Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 5122: Just Legends

Chapter 5122: Just Legends

Phenomena calmed down and bowed again. He sincerely said: “As I’ve said before, just say the word whenever you need me and I shall be there.”

“It is no big deal, just a matter of fate.” Li Qiye waved his hand.

“How so, Young Noble?” Phenomena stared strangely at Li Qiye.

“You cultivate one of the Hallowed Three Forms, world. Your lineage has ties with me.” Li Qiye smiled and said. [1]

“Yes, I trained with it until I created my own dao later.” Phenomena didn’t hide it.

Rumor has it that Lunar was in possession of one of the nine scriptures - Hallowed Three Forms.

Phenomena cultivated the world version and after reaching a high level with it, he created his own dao. His title referred to having numerous phenomena in a single world.

“It must have been difficult recording it.” Li Qiye said sentimentally.

“You’ve seen the real thing, Young Noble.” Phenomena realized something.

In reality, Lunar didn’t have the actual scripture, only the merit laws. They never had access to the actual content since these merit laws were passed down by their progenitor. Phenomena then understood the connection brought up by Li Qiye.

“Who passed the merit laws down to your lineage?” Li Qiye asked.

“Our progenitor.” Phenomena honestly answered.

“Who is your progenitor?” Li Qiye inquired again.

“Hmm… I do not know.” Phenomena’s eyes flashed for a split second before he answered.

The progenitor of Lunar was mysterious and unknown even to its members. Some believed that the big shots such as the conquerors of Lunar were privy to this information. However, they kept it a secret.

A popular speculation included Nightmoon being the progenitor of Lunar. This was widely accepted as the truth despite existing evidence of Lunar being far older.

“Lunar was started by Nightmoon Conqueror.” Phenomena answered.

“Nightmoon?” Li Qiye smirked: “Your true origin does not start with Nightmoon.”

“There are records of this in Lunar, all of them point to Nightmoon Progenitor.” Phenomena insisted.

“Of course, have to make it believable.” Li Qiye smiled: “In reality, you already knew, that’s why you guarded the cemetery here.”

Phenomena’s expression changed after this. This was kept a secret by Nightmoon Conqueror and the rest of them.

They chose to popularize the rumor of Nightmoon Conqueror being the progenitor. Alas, Lunar had existed way before that as a reclusive sect. It only rose to popularity when Nightmoon debuted and fought against Celestial Court.

The cemetery in Eight-stallion Dynasty seemed to have nothing to do with Lunar. After all, one was in Chaos while the other was in Fragmentation.

Phenomena was one of the few privy to this information. Of course, Li Qiye was another to his astonishment.

“Don’t worry, I’m not from Celestial Court. Plus, I am connected to your progenitor.” Li Qiye said.

Phenomena took a deep breath and bowed: “I see, I should address you as Ancestor instead of Young Noble.”

“No need for that, I am still young.” Li Qiye waved his hand and stared at the horizon: “Lunar, it’s been a long time since I’ve talked about it.”

“There are very few records left.” Phenomena said.

“It is to avoid unnecessary problems, Nightmoon had to change her cultivation from a Heavenly Emperor to a conqueror.” Li Qiye smiled.

“I’ve heard of this but never saw any evidence.” Phenomena wasn’t surprised.

Anyone else would be shocked - Nightmoon was a supreme conqueror on the same level as Luminous and Heaven Burial. She was once a Heavenly Emperor as well?

“Suyun.” Li Qiye said softly: “Heavenly Emperor Suyun.” [2]

Phenomena became emotional after hearing this; everything became clearer to him.

It was hard to see a connection between Heavenly Emperor Suyun and Nightmoon Conqueror. The former was from the distant past while the latter had made her mark in this epoch.

For Li Qiye, the name “Suyun” had tremendous significance to him. The same applied to the heavenly emperor since it represented remorse and yearning.

She wanted to kill him back then because he was the main culprit. She held a grudge against him for a long time.

Eventually, the heavenly emperor disappeared in the river of time, forgotten. She then appeared again as Nightmoon Conqueror.

Despite lacking information, Li Qiye could imagine the tears and sadness behind her story. After all, she had eight heaven’s wills once but had to throw it away to cultivate again.

Of course, this was not in vain. As a conqueror, she became strong enough to fight Celestial Court because she possessed a primordial dao fruit. Due to her strength, Lunar became one of the twelve dao lineages in the lower continents.

Phenomena himself knew very little about this, only that their sect’s origin traced back to the Immemorial War.

“The emperors paid a heavy price.” Li Qiye said.

“Why did they oppose Celestial Court?” He asked.

“Well, it pertains to the origin of the three races. You don’t need to worry about this since it is not your responsibility.” Li Qiye smiled.

“It is only a matter of time due to my bloodline.” He said.

“If that is your wish, then seek everlasting life and the tree of anima. If you can’t reach this goal, then stay back and protect your lineage, that’s still good enough.” Li Qiye said.

“I will remember your guidance, Young Noble.” He bowed again.

1. This was mortal before, changing it to world. I might change it again after I see the names of the other two. ☜

2. I cannot find the title of this Heavenly Emperor used in the past, but Suyun is a familiar name that fits the context ☜


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