Enchantress Amongst Alchemists Ghost King's Wife

Chapter 33 – My Wife, I Missed You

Chapter 33- My Wife, I Missed You

“My wife, I missed you. Why didn’t you come to find me?”

Saying that, the young man felt slightly upset and with his innocent, enticing eyes, it made it hard for people to resist. Unknowingly, Mu Ru Yue had a sudden thought, ‘Does he really have the mentality of a child-like fool? Why do I feel as though this fella is actually a crafty fox instead?’ 1

“It seems like you’re socializing nicely?”

A low laughter was heard from a side.

Ye Yi Hua could be seen waving his fan as he strided towards Mu Ru Yue. With an incredibly fake smile on his face, he swept his pair of peach blossom eyes at Ye Wu Chen before looking at Mu Ru Yue.

“You two haven’t wed yet but already seem so intimate? It looks like Lady Mu is an open person.”

His wording obviously meant the act of being open to intimate calls before being wedded, wouldn’t that be promiscuous behaviour?

Thinking about that, he smiled with watery peach blossom eyes. He continued speaking shadily, “It’s a pity that the fool doesn’t know anything. If Lady Mu is in need of a man, Ben Wang’s Hua Manor is always open for Lady Mu’s arrival. At that time, Ben Wang will definitely not let Lady Mu down.”

Mu Ru Yue’s gaze chilled as her entire body gave off an icy aura. When she looked at Ye Yi Hua’s departing figure, she mockingly grinned.

“Since Your Highness had said those kinds of word a few times already and seemed to have forgotten what I’ve said, if you insist, I will go and visit.”

Saying that, she stopped talking for a moment as the iciness in her eyes intensified, directly piercing his heart.

“That is if you don’t mind your manor being destroyed by me.”

Hearing her words, Ye Yi Hua wasn’t angry, but excitement was seen in his eyes instead. “Ben Wang will wait for Lady Mu to destroy Ben Wang’s manor. Haha!”

Tossing his laughter, he didn’t continue to look at the couple and left.

That Mu family’s daughter was really interesting. If she weren’t a trash, he would really request his Royal father to bestow her to him. But it was a pity that he couldn’t give up his smooth flowing future for a girl.

“Let’s go.” Mu Ru Yue turned her gaze to Ye Wu Chen, but she only saw him staring dazedly at the direction that Ye Yi Hua had left.

After hearing Mu Ru Yue, Ye Wu Chen came back to reality and shook his head. “My wife, I want to return to my manor.”

“Alright, you can head back first. After a while, I’ll come to find you.”

Since the competition was starting, Mu Ru Yue hastily tossed those words before dashing to the arena. After her figure disappeared, Ye Wu Chen moved in the opposite direction.

Since it was a rare huge competition, the people in the Phoenix City all came to enjoy watching the bustling scene.

At that moment, in an unmanned alley that Ye Yi Hua had just entered, a figure suddenly landed in front of him, blocking his path.

That person was wearing a long, moon-white robe that was trimmed with golden and silver threads at the border. He also wore a dazzling, silver mask on his face as he looked sinisterly at Ye Yi Hua, an expression of mockery gracing his beautiful lips.

Ye Yi Hua frowned. “May I ask who are you? Why have you blocked Ben Wang’s path?”

He had great power and influence, so he didn’t think that he would have any enemies. Who was that before him?


The man wordlessly kicked viciously at Ye Yi Hua’s stomach. That kick had sent him flying to the ground. He was then lifted up to be violently bashed up with a fist.

Ye Yi Hua’s cultivativation wasn’t low, but in the man’s hands, it felt as though all of his powers were restricted, making him unable to resist.

A final punch landed on his nose, and blood flowed immediately. The man satisfiedly looked at Ye Yi Hua, who had a pig face from his punches, before tossing him on the ground and added a few more kicks.

“Remember, not all girls are yours when you desire them.”

1. Miki: wow a woman’s instinct is so accurate

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