Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3657: Bizarre

Chapter 3657: Bizarre

At this point, the crowd surrounding the square wanted to enter. Shoulders and heads were bumping everywhere.

“Monk, not letting us in can’t be the right choice.” The joyous mood has dissipated so one crowd member shouted.

No one else would dare to talk like this to a great master. For example, the four grandmasters.

However, this wasn’t the case for Untethered Monk. His cultivation might be unfathomable but people didn’t view him as a top master. He was known as a merchant who didn’t put up an act, allowing leeway with disrespect. He would turn the other cheek after being slapped.

“Hehehe, Amitabha, no one is stopping you from coming in. Everyone will have a turn, don’t rush it.” Untethered Monk placed his palms together.

His Buddhist lines sounded holy and magnificent. Alas, people just couldn’t take him seriously after seeing his appearance.

“When are you letting us in?” One expert shouted.

“Okay, okay, we’re opening it now.” The monk smiled and raised his hand. The members of Wish Ward prepared four separate entrances.

“However, there’s a fee for touching the spring, 30 Yin Yang Coins. As for the wooden door, 50 Yin Yang Coins.” The monk added.

“What, there’s a fee?!” Some shouted.

“Of course.” The monk nodded with a smile.

“Why is there a fee when the golden spring doesn’t belong to you?” One person said.

“Amitabha. Benefactor, you’re mistaken. The golden spring doesn’t belong to us but maintaining order is not easy, requiring both resources and manpower. Look, we’re working hard under the harsh sun just so that everyone can have a good experience. Just think about it, without us, the place will be chaotic. People might be fighting already and many will lose their lives. Now, just 30 Yin Yang Coins will keep everyone safe, there’s no reason to not do it. Is your life not worth 30 Yin Yang Coins?” The monk elaborated.

The crowd exchanged glances after hearing his response. Some actually agreed because the monk was right. This place would be a mess without Wish Ward taking control. Plus, their lives were naturally worth more than the fee.

“The price is too high, I think using Conqueror Coins is more acceptable.” One vagabond said with indignation.

For the members of powerful sects, 30 Yin Yang Coins weren’t much. Unfortunately, the poorer cultivators had a hard time accepting this fee. Some might not be able to pay.

“It’s not high at all.” The monk said: “30 Yin Yang Coins can’t buy treasures and manual scrolls but now, it can buy you a chance to soar to the sky, to become rich beyond imagination. There’s no better deal than this in the world. As long as you’re the fateful one, you’ll become the overlord of this generation.”

The monk had a way with words. Even the poor cultivators became tempted.

“Really?” Some remained skeptical.

“Absolutely.” The monk placed his palms together and chanted: “Oh Merciful Buddha, Buddhists do not lie. Our founder was poor all his life, a defeated man who couldn’t afford rice on the table. However, during his old age, he came across the golden spring and took out a key. This key opened the wooden door so he went inside, finding a supreme fortune. He then started Wish Ward, obtaining both longevity and strength. He ate whatever he wanted and lived for so long…”

People enjoyed hearing the tale of the founder.

“Is this true?” Someone asked after the monk finished the story.

“Who knows? But I think the golden spring really played a part in the founding of Wish Ward.” One old cultivator said softly.

While some hesitated, the big shots have come forward and paid the fee.

“Monk, we’re giving it a shot.” One big shot took a group of juniors along. He tossed a coin pouch at the monk, looking quite ostentatious.

All eyes were on this group now. The big shot and his juniors began searching for things in the spring. Alas, they couldn't’ find anything.

“What’s happening?” The spectators outside were awfully curious.

“It’s deep beyond belief.” The big shot used a special technique that could grasp the stars above. Alas, he reached down the spring and didn’t find anything.

“Monk, can we use force?” One junior asked while standing in front of the wooden house. He thought that this door could be forced open with a single kick.

“Sure, sure. You only have one chance though so make good use of it, do your best.” The monk smiled.

“Break!” The junior lunged forward like a divine bull. His sprint issued loud explosions.

“Bam!” Finally, he slammed into the wooden door but couldn’t break it.

In fact, it was completely untouched. Not a single hint of damage could be found.

“How?!” The junior couldn’t believe it.

“Watch me!” His friend took out a hatchet and began swinging.

“Boom!” The same thing happened. No mark could be found on this seemingly feeble door.

Several more juniors gave it a shot but none knew how to force the door open.

“Open!” Even the big shot wanted to give it a shot. He summoned an energy mass in the form of a true dragon.

Its draconic aura pushed forward, capable of toppling oceans and mountains. The spectators took a deep breath after sensing this.

“Boom!” The newcomers thought that he had a good chance of breaking the door.

Unfortunately, this powerful blast didn’t do a thing to the immovable door. The crowd exchanged glances, thinking that others didn’t have a chance.

“Elder Shi, your Dragonforce Technique is at perfect mastery.” Untethered Monk praised.

“What an embarrassment.” The big shot shook his head: “This wooden door has been empowered by a peerless supreme. Using force is impossible. The only way is to find a key from the golden spring.”

“You’re completely right.” The monk smiled: “There are two methods. One being finding the key, two, being the fateful one. Maybe there are some other methods that we don’t know about as well.”

“Our turn.” An influential clan master from Metropolis and his members paid the fee and gave it a shot. These people had no problem paying the fees to test their luck.

What if they could actually do it? They would become extremely rich after spending so little.

“We’ll try ten times each.” The clan master was quite generous and bought his juniors ten chances each.

“Amitabha, I wish you the best of luck.” The monk smiled brightly after taking their money.

The clan spent a lot of effort on both the spring and the door. They employed various methods and techniques. In the end, they didn’t find anything.

“Deep beyond imagination.” The clan master concluded.

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