Empress Running Away with the Ball

Chapter 958 - He’s tired, sleep

Chapter 958: He’s tired, sleep

Chu Shao Bai focused his mind. There was a bump on his forehead, but he didn’t feel it at all even if it did hurt.

It was hard enough for him to come here, his consciousness was already fading. He just wanted to deliver the medicine to her side, not spilling a single drop. He completely ignored the fact that his wounds became more serious and blood kept pouring out. They soaked the cloth and had been dripping out the entire time.

“Husband Ye, it’s good that you’re here. Quickly, quickly give her this medicine, quickly!”

He carefully gave the bowl of medicine to Ye Ting Xua, as if he was holding the world’s most precious treasure.

Ye Ting Xuan couldn’t help asking, “What medicine is this?”

“Thousand year old snow ginseng soup.” Chu Shao Bai softly said.

He felt like he was floating and there was no strength in his body at all. He just wanted to lie down and close his eyes, never opening them again.

If it wasn’t for the strange spiritual power supporting him, he would have collapsed halfway.

His mind finally relaxed and his body slid to the floor.

“Shao Bai, what is wrong with you?”

Ye Ting Xuan was shocked. He held the bowl of medicine in one hand and support Chu Shao Bai with the other, but he was a weak scholar and he didn’t have enough strength. He was afraid of spilling the soup, so he could only watch Chu Shao Bai slide out of his arms, lying onto the ground.

“Husband Ye, I’m fine, I’m just too tired. Let me sleep for a bit. You….Quickly give that ginseng soup to Ning’er, have the emperor feed it to her…..”

Chu Shao Bai used all the strength in his body and made his face reveal a faint smile.

He could only do this for her. He was just too tired now, he wanted to have a good sleep.

He slowly closed his eyes and that handsome face had a comforted smile.

Ye Ting Xuan did not doubt him. When he heard that the soup in his hand was thousand year snow ginseng soup, he was filled with excitement.

He saw Chu Shao Bai close his eyes and thought he was sleeping from being tired, so he didn’t disturb him.

“Emperor, emperor, the empress can be save! This is the snow ginseng soup delivered by King Jing An, soup made from the thousand year old snow ginseng. As long as she drinks this, the empress can be saved!”

He carefully brought the soup to the foot of the bed, not spilling a single drop. The bowl of medicine was still warm to the touch, Chu Shao Bai must have kept it in his embrace while running over, using his body heat to keep it warm.

Mo Chuan’s mind was focused on Chen Ning, he didn’t hear anything around him. He didn’t even feel anything when Chu Shao Bai arrived.

Only when Ye Ting Xuan excitedly shouted beside him with the ginseng soup did he finally come back to his senses. He knit his brows and looked at Ye Ting Xuan.

“What did you just say, snow ginseng soup?”

“That’s right emperor, look, this was just sent over by Shao Bai. He said this is soup made from the thousand year old snow ginseng and it’s still warm. Quickly feed it to the empress!”

Ye Ting Xuan respectfully presented the bowl to Mo Chuan.

Mo Chuan looked at the bowl of soup in disbelief. He reached out and sniffed the ginseng smell. The soup was a rich snow white colour. It really was thousand year old snow ginseng soup.

Only he had never seen it before, so he still had a bit of disbelief.

But when he heard Chu Shao Bai sent it, all his doubts were dispelled.

In this world, the person he trusted most was Chu Shao Bai. Everyone could want to harm him, but Chu Shao Bai would never do that!

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