Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3900: Unlocking The Gate

Chapter 3900: Unlocking The Gate

The majestic and towering wall stopped any existence from taking half a step forward. This was doubly true after receiving the vitality and energy from countless cultivators. It could stand for billions of years without faltering.

All eyes were on Li Qiye. Though he had performed numerous miracles, this wall was still the creation of numerous dao lords. The only thing that could take it down was the relentless onslaught of the monster army. He alone stood no chance.

It seemed that his group was destined to die and become food for these massive creatures. Of course, they wouldn’t be enough to fill the gap between the teeth of one monster.

“There’s no way he can circumvent this disaster.” An expert murmured.

Nonetheless, no one had the guts to be absolutely certain. Li Qiye was different from everyone else. There was always a sliver of hope when it came to him.

“He can’t be lucky forever, he’ll die without a grave this time, hmph.” One genius considered Li Qiye a thorn on his side.

Li Qiye became the sole focus of attention. They wanted to see if Li Qiye could prove everyone wrong by making it past the gate. For the first-timers, they became excited to see this famous cultivator in action.

“So much blind trust in a wall, how idiotic.” Li Qiye smiled and got in front of the gate. He placed his palm with the bronze ring on it.

“Buzz.” The gate suddenly became hollow, seemingly melting from his touch.

The fortified gate looked like liquid as Li Qiye pushed his hand deeper inside. The whole thing was unbelievable - he started walking into it as well.

This entrance was the toughest part of the wall. It had the most complicated runic engravings and blessings. However, it was completely ineffective against him.

He simply treated it as a curtain, brushing it aside and walking past.

Of course, Yang Ling was astonished in the beginning to see the young master bypassing the gate. When she calmed down, she hurriedly followed him inside along with Fan Bai and the old servant.

The spectators were astounded, unable to formulate a coherent thought. Jaws dropped to the ground.

There was no flashy explosion and earth-shattering destructiveness. Li Qiye actually just walked through the gate as if it was another arched door. He didn’t use any power, treasure, or special method during this process.

One or two people could see a similar illusion but when everyone saw the same thing? They had to accept this as fact.

An elderly high monk from Heavenly Dragon was present, having higher seniority than the Monk of Wisdom. His beard was as white as snow.

As he watched Li Qiye, his muddled eyes became clear again with Buddhist radiance. He placed his palms together and had a respectful expression: “Amitabha.”

He lowered his head without saying anything else, maintaining his look of reverence.

Eventually, people regained their wits and reacted.

“Im-impossible!” Some started shouting despite seeing it with their own eyes.

“He knows magic! It gotta be magic!” A genius bellowed: “Otherwise, how could he get through the gate like that?!”

In the beginning, most thought that Li Qiye would resort to a powerful treasure such as the black metal for a direct confrontation. Others thought that he would use a devilish merit law to get through. It could be another unprecedented method or a mystical evasion law…

All of this didn’t happen. The only thing Li Qiye did was push with one hand.

“There’s no one as mysterious and unfathomable as him.” A top master sentimentally said.

Someone from the plateau smiled wryly: “You know, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the son of miracles becomes the next dao lord.”

“What sorcery is this?!” The Biandu Clan Master staggered backward while shouting in astonishment.

Their clan has been protecting this gate for eras. He knew full well how impregnable it was, hence his shocked state of mind.

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