Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3727: Choice

Chapter 3727: Choice

“I just happened to remember it after seeing you.” Li Qiye answered.

“What?” Peng Yingxue’s confusion grew. This answer didn’t make any sense.

Remembering this peerless merit law after seeing her? Were the words carved on her face?

She knew that this was impossible. She wasn’t a fairy or the son of the grand dao. Just looking at her wouldn’t result in understanding a merit law.

Of course, she didn’t think Li Qiye was duping her either despite the strange answer. There was no reason for him to do so. This made her question his identity.

“Why?” She asked. The two of them had nothing to do with each other yet he did so much for her.

This was no ordinary merit law as well. Cultivators would commit mass murders just to obtain it.

Furthermore, she was an enemy of Vajra while he was the saber messenger. She certainly didn’t think it was due to her beauty and charm. She had nothing else worthwhile for him to scheme either.

“No reason, it’s just fate, a connection with your pavilion.” He smiled and added.

She remained silent. Fate did seem to be the only answer for his actions thus far.

“Are you really a member of Vajra?” This beckoned the next question.

Vajra certainly had motivations for flattening the Grand Chancellor and Grand Commander’s faction. But as for saving an assassin? There was no justification.

Moreover, he knew her background now and still taught her the merit law? Was he unaware of the phrase - nurturing a tiger invites calamity?

Once she became strong enough in the future, she might choose to destroy Vajra. A saber messenger like him shouldn’t want this outcome.

“I am me, not a member of Vajra or Buddha Holy Ground.” He shook his head.

This was inconceivable to her. The holder of the ancestral saber claimed that he wasn’t a part of Vajra. Other members of this dynasty might consider him a traitor after hearing this.

She didn’t understand him at all. She knew that he was unfathomable. His cultivation meant nothing.

“I have shown you the path.” He went on: “How far you can go depends on your own training. Go rest now.”

She took a deep breath and bowed again. She wanted to leave but didn’t know how to properly address him for the goodbye.

“Young Master will do.” He said.

“Young Master, I will always remember your kindness.” She bowed again and spoke with sincerity.

He then told Yang Ling to prepare a room in the courtyard for Peng Yingxue to stay temporarily.

Afterward, Marquis Yang finally greeted Li Qiye in a formal fashion. This seemed like a currying-favor attempt but not exactly. A marquis should indeed act respectfully towards the saber messenger of Vajra.

“Go rest too.” Li Qiye told them.

The father and daughter knew that he had just been in a long fight and didn’t dare to bother him.

In the next several days, they didn’t have a chance to speak with him either, completely preoccupied with the number of guests.

If it wasn’t for Li Qiye’s reclusive nature, their courtyard's steps might have been crushed already. After all, Li Qiye had a special status in Vajra.

Some believed that he had the same level of authority as Archaic Sun King. Thus, numerous officials wanted to see him and build some connections.

Of course, they didn’t dare to walk in without permission. They talked to Marquis Yang and Yang Ling first, wanting to be introduced for an audience with Li Qiye.

Yang Ling was known to be close with Li Qiye so through her, maybe they could be connected to his faction as well. This would result in a bright future at Vajra.

Therefore, Yang Ling and her father were extremely busy. The marquis didn’t dare to offend the guests but also didn’t want to bother Li Qiye. This left him in a tough position.

Nonetheless, one guest was able to see Li Qiye - the crown prince of Vajra.

“Young Master, may I ask when you’re visiting the imperial palace?” The prince greeted Li Qiye first before getting to the point.

The crown prince came on behalf of his father to invite Li Qiye to the palace - the core of Buddha Emperor Division.

He greatly benefited from recent events. His role as the crown prince solidified quite a bit.

Crown princes usually stayed at the capital so he didn’t have the same opportunity as the third prince.

The latter was stronger on top of garnering military exploits in the border. The king had a high evaluation of his third son. Because of this, the third prince actually had more prestige than the crown prince.

He had the support of numerous sects. This eventually led to the notion of replacing the current crown prince.

This precarious circumstance changed with the downfall of the Grand Commander and Grand Chancellor.

The crown prince’s largest threat has been eliminated by Li Qiye. Moreover, he was able to talk to Li Qiye as well. His status soared immensely as a result. The officials who didn’t care for him previously quickly changed their tune.

All of this culminated in his father trusting him enough to let him come and invite Li Qiye to the palace. This made him awfully happy.

He was also grateful to this saber messenger who came out of nowhere. He would have lost his position as the crown prince otherwise. Now, he saw hope for the future.

“Today is a fine day, let’s go.” Li Qiye smiled and agreed.

The crown prince didn’t expect this at all. He thought that a reclusive person like Li Qiye would show more resistance. Now, his mission given to him by his father was a success.

“Great, let’s go then. I’ll let the palace's master of ceremonies know to prepare a grand reception for you, Young Master.” The prince couldn’t wait.

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