Qiye made it to the outer region filled with tens of thousand patrolling beasts. The leaders were high-level heaven, strong enough to break down any cultivator.

The spectators watched his steps with bated breath.

“He’ll be torn to pieces walking in like that.” One expert noted that Li Qiye wasn’t on guard, still carrying the shoulder pole in a relaxed manner. It was as if he was strolling through a village instead of walking into the jaws of beasts.

“He’s not big enough to fit between the teeth of one beast.” One expert murmured.

Most became anxious and started sweating for him as he got closer and closer.

The ones currently in front of the valley entrance right now were primal lions. Not long ago, they had just annihilated the border army. Even the commander went down.

“This is the end for this brat.” Someone who hasn’t seen Li Qiye before murmured the moment he saw a lion showing its fangs.

On the contrary, Li Qiye was completely nonchalant.

“Hey, Lil’ Spot, looking good and in high spirit? You too, Lil’ Fur, you all must have eaten too much, look at your bloated stomach. How many people did you eat?” Li Qiye got up and chatted with them.

The lion earlier ran over and started licking Li Qiye like a puppy. It showed its fangs to greet him, not to bite him.

This was also the case for the other leaders. Some ran over and licked his legs. Others rubbed their head on his thigh or playfully pushed him…

They were all at the high level of the heaven classification. Anything lower didn’t dare to get close. In other words, they weren’t qualified.

The crowd became slack-jawed, unable to believe their own eyes.

How could these high-level beasts act so familiar with Li Qiye? It was as if they wanted to be closer to him.

“Are, are you seeing this?” One ancestor asked in disbelief.

“These things can kill sacred-level ancestors, why are they so docile towards a woodchopper?” One sect master took a deep breath.

“This is like something from a dream.” A high elder’s mouth was wide open for a long time.

The beasts could easily take down sacred-level big shots, maybe with just one slap. Now, they looked like Li Qiye’s pets.

For example, the horde of lion-esque creatures took down an entire army just now. They were as ferocious as can be. This memory was still fresh in everyone’s mind. It reminded them that these things weren’t cute pets.

The teachers of Duality found this unbelievable as well, like a story from the legends.

“See? I told you that this brat is magical.” Teacher Du wasn’t surprised.

Yang Ling took pride in this too and loudly declared: “I said earlier that Young Noble Li grew up here, he can live together with the chaos primal beasts, they consider each other neighbors!”

Meanwhile, the students were left speechless.

“Okay, I need to get going, I’m behind today with gathering wood.” Li Qiye smiled at them.

The beasts heard this and returned to their original position. They became powerful beasts once more - a stark contrast to a moment prior.

“What kind of charisma does this brat have over the beasts? Why are they so close to him?” No one had an answer to this question.

“It’s bizarre.” One expert said: “If I were in his position, I would stop chopping instantly and just become the king of Myriad Beast Mountains.”

People found logic in these random comments. Li Qiye had so many possibilities here instead of wasting his time gathering wood. No one could stop him from establishing his dominion.

Once again, they found his choice to be baffling. This was akin to someone having a mountain of gold and silver yet still wanted to work on the farm. Nothing else in this world could be so utterly ridiculous and foolish.

“Impossible to believe and understand.” The old teacher from Duality murmured: “This young friend either has great wisdom or the mind of a child.”

“He’s not a fool, at the very least. That’s why I praised his characters.” Teacher Du said.

“Right. I would have used this advantage for greater things instead of staying here to chop wood.” A different teacher sincerely said.

In reality, no one would pick Li Qiye’s route given the circumstances. It was too wasteful.

“We must either get this brat on our side or eliminate him.” Sir Shang eventually calmed down and told his group. His eyes flashed with murderous intent.

In his opinion, Li Qiye could become a great threat to the dynasty.

The marquis didn’t say anything. He had his own land so his perspective and conduct were different from the battle-hardened general.

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