Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 21 – Angered Crown Prince Jing

Chapter 21- Angered Crown Prince Jing

On the Martial God Continent, medicinal plants were ranked as 10-year-old, 50-year-old, 100-year-old, 1,000-year-old, and lastly the rumoured 10,000-year-old medicinal plant.

Since Mu Ru Yue didn’t originate from the Martial God continent, she wasn’t sure on the medicinal plant rankings. She had expected the medicine she’d picked from the floor the previous day to be at most 50 years old. Thus, this method of using energy to grow medicine not only reinvigorated it, it also extended its life by a fold to 100 years.

Mu Ru Yue was momentarily excited. If this were really the case, she held a great treasure in her hands.

The shopkeeper caressed the medicinal plant in his hand as though it were his treasure. With bright eyes, he said, “Lady, I can give you 100 gold coins for this medicinal plant.”

Gold coins was the measurement of money in the Martial God Continent. This was slightly different from Hua Xia. Hua Xia just used the weighing of gold as a measurement, but here they literally used gold and silver coins as money.

The proper monetary system here was 1 silver coin equated to 100 copper coins and 100 silver coins equated to 1 gold coin.

Mu Ru Yue nodded as she glanced at the various medicines in the shop. “Please help me choose 100 stalks of 50-year-old medicinal plants, disregarding the types.”

The shopkeeper looked curiously at her. Others came to buy medicinal plants tailored to what they needed, but was this girl great enough that she didn’t care about the type? Since he was trying to make a business, however, he naturally wouldn’t question his clients.

“Alright lady, please wait a moment.”

The shopkeeper carried the medicinal plants over after a short moment and presented them before Mu Ru Yue.

“A 100 stalks of 50-year-old medicinal plants will cost you 50 gold coins.”

Even though the difference between a 50-year-old and 100-year-old was only by a fold, their prices were as wide as the heavens and earth. Moreover, if it were a 1,000-year-old medicinal plant, its value would be sky-high.

With Mu Ru Yue’s current ability, however, it was impossible for her to manufacture a 1,000-year-old medicinal plant as those kinds of medicinal plants required vast amounts of energy, which she couldn’t provide.

Taking the bag of medicinal plants from the shopkeeper, Mu Ru Yue turned around and walked out.

“Have you heard? Yesterday, the Royal family withdrew the trash’s marriage order.”

“Haha! Your information is outdated. It wasn’t the Royal family that withdrew the marriage. It was the Mu family’s trash that announced in the throne room that she didn’t want to marry Crown Prince Jing, nor any of the royal line. She also said that all the princes and royals were stud horses that were covered in germs. The most interesting point was that His Majesty didn’t punish her.”

Everyone recalled the recent rumours and used it as a topic during the tea break after their meals in the restaurant.

Nobody saw that in one of the rooms of the restaurant, a handsome man’s face had ashened while his fists were tightly clenched. Hong! He stood up from his chair. With gritted teeth, he looked as though he wanted to viciously strangle that wretched girl to death.

‘Stud horse? She actually dared to call me a dirty stud horse?’

‘Even though I loved Ting Er, I already have two concubines in my courtyard. But isn’t this normal? Which man will choose to only have one woman in his life?’

‘Compared to Ninth Royal Uncle Ye Yi Hua, who needed to use a brothel for his relief, I’m already on the better side.’

‘Excluding the fool that didn’t know anything, who was that old and didn’t already have a few women?’

‘Mu Ru Yue called me a what? A stud horse?’

“Royal Grandfather didn’t make a move on her due to the reputation of the Mu family. But I definitely won’t let her go. I must kill her!”

Ye Tian Feng gnashed his teeth in hatred. If Mu Ru Yue was before him, she would definitely be shredded into countless pieces.

Actually, it wasn’t because the Emperor of Zi Yue looked up to the Mu family, it was because Mu Ru Yue was an unloved trash. With his prestige as an Emperor, however, he couldn’t say that. Moreover, Ji Ru Ya had been constantly tempting him at that moment. Even though he was already too old and didn’t have much energy, his heart would still flare up from those instigation. He just wanted to dismiss the crowd and enjoy a solitary time with his beloved women.

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