Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3709: It’s Too Late

Chapter 3709: It’s Too Late

If the spectators weren’t here to see it in person, they would never believe that these two big shots were giving up.

No words could describe the authority and prestige these two had in Vajra. Moreover, they came from ancient clans with plenty of resources and power.

Those who offended him would find it hard to survive. Thus, most trembled with fear and trepidation in their presence.

Li Qiye had destroyed their mansions. This was more than enough for them to cut him to pieces and drink his blood. Alas, they were letting this go and wanted peace with him.

“What a development.” One youth found this surreal.

The majority of experts here, especially the vagrant cultivators, wanted to become stronger and earn a spot with these two factions. They considered the chancellor and the commander to be at the apex of life.

Now, these two were begging for mercy. Those confident in them prior to the battle felt their face becoming hot as if Li Qiye had just slapped them.

“They have no other choice.” An ancestor had a good grasp of the situation: “They can either go all-out regardless of the price or to endure the humiliation and ask for forgiveness.”

“They’re both experienced officials, that’s why they choose to preserve their power.” A high elder nodded after seeing this.

If these two picked the first choice, it wouldn’t be good for their clans. First, these two clans were too strong. Vajra was wary of them so if they were to be weakened, the consequence was obvious.

Most would rather die than suffer this level of humiliation. It was better to be broken jade than perfect tile. This wasn’t the case for these two - they had other things to keep in mind. Their reputation and prestige didn’t matter as much.

As long as the verdant hills remain, there will be firewood. Presently, Li Qiye was unstoppable with this armor.

They only needed to get through today and there would be more chances to destroy him later on. He wouldn’t always have this armor on him.

“You have missed the chance to surrender. There’s no escaping today.” Li Qiye stretched lazily and refused.

The two big shots have abandoned face and begged in a shameful manner. Alas, Li Qiye didn’t let them off. This was as humiliating as can be.

“It’s pointless to kill us, Young Noble Li…” The commander’s voice became deeper.

“Stop playing the same old tune. As if you would show your foes mercy.” Li Qiye retorted.

Many agreed with him. These two big shots certainly had no thought of sparing him before the battle.

He could have begged however he wanted and it would have been useless. They would have killed him to avoid needless complications later on.

“Young Noble Li, you seem so sure of yourself.” The chancellor was losing his cool. Since begging was useless, their words became tougher.

“Got an ace card? Feel free to show it to me.” Li Qiye smirked: “I don’t care what you’re doing right now, actually begging or just buying time. Do your worst but just know that it’ll be useless.”

“I see.” One listener said: “Maybe the commander and chancellor are just buying time. Their clans might still have some hidden moves.”

“There’s a high chance of this happening.” An older cultivator said.

“Right, they were just buying time. There’s no way they would beg a junior for mercy.” Someone who respected the two immediately said.

Others with a similar sentiment nodded in agreement, thinking that this was all just a ploy to delay Li Qiye.

“Maybe they’ve invited the ancestors from their ancestral ground?” Someone from the last generation said.

“I think they still have some surviving Heavenly Sovereigns from back then. These beings are extremely strong and should be unstoppable once they come out.” An expert took a deep breath.

“It won’t be that easy. The clans have faced several disasters before but these ancestors didn’t come out. These were just two mansions belonging to Vajra. Is it worth it for them to come out?” Another big shot shook his head.

“Amitabha.” Untethered Monk glanced at the two mansions and knew what the ace card was right away.

The commander and the chancellor exchanged glances. These two rivals have been pushed to the edge, needing to work together and use their hidden ace cards.

They then nodded seriously, ready to abandon everything for an ultimate move.

“To death then!” The commander shouted.

“Indeed!” The chancellor roared.

“To death!” The disciples of both clans shouted in unison. Their roar echoed across the entire capital.

“So they still have something available?” A spectator wondered.

“Begin!” Both the big shots shouted.

“Boom!” A pillar of light emerged from each clan.

“Rumble!” The crowd was still lost as two temples rushed out of the ground next.

They had dao runes around them along with blinding lights - perhaps a supreme grand dao.

“What are those buildings?” The confused crowd asked.

The entire capital started shaking next. Something seemed to be coming out of the ground.

“Boom!” There were eight pagodas situated in eight different directions in the capital. They became resplendent. Their rays started connecting with the lights from the two temples.

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