Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3635: My Fate Is My Own

Chapter 3635: My Fate Is My Own

The spectators thought that this might be the strangest thing they have ever seen in their life. A new cultivator actually defeated top students from Duality Academy.

The gap in cultivation should have been insurmountable so this was an impossibility. Just think about it, trying to defeat someone one level higher was tough enough, let alone a whole realm. This required powerful treasures or special methods.

Beating someone a whole realm higher could be considered miraculous. The victor would have to pay a huge price, most of the time.

But what about two, three, or even more realms? Everyone would consider this suicidal right away. That’s why they thought Li Qiye was pushing Fan Bai towards her death. Even a fool knew that this was hopeless since the current disparity went beyond three realms.

One was a new cultivator while the other side was at the samadhi realm. This was akin to an ant trying to fight three giants at the same time.

Because of this, Li Qiye was reviled by the students. They thought that he was despicable for choosing this option.

Now, their mouth was wide open while their mind was empty. They couldn’t accept this development. Even the defeated party had no idea what was going on.

They were certain that their moves would kill Fan Bai. However, the boundless Buddhist power descended and they saw a supreme lord instead of a little girl. This ancient Buddhist lord could easily take anyone down.

Even the top talents such as Zhang Yunzhi were lost. They didn’t see everything clearly. Fan Bai simply pressed her hand down; this wasn’t a technique at all. Nonetheless, the simple move managed to defeat three geniuses.

Yang Ling was the most affected one out of them all. She saw this simple movement many times previously and even wanted to teach Fan Bai something better. This shocked and embarrassed her.

The technique was fine; the problem was her lack of knowledge and inability to see through the mysteries. This merit law was created by Li Qiye so she began staring at him. She found him to be unfathomable despite his ordinary appearance.

“It’s that simple, defeat your heart devil first then subdue your foes.” Li Qiye said.

Fan Bai eventually regained control. She had no words to describe her current emotions. She stared at her hands and saw the light of dawn leading her to untold possibilities.

She was no longer the rat who needed to hide. There was no need to feel inferior to anyone. Fear and weakness were no longer necessary.

She has done nothing wrong in the past and still suffered greatly. Her fate did a number on her but now, she could finally change and control it.

She didn’t need to wander aimlessly and lament her own situation. Now, she can be herself, a new Fan Bai instead of the Foredoomed Star.

“My fate is up for me to decide.” She murmured while looking at her hands. Tears inadvertently streamed down her cheeks.

When she was being reviled and chased, she always held them back. Tears would only flow once she became alone. Staying tough mentally was crucial in order to survive.

Now, the tears had nothing to do with fear and pain. This was because her life has completely shifted direction.

“Kill them.” Li Qiye interrupted her emotional reflection.

“I…” She stared at the three opponents, unable to answer. She had never killed anyone in the past. Plus, this would be a serious offense in Duality.

The students heard this and exchanged glances. No one told her to stop because the winner had the right to do whatever they wanted.

This was a fight to the death in the first place, not a friendly spar. The three would have killed Fan Bai in the case of her defeat. It was a matter of course for her to return the favor.

“Go!” Zhang Changyu’s group heard this and was horrified. They wanted to run while Fan Bai was still lost.

Unfortunately, a black shadow got in front of them and stopped them from escaping after several steps.

“Boom!” They got sent flying by the aggressive shadow, smashing into the ground once more while vomiting blood.

People finally got a good look at the shadow - it was Li Qiye’s boar that somehow got behind and hit them just now.

It grumbled a couple of times before returning to its place. Everyone became speechless.

“Ah…” The trio moaned and groaned. The boar hit their chest and broke bones all over. They couldn’t even move now, let alone trying to escape.

“Do it.” Li Qiye didn’t bother to look at the three squirming on the ground.

“Young Noble, help us!” They had to ask Zhang Yunzhi for help.

Yunzhi grimaced since he didn’t expect the trio to lose. He thought that they would actually be able to capture Li Qiye.

“Fellow Daoist Li, the outcome is decided. They have lost and admitted defeat, how about sparing them?” Yunzhi asked Li Qiye.

All eyes turned towards Li Qiye. Most would give Yunzhi some face because opposing him was unwise.

“Hmph, forget about it, they wouldn’t have spared the young girl if she had lost.” Someone scowled and answered before Li Qiye could.

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