Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 4757: Dao Lord Sinflame

Chapter 4757: Dao Lord Sinflame

The bulwark collapsing was only a matter of time. The supporting members had blood streaming down their mouth. Death was inevitable.

“This is the end of the competition.” A crowd member understood.

The alliance needed stronger reinforcement or their conquerors would fall right now. In reality, the situation looked grim for them.

First, even if they could somehow survive this battle, Li Qiye’s allies have shown themselves. The two figures were terrifying and assured his victory.

“Yes, Li Qiye won already.” An undying monarch assessed the situation.

Most kept silent about this conclusion since they wholeheartedly agreed at this point. The sentiment regarding the winner had changed completely. In fact, what else could they do but accept Li Qiye’s supremacy while watching him dominate the competition?

“Crack!” At this point, the bulwark wasn’t the only thing breaking. Cracks and broken bones ravaged the members of the alliance. Everyone assumed that their demise was only a matter of time.

However, another person stepped up to face Li Qiye.

“Shen Juntian wants to try again?” A spectator saw him and wondered.

He has been healing this entire time and didn’t participate in the previous contest. Now, his vitality has been replenished and he returned to his peak state, ready to return to battle.

“It doesn’t matter, he won’t be able to turn the tides.” Someone whispered.

The supreme genius seemed helpless in this scenario. In fact, they thought that he was suicidal for returning to the fight.

“Don’t…” Female cultivators felt their heart skipping a beat from nervousness. They felt something ominous and hoped that he would retreat, not wanting to see his spilled blood again.

“The son of a dao lord has too much pride to run away.” Another admired Shen Juntian’s courage.

Other geniuses would be quivering with fear, not daring to stand up straight. In this case, Juntian prepared to fight him alone instead of running away like many others would.

“Leave, leave now!” Skybreak shouted at him.

Though the five monarchs were on the brink of death, they still didn’t wish to see Juntian attempting to save them.

In reality, no one would criticize Juntian for running away righ now, not his seniors or outsiders.

This was akin to people running away from Dao Sanqian - not humiliating at all. Moreover, he had fought a brilliant fight earlier and proved himself to be a supreme genius.

He just needed to stay alive and the future was still boundless.

“Dao Brother, let’s try this again?” Juntian requested loudly.

Li Qiye smiled at him and accepted: “Show me your life’s culmination, son of Eight-stallion.”

“Very well.” Juntian was strangely excited instead of afraid.

“Leave!” Resonance Monarch yelled at him too.

Juntian bowed toward the monarchs and said: “Thank you, seniors, for your guidance and love. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to express my gratitude to my master. Let it be known that I have no regrets.”

“No need for this.” The monarchs sighed, aware of his intention.

A solemn air of sadness took over the crowd as they were moved by his resolution.

“Crack!” The bone on his forehead cracked and out came a special type of flame - tiny yet capable of burning three thousand worlds.

“Boom!” A frightening power accompanied by an unbearable heat emerged. The forests nearby burned down instantly and rivers evaporated.

He should have warned others to back away because weaker cultivators who were too close turned to ashes in the blink of an eye.

“What is this thing…” The neutral monarchs became astounded.

Most didn’t know what this flame was. However, hidden lords deep in the abysses could see that it was the sinflame of a dao lord.

Eventually, a top ancestor from the same generation as Eight-stallion Dao Lord took a deep breath and told everyone else: “This is a dao lord's sinflame. Eight-stallion’s, to be exact, created from cultivation and tribulation.”

The young ones have never heard of it before and shook their head.

“When a dao lord burns the heaven, this sinflame is the result.” An ancient ancestor explained: “Only dao lords experiencing tribulations can gain this.”

“He left behind the sinflame for his son. This meant that he was the top candidate among the conquerors, putting Li Qiye aside.” One monarch said.

The sinflame was a double-edged sword. It could be used as a mighty weapon or it could also be a disaster for the dao lord. It was interesting to see Juntian in possession of one.

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