Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5010: I Am With The Light

Chapter 5010: I Am With The Light

This light was meant to be enjoyed in comfort, not feared. This was a guiding lamp in the darkness, allowing travelers to walk without hesitation. This made people want to submit to the light.

A youth walked out from the radiance. He looked rather average but his holy affinity was boundless.

There seemed to be a hymn accompanying the light itself. It was soothing and mesmerizing. Some felt the urge to kneel before him and kiss his feet.

It chased away the darkness, not allowing anything else to exist but the light. This seemed to be the proper path of the grand dao - gentle and righteous yet dominating.

“Radiant Monarch!” Numerous experts and even demon monarchs wanted to join him. Some had tears streaming down their cheeks due to the warmth of the light.

This was completely different from Pagoda Guardian and Skystomper God. Their auras were forceful while this holiness was nothing but comforting.

Everyone stood up after seeing him including the top dragon lords. He and the other two geniuses were from the same generation but he was one step above them in terms of power.

He possessed six sacred fruits and hailed from Godchaser Palace. Though he wasn’t the only one with this many fruits here, he still had room to grow.

Six fruits might be the limit of ancient ancestors such as Pagoda Guardian and Skystomper God. In fact, given his age and talent, he had a chance of obtaining twelve sacred fruits and creating a sacred tree - the true path toward the apex.

In a sense, it was a shame for him to be born in the same era and sect as Conceal Conqueror. She, more often than not, overshadowed him.

The ancient ancestors had to come out again to greet this newcomer.

“Your light has reached its limit, you will gain the seventh fruit soon.” The prideful Jun Cuican respected this capable genius.

“This requires more time, just like how it is only a matter of time before you catch up and surpass me.” Radiant Monarch smiled brightly, possessing charisma without an impressive physical appearance.

Jun Cuican felt honored to be praised by the strongest genius right now and laughed heartily: “Haha, you are too kind. I need to spend more time with you so I can learn from the best.”

Deity and Luminous were sworn enemies once but the animosity has been cleansed over time. These two geniuses appreciated each other’s talent and wanted to be friends.

“Haha, you self-proclaimed righteous cultivators are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites, praising each other while thinking anything but.” Someone laughed and interrupted their conversation.

A loud gale manifested into reality, sending debris and weaker cultivators flying.

People looked up and saw a massive fire dragon with a fat stomach. Its draconic aura loomed over all demons. This was a matter of instinct.

“Wild Dragon!” They shouted his title and became afraid. This madman could randomly start a massacre here.

“Hmph.” Skystomper and Pagoda Guardian scowled after seeing him.

“Brother Wild Dragon, please restrain yourself and come have a seat.” Golden Cicada King shouted.

Wild Dragon listened and changed his form into a human. He landed and smiled: “Golden Cicada, how could you not invite me to this grand banquet?”

Golden Cicada chuckled awkwardly before responding: “I didn’t want to bother you because you are so busy. Come, come, sit here.”

He hurriedly led Wild Dragon to the prestigious area with the other dragon lords. They were the top dogs of this generation, three of whom were six-fruit dragon lords.

They represented the strongest force of the so-called righteous path. On the other hand, Wild Dragon was clearly a villain.

Nonetheless, he was not afraid of being next to them. He looked around before smiling at Pagoda Guardian: “Old geezer, don’t give me that dirty look. I’m here to see the commanding god, not to fight you.”

“Hmph.” Pagoda Guardian had no intention of fighting either, the same for Skystomper God.

In another location, they certainly had the upper hand and would not let this opportunity go to waste. Killing Wild Dragon would earn them great fame on top of ridding a source of trouble for the world.

“I do admit that Godchaser Palace is rather dreadful in this generation.” He then spoke to Radiant Monarch: “You alone is one thing but then there’s that Conceal Conqueror as well, certainly more than I can handle.”

He didn’t mind revealing his thoughts toward Godchaser. This was his style - always direct and honest.

“Then change your ways, Fellow Daoist.” Radiant Monarch said: “If you insist on committing atrocities, not to mention us, the light will not spare you.”

His tone was both civil and domineering. Few in the lower continents dared to speak to Wild Dragon in this manner.

“Haha, you do have limitless potential but there is a long way to go before you can kill me. I wasn’t even afraid of Eight-stallion, let alone you.”


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