Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 3902: Sacred Lord’s Arrival

Chapter 3902: Sacred Lord’s Arrival

The Biandu Paragon was currently the strongest ancestor with the highest status. He was born during the previous era, as talented as can be.

During his youth, he actually witnessed the battle between Buddha Supreme and the horde. As he grew older, he found success with the dao and was summoned by Buddha Dao Lord. This was a rare honor.

Of course, many cultivators saw the supreme in that turbulent era. However, to be personally summoned and appreciated by the supreme was an entirely different matter.

Recently, rumor has it that the four grandmasters have been summoned as well. This couldn’t be verified.

Ultimately, the summoning was a testament to the paragon’s talent and achievement. Some even said that he was stronger than the four grandmasters. However, since his clan was located in a remote region and due to his old age, his fame wasn’t on the same level as the four.

Nonetheless, the crowd was still shaken to see his appearance. Many bowed slightly, the ancestors included.

“This gotta be the end for Li Qiye.” A young expert was murmuring while bowing.

The paragon’s notoriety made the crowd think that it was looking bad for Li Qiye. The young ones could already imagine the scene of Li Qiye being taught a lesson.

The paragon’s eyes swept through the crowd like divine sabers. People felt a sharp pain on their cheeks as if the blades had scraped them.

The eyes eventually fixated on Li Qiye. His aura became torrential and struck everyone’s chest, making it difficult to breathe. This was akin to facing a mightier foe who could crush you at any moment.

This was the power of a top Heavenly Sovereign. The crowd trembled while being utterly intimidated.

Of course, Li Qiye remained nonchalant despite the overwhelming aura focusing on him.

The paragon’s eyes narrowed and increased the intensity of his aura. However, he suddenly noticed the bronze ring on Li Qiye’s finger.

He looked at it for several seconds before changing his expression and staggering backward.

While everyone thought that he would be furious and immediately cut Li Qiye down, his actions thus far didn’t reflect this.

“Ancestor, that’s the brat who killed my son.” The clan master walked over and told the paragon.

The strangely emotional paragon raised his hand. However, his target wasn’t Li Qiye; he ended up slapping the clan master’s face without holding back, causing his cheek to swell.

He then got on his knees and bowed repeatedly: “It is our clan’s mistake to offend someone above our station, please forgive us!”

This rendered the crowd shocked and speechless. The Biandu paragon arguably had a higher status than the four grandmasters.

Just a while ago, he seemed keen on teaching Li Qiye a lesson. The sudden shift left everyone slack-jawed.

The clan master himself was overwhelmed with confusion. However, their paragon was wise and insightful. He immediately realized that he had offended the wrong person.

“Please forgive us for overstepping our bounds.” He was smart enough to immediately kneel and beg for forgiveness.

The other members of the clan felt the same sentiment. However, both their paragon and clan master were subservient. They had to do the same as well.

“Please forgive us!” The members of the Biandu got on their knees.

The spectators became frozen just like the atmosphere.

“Please forgive our temple for the lack of reception, Sacred Lord.” A high monk led his disciples to greet Li Qiye as well.

“Please forgive us!” The monks circled and kneeled, seemingly wanting to protect their lord. The loudness echoed and intimidated everyone. Their Buddhist energy emanated across Black Wood with Li Qiye at the center.

This scene established Li Qiye’s authority and status. If these monks have accepted him as their leader, others needed to do the same as well.

“Sacred Lord? Ancestors were shaken to hear the honorific.

“Who’s that?” A youth found this scene too strange.

“Just kneel.” A senior nearby slapped him then pushed him to the floor. Both of them kneeled at the same time.

“We deserve death for not greeting you earlier, Sacred Lord.” An ancestor kowtowed and shouted.

“It is an honor to be in your presence, Sacred Lord!” Numerous experts joined the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Wei Qianqing who was standing in the distance didn’t expect this. She calmed down and also followed the crowd.

By this point, the majority of cultivators from the holy ground had submitted to Li Qiye.

Only those from the east, Righteous, and other locations remained standing.

“Does anyone know who he is?” A disciple from Righteous asked.

Not long ago, Li Qiye was everyone’s target. Even the ancestors from the holy ground wanted to kill him. How did everything change so quickly?

“The lord of Sacred Mountain and the holy ground.” A prime minister of a dynasty in Righteous also bowed towards Li Qiye.

The juniors nearby took a deep breath and lowered their head as well, despite not liking Li Qiye.

The lord of Sacred Mountain had the same seniority and status as their Righteous Supreme. Even the sect master of Righteous was half a rank lower.

Thus, though the members of Righteous weren’t under the holy ground’s jurisdiction, they still needed to show respect to someone on the same level as their supreme.

“Sacred Lord?” The Praetor stared at Li Qiye. The coalition army didn’t bow either since they had no love for the holy ground.

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