Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4488: Treasures Of Grotto Courtyard

Chapter 4488: Treasures Of Grotto Courtyard

While Jian Ming and the daoist argued, a worker came over and enthusiastically bowed: “Gentlemen, are you here to check out some treasures? Please get on a boat.”

There were boats by the dock with workers on them.

Normally, cultivators had no problem walking on water or simply flying over the lake. This wasn’t the case here. They must ride the boats in order to check out the treasures.

Li Qiye’s group followed him and boarded one.

The worker steered the boat forward while introducing: “Gentlemen, may I ask why you are here? Merit laws, treasures, or pills?”

“We want to buy many things. Perhaps some special pills.” Jian Ming smiled.

“Our courtyard does not refine the pills but we do obtain them from the alchemy clans. For example, the renowned bronze pills of the Puresun, heavenraise pills from True Immortal, nine-cycles from Three Thousand Dao… we can get any of them.” The worker brought up some famous pills.

Keep in mind that these pills were not available to outsiders. Their own disciples rarely had access. Only influential characters such as their elders and above had access. A few were only privy to ancestors.

Thus, it was nothing short of impressive that they were available for purchase here.

“How did you get the bronze pills?” Wise couldn’t help but ask since the Puresun has been reclusive for many eras now. Their disciples no longer roamed the world.

The ancestor was well aware of the auction house's resourcefulness. Nonetheless, these pills were indeed rare.

“I’m afraid I can’t speak on this matter but we do guarantee that we only sell authentic items with trustworthy origins. Please do not worry.” The worker shook his head.

“Then do you have an immortal pill capable of immortality?” Jian Ming felt like teasing the worker: “Money is not a problem, our young noble can pay any price.”

The worker glanced over at Li Qiye then answered: “Sir, please don’t make it difficult for me. If you’re talking about pills that some might call ‘immortal’, then we have several. For example, dragonsource from Divine Dragon Valley. But, for one to actually grant immortality? I don’t think such a thing exists in the world. Our auction house, at the very least, has never sold one in our long history.”

The worker answered firmly and didn’t try hard to peddle the merchandise.

“Your knowledge is not bad at all, must be from good training.” Li Qiye praised.

The worker appreciated the kind words and said: “Yes, we are honest while doing business, this is a key in maintaining our golden reputation.”

Li Qiye chuckled then turned his sight towards the treasure.

The display method was rather interesting. There were blossoming lotus flowers above the water with a treasure box placed in the center. One of them propped up a divine sword. Though it was still sheathed, its pulsing light possessed the aura of a godking.

At the bottom of the lake was a large clam. Rays oozed out and ringing noises could be heard whenever it opened its mouth. Inside was a golden bell; its sound could reach the river of time.

Then there was a demon lantern floating on the surface. It occasionally opened its treasure box for spectators to let out a medicinal fragrance. Inside was a bottle of pills. Faint dragon roars could be heard. The demon lantern would also blow on it, seemingly setting the pills ablaze.

These treasures all had a sky-high starting price. Only ancestors from the great powers could think about buying them.

“Sir, are you interested in fire-dragon pills from Divine Dragon Valley?” The demon lantern asked the group.

“These pills contain dragonsource essences. Of course, they are no match for dragonsource pills, but eating one would grant someone the power of draconic flames.” It continued.

“Sir, this is Soarer, a sword made from a Divine Soaring Eagle’s dao bone. It could kill someone from three thousand miles away.” Another demon lantern came over and introduced its treasure.

None of them interested Li Qiye but Jian Ming entertained them instead: “You demons can speak but the clams and lotus flowers can’t, aren’t they at a severe disadvantage?”

“Our treasures need no introduction, I’m sure the esteemed guests know what they want.” The lantern had a perfect answer.

“Your courtyard is quite impressive.” Li Qiye commented after taking a look around.

“Our business was started by Saint Miao in the ancient era. What we have in the present is the accumulation of many ancestors’ efforts.” The worker said.

“Your business is only a branch from two saints, not the main branch.” The daoist interjected: “Its title is a wish to represent the ancient branch once more.”

“I’m not quite sure about this but the lake here does have an immemorial origin.” The worker chose his words carefully.

“Raa!” Suddenly, a dragon roar echoed across the entire lake. A massive figure frightened both the workers and visitors.

“A flood-dragon!” Everyone looked over and sure enough, it was a flood-dragon leaping out of the lake.

“You still haven’t sold the Azure Flood-dragon? Well, the price is insane.” Wise Ancestor said.

“Sir, the price is reasonable since it is worth that much. However, the seller must also gain the acceptance of the dragon before a successful transaction. Skybreak Monarch of Three Thousand Dao was willing to pay the price but the dragon didn’t want to follow him.” The worker said.

Grotto Courtyard also sold certain demons and beasts. Alas, they were even harder to purchase due to their price.

By this point, the boat came across a mountain in the middle of the lake. There existed two statues of two women.

One was in full armor and looked ready to fight the whole world. She had a tyrannical and destructive aura that wouldn’t dissipate after the eras.

The other statue sat crossed-legged and held a book. Her aura was gentle and because she was looking down to read, her face was covered. She emitted peace and serenity. Time seemed to be stagnated around her. Next to her was a trident, seemingly an artifact from an immemorial period.

“They are?” They immediately caught Li Qiye’s attention.

“Our two great saints.” The worker said.

“To be exact, they’re your clan’s saints since your courtyard does not represent the clan. Alas, they haven’t been seen in a long time now.” The daoist elaborated.

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