Emperor’s Domination

Chapter 8: Nine Saint Demon Gate (2)

The battle stage consisted of huge meteoric stones. Each stone was inscribed with the words of many Virtuous Paragons; mysterious and powerful energies were being exuded from them continuously. It was this energy that protected the battle stage, rendering it impervious to any damage the contestants may inflict.

“A battle stage of the Virtuous Paragon level!”

Even though this was not his first time witnessing it, the battle stage still instilled Nan Huairen with awe.

Disciple Zhang was very proud and started to brag: “This battle stage was created by our Great Elder; it can even withstand the destructive power from multiple Virtuous Paragons.”

Nan Huairen couldn’t help but mumble in a low volume: “In the past, our Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect also had a battle stage…”

The truth was that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect also had a battle stage, but it was not of the Virtuous Paragon level. Some say that it was nearly at the Immortal Emperor level, so it could withstand a fight between Heavenly Kings and Immortal Emperors alike. It was found by Immortal Emperor Min Ren in the depths of an unknown space.

Unfortunately, no one knew why this battle stage was sealed. From then on, no one was able to enter the arena.

“Great Four Stone Golems!” Li Qiye was there, but he missed the conversation completely. His eyes were focused on the four gigantic statues located at the four corners of the arena.

Each of them towered over one hundred meters tall. All of them had different expressions, yet they were all very realistic. It was apparent that they were carved by the hands of a renowned expert with a blade technique that was very natural and perfect.

This was what he wanted to see. After the death of the Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon, he had never visited this sect. It was surprising to see the four statues after all these years.

When Nan Huairen and Disciple Zhang were chatting, no one noticed Li Qiye. A moment later, Disciple Zhang finally saw what Li Qiye was trying to do. He raised his eyebrows and asked: “What is this idiot doing?”

Nan Huairen noticed that Li Qiye was trying to climb on top of the eastern statue. However, because of his weak cultivation, he couldn’t make it to the top.

Right now, many students were surrounding the battle stage. They all watched Li Qiye struggle like a village boy that was visiting the capital for the first time. Laughter erupted and jeers filled the arena.

Nan Huairen was so embarrassed that he wanted to dig a hole and hide in it forever. He could not see what was special about these four statues that prompted Li Qiye to take action.

Li Qiye signaled for Nan Huairen to come over. Nan Huairen couldn't say no to the prime disciple, especially when the person was being singled out by an entire sect. He dejectedly walked over to Li Qiye under the scrutinizing gazes of all the disciples.

Li Qiye calmly commanded: “This statue is too high, take me up there.”

“Hah?!” Nan Huairen was dumbfounded. He was silently questioning whether Li Qiye had become insane. Climbing up the statue in front of this many Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples — this was a great slap to their faces.

“Are you going to take me up, or do you want to continue watching my monkey show?” Li Qiye nonchalantly commented as if all of this had nothing to do with him.

Without any other options, Nan Huairen grabbed Li Qiye and jumped. In one swoop, they arrived at the top of the statue.

Li Qiye sat on the shoulder of the statue and leisurely stared into the distance, embracing the scene in front of his eyes.

Nan Huairen wasn’t quite as thick as Li Qiye. He immediately jumped down then waited at the bottom of the statue. He stood there, waiting, in case something did happen. He simply couldn’t just abandon his fellow disciple.

Disciple Zhang, however, did not want to stand there for a second longer. He immediately left without a departing salutation.

“Does he think that he is a big shot, sitting on top of the statue?”

“This country bumpkin is being way too rude!”

Ignoring the comments the disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate were spewing, Li Qiye remained seated on the statue’s shoulder. He whispered to it as if he was having a conversation with it.

The crazy and nonsensical actions of Li Qiye caused the spectators to question their sanity. This was truly an idiot without fear. However, no one attempted to stop him. They felt that it was below them to interfere with a madman.

Eventually, Li Qiye seemed to have become bored of sitting. He once again waved his hand to signal for Nan Huairen. It was as if a boulder had been lifted off his shoulders; Nan Huairen was incredibly relieved that this madness had come to an end as he brought Li Qiye down to the ground.

“First Brother, the sun has set. Shall we go back and rest?” Nan Huairen was praying with all of his heart that this prime disciple could spare him from further embarrassment. Who knows what other things he would do if they were to continue their tour?

Noticing how Nan Huairen looked like a dead puppy, Li Qiye chuckled and nodded his head in agreement.

“Your mother!” A disciple couldn’t help but yell out after seeing Li Qiye’s devilish grin: “The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is a third-rate sect. You're merely a toad that wants to eat swan meat! Pah! A dumb black turtle has the nerve to court our senior.”

Seeing that someone was challenging him directly, Li Qiye slowly turned around and said: “Court your senior? Don’t think too highly of yourselves. Even if a heavenly angel or godly fairy wanted to marry me, they would have to pray for my acceptance. As for your senior? It is a long line until it is her turn."

“Your mother, you are tired of living!” All of the male disciples roared after hearing Li Qiye's shameless words.

“Calm down, calm down, everyone should value peace and prosperity!” The current situation sent chills down Nan Huairen's spine. He immediately took Li Qiye and left. He couldn't leave this madman outside for a second longer.

After safely arriving at their guest house, Nan Huairen cried: “First Brother, please! This isn’t a place where we can say and do whatever we wish. Take a step back and appreciate the high sky and deep sea. Please keep yourself under control.”

“Hold back?” Li Qiye nonchalantly proclaimed: “A general shall stop an incoming army, a dam will deter the incoming current!” [1. This is another Chinese proverb. It tells someone to not worry, almost like que sera sera. It sounds really good in Chinese since it only consists of 8 words; 4 for each prose with the same tonal structure.]

Nan Huairen froze. Taking care of someone like Li Qiye was akin to finding trouble for oneself. He was truly regretting taking on this mission to go to the Nine Saint Demon Gate.


After the events at the battle stage, many of the Nine Saint Demon Gate disciples were outraged. Du Yuanguang was one of those who truly wanted to kill Li Qiye. He was an outer disciple, but his innate talents were above average, so many referred to him as the “Little Genius”. He had only joined the sect for five years, but he had already reached the pinnacle stage of Provisional Palace. As long as he could successfully pass this year’s examination, he could become an inner disciple.

Du Yuanguang had a strong crush for Li Shuangyan. During his entrance exam, she was one of the main organizers. It was love at first sight. He also thought that she recognized his skills and talents since she accepted him.

He had great confidence in his abilities and wished for her to become his dao partner, so Li Qiye's very being naturally became a thorn in his eyes.

Du Yuanguang’s eyes revealed his killing intent as he murmured to himself: “This mortal does not know his own limits. If I don’t teach him a little lesson, he will continue to think that he is above the heaven and earth.”

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