End of the Magic Era

Chapter 12 - Get Him Out of Here

Chapter 12: Get Him Out of Here

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At that time, someone knocked on the door of the reception room on the top floor of the Sage Tower.

Three people were sitting in the reception room, one old, one middle-aged, and one young. The old one was wearing a gray gown. He had a grizzled beard and thin figure and was issuing a few coughs from time to time, his body seeming to be in poor shape. In comparison, the middle-aged man sitting in front of him seemed a lot more lively, his hair and beard meticulously combed. And although the clothes he wore seemed neither luxurious nor ostentatious, the exquisite clothing was finely handcrafted. A person with a discerning eye would notice that they had been made by a famous tailor. It was highly possible that this set of clothes was worth enough to pay for the expenses of an ordinary family for an entire year.

The youth sitting to the side wasn’t even 30 years old, but the shocking part was that the cuffs of his black gown had some thin, silver lines.

In other words, this was a Great Mage that was less than 30 years old!

But in this reception room, whether it was the rich middle-aged man or the young Great Mage, they both had a very respectful attitude toward the old man.

This was because that old man was the leader of Thousand Sails City Mage Guild, one of the three big shots of the Sage Tower, Solomon.

In Thousand Sails City, the three big shots of the Sage Tower were legendary existences. They would rarely appear in public, and in the past few years, almost no one had ever caught sight of them. People only knew that these three powerful mages who were jointly controlling the Sage Tower had been on the path of growing as High Mages for the past dozen years or so, and that they had deep and unmeasurable strength.

Their existences were the sole reason that the Mage Guild towered above Thousand Sails City. No one would challenge the Mage Guild. Who would dare to face the fury of three High Mages? It would be a joke. It had to be known that they weren’t some kind and benevolent elders. Back in the days, the outstanding and vicious bandit group called Black Wing was burnt to ashes by these three big shots. That bandit group had consisted of more than a thousand people, but ultimately, no one was left alive.

“Come in.” The knocking sound had interrupted the discussion between the three men. The old man could only smile apologetically at his two guests.

“President Monchi, Mage Ryan, I’m sorry for the disturbance.” The one who opened the door was a young mage that was perhaps almost thirty. If Lin Yun were there, he would definitely be able to recognize him at first sight. That young mage had been in the library earlier, and when Mason was taken away, he had thrown a few curious glances at Lin Yun.

After entering, the young mage first apologized to the two guests before whispering a few words into Solomon’s ear.

“Okay, I understand.” After listening to the young mage’s report, Solomon merely nodded and did not give the young mage a real response. In fact, he turned towards the two guests with an apologetic smile. “I’m truly sorry, President Monchi, a problem happened in the library.”

‘The library?’ When Monchi heard that, his eyelids twitched a little. ‘Isn’t Mason in the library right now?’

How could Monchi not know of his son’s character? Usually taking advantage of his family’s influence, he didn’t have any scruples doing anything he wanted. And with Mage Ryan’s help, he had recently advanced and become a new Mage. Feeling burgeoning pride in his recent success, he became even more arrogant, to the point that at the last gathering of the seven chambers of commerce, he had casually found an excuse to punch Locke Merlin’s son, almost creating a huge problem.

Currently, he had poured a huge amount of money into drawing up a plan to cooperate with the Sage tower, sending his son to the library in the meantime, as he had felt that it was less likely to come into conflict with anyone when everyone there was just quietly reading. Before he left, he had specially warned his son that the Sage Tower wasn’t just any place. He couldn’t act arrogant there or he would bring a lot of trouble to the family.

As he thought of what might have happened, Monchi couldn’t help having a headache. Sometimes, he really couldn’t understand. They were both his sons, so why was the difference between Mason and Ryan so great? One was steady and shrewd, managing to become a Great Mage at a young age, while the other was always only stirring up trouble. Even his eventual breakthrough to become a mage had only been accomplished through relying on his older brother.

After he returned this time, he would properly discipline Mason. Otherwise, if it kept going, he would bring a great disaster to the family.

Monchi hesitated for a while before forcing himself to ask, “Leader Solomon, did Mason…”

“Don’t mind it, it was a minor issue.” Solomon waved his hand, his smile still on his face, “A disagreement happened between Mason and a young mage just now in the library, it’s not that big of a deal, Solon took care of it.”

“I am truly ashamed…” Monchi repeatedly apologized while relaxing somewhat. Hearing Solomon’s tone, it seemed that, thankfully, Mason must not have have provoked an important mage of the Sage Tower. If that was the case, giving Solomon a suitable apology and then paying his respects to the Sage Tower should be enough.

As for that young mage, it would be better for him to be tactful. If he wanted to get into trouble with someone, he should know who he was talking to. The Monchi family wasn’t one to be trifled with.

The only thing that mattered now was the attitude of the Sage Tower, but it seemed that there was not much problem with it. After all, he had brought up the cooperation plan, so he should have a lot of sway for the Sage Tower right now. At this crucial moment, Solomon would give him some face despite his son’s actions.

Just as Monchi expected, Solomon quickly accepted his apologies and didn’t talk further about Mason’s faults. Afterwards, the discussion continued quite pleasantly and was no longer just limited to business talk. It wasn’t so stiff anymore so the atmosphere in the reception room naturally became more harmonious sounding more like old friends were talking.

Solomon even talked about of some of his past experiences. He was someone who had been a High Mage for more than a dozen of years, after all. His experiences were legends for many people. Regardless of whether it was the extremely wealthy Monchi or the Great Mage Ryan who broke through before even reaching 30, they both listened, enraptured, as these stories were an eye-opener to them.

When leaving, Solomon surprisingly also accompanied them to the door. This was a rarely seen treatment and was happening for the first time in years.

After seeing off the father and son, Solomon returned to the reception room once again. Solon, who had been waiting there the whole time, carefully asked, “Teacher, should I appease Mason?”

Solon assumed that since his teacher had talked so happily with this father and son duo for all this time, the Sage Tower and the Twin Moons chamber of commerce would most likely finalize the cooperation agreement, and the young Mason who had been driven away from the library might need to be appeased. He was Monchi’s son after all. If he made too much noise, it might not bring any benefit to the imminent partnership.

Solon hadn’t expected that after sitting down, the old man would fire off such sharp words.

“What do you mean, appease? Get him out of here!”

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