Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4465: Dao Enlightenment

Chapter 4465: Dao Enlightenment

The incomplete history in the book was understandable. The majority of it depicted the periods after their saber ancestor. The initial period was simply too long ago in the previous epoch.

In fact, the original writer clearly knew many things. Alas, they couldn’t be recorded due to their taboo nature. For example, the incomplete portrait and its lack of description was one of them.

This was recorded for the sake of the future descendants, to remind them discretely about a potential being not to be crossed.

Fortunately, they actually got lucky in this case and accepted Li Qiye as their ancient ancestor.

The group was amazed by their rich history and stared at each other. They haven’t heard of it before.

Wise Ancestor thought that he had a firm grasp on his clan’s history. Alas, this was still news to him.

They believed that their progenitor was Alchemy Saint. Because of this, their clan prospered due to their alchemy ability. The saber ancestor eventually changed this and turned their focus towards cultivation instead. They had no idea that their original root came from martial cultivation.

“Your saber ancestor is obviously known for her saber skill.” He continued: “How adept are you all at either the saber or alchemy?”

The group smiled wryly and lowered their head in shame.

“We are incapable and have very few alchemists in the clan.” The clan master said: “As for the saber dao… the saber dao…”

He paused and said: “The saber ancestor has left behind her techniques but the descendants couldn’t master it. We’ve lost it at this point…”

He looked rather ashamed for letting down the ancestors. The clan has fallen in both alchemy and cultivation.

Their alchemy was the first to fall since during the eras of the saber ancestor, they stopped caring about it as much and never produced a top alchemist. Way later on, they eventually lost their saber arts as well. This marked the true decline of the clan.

“Seems like ancestors don’t need to leave a big inheritance behind since if the descendants are incapable, they’ll squander it away.” Li Qiye joked.

This only further embarrassed the group. They kept their head lowered, not knowing how to answer. The clan’s declination was the reason why they tried so hard to look for ancient ancestors everywhere, hoping that some were still around to participate in the conference.

“Don’t be too down, fortune goes up and down.” Li Qiye smiled and said: “At least your ancestors have left legacies behind. Though some have been lost, they will return eventually. For example, today, I will give you back your Heaven Traversing Eight Slashes. What you get out of it is up to you.”

“Heaven Traversing Eight Slashes?!” Wise Ancestor bellowed in astonishment.

“So you have heard of it.” Li Qiye glanced at Wise Ancestor.

“Yes.” Wise Ancestor took a deep breath and solemnly said: “Rumor has it that our saber ancestor’s saber dao originated from this technique.”

Listeners became emotional upon hearing this. Though they haven’t heard of this title before, this revelation alone was stirring enough.

The saber ancestor was the most renowned cultivator of their clan. She and the progenitor might be twins but she was in hibernation and came out in the future. Her sister was an alchemist while she was a saber user.

She followed the duck egg buyer and helped create Eight Desolaces. Her saber rarely met a worthy opponent along the way.

Due to her power, her clan started shifting their path to the saber art as well. They prospered for a long period but nothing lasted forever.

Later generations couldn’t keep up with training, having grown used to luxury and arrogance. Eventually, this saber art no longer had worthy successors and was lost.

Therefore, the group was shocked to hear Li Qiye’s comment about the original saber art.

“Watch carefully, it is up to you now.” Li Qiye didn’t give them time to prepare and raised his hand, summoning the saber art.

“Clank!” Saber energy slashes and images appeared inside the house.

This frightened the group since they were afraid of being targeted by the slashes.

“A saber dao…” Wise Ancestor was the strongest and could see the mysteries of the dao unraveling before his very eyes.

“Focus up, use your heart to learn this saber art!” Wise Ancestor shouted.

Everyone else calmed down and immediately sat down in the meditative pose, wanting to learn.

As for Wise Ancestor, he did his best to record the transformations of the slashes. It didn’t matter whether he could learn them or not. At the very least, he wanted to record them for the sake of the clan.

Since they already knew an incomplete version of the saber dao, staring at the very source resulted in a harmonious learning experience. The process was smooth and fitting.

Li Qiye had his reason for accepting their worship and giving them back this art. In the past, he once borrowed this art. Today, he came across this house by accident and also met the descendants of the Wu. Giving it back to them finished the karmic ties.

Every member of the Wu was immersed in dao enlightenment. Suddenly, someone else came inside.

“Heaven Traversing Eight Slashes!” This person actually managed to recognize the peerless saber art.

“Clank! Clank! Clank!” The Wu members reacted quickly, unsheathing their saber and surrounding this person.

Merit laws and techniques were guarded secrets. Some would kill to keep them a secret.

“Wu Brothers! Wait, I’m a friend, look, it’s me, Merchant Jian!” The intruder was startled and waved his hands repeatedly, trying to put on a smile.

The Wu members calmed down after seeing the familiar face.

“Virtuous Nephew, why are you here?” Wise Ancestor slightly frowned and asked.

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