End of the Magic Era

Chapter 1205 - Exploration

Chapter 1205 Exploration

Lin Yun let out a relaxed sigh. He stepped forward and directly crushed the still-flickering scarlet eyes of a puppet before starting to inspect these puppets’ components.

Most of the components were nothing special, and Lin Yun was already too familiar with this kind of construction method. During the end of the Magic Era, Heaven Puppets were no different from piles of scrap metal, they were just slightly more complicated toys.

Lin Yun was very familiar with these puppets’ construction methods, he easily recognized the models of the rivets.

That’s why he knew that these peak level 39 puppets shouldn’t be able display such formidable fighting strength. It wasn’t because of their cooperation, but rather because their power was greater than the puppets usually constructed with these methods.

The ten cooperating puppets could already display the power of a Heaven Rank powerhouse, and they were 30% faster than they should have been. This was very abnormal.

Sure enough, Lin Yun didn’t seem surprised after carefully inspecting the puppets’ parts.

The overall construction was very backward, many improvements have been made in the construction of puppets in this era. Many of the designs used in the construction of these puppets had already been abandoned.

According to the designs of these puppets, their fighting strength shouldn’t be as good as the puppets mass produced by Lin Yun. Yet these guys were terrifyingly powerful, they were at least twice as powerful as their designs.

The root of everything was the energy system. These puppets’ energy systems weren’t on the same level as their designs. Their mana was outstanding, but everything else was an era behind!

Lin Yun put away the components. Many of them were unusable since the parts were backward. Only the energy systems were outstanding.

This was an energy system very similar to the one used on the streets and alleys of the Grey Beastmen’s fort, but it was also completely different.

This kind of system didn’t need mana crystals as a source of power, rather, it was using decayed mana to supplement some pure mana crystals, which was enough for the energy system to operate at full power for a few months. The mana would continuously decay before generating great power once again.

The energy produced by rapid decay was even more powerful than mana itself. This wasn’t something an average alchemist could design.

Lin Yun was shocked when he saw this energy system, because this was a technology that would be applied in the future, when Noscent World was developed to its peak and battleships were the best tool to conquer planes. That technology should be developed during that era.

But he hadn’t expected that an era ago, an alchemist designed a small-scale mana source that was a few dozen millennia ahead of its time

Lin Yun didn’t know how many energy systems he had dismantled in those large-scale magic battleships. It’s just that they had already fallen in the desert for countless years and didn’t have any mana, they were empty shells that could only be used for research.

He had wanted to reduce the effect of the energy system and reduce its size to put it into a puppet’s body, but it was a step he had yet to accomplish. The records of Heiss City’s decaying library only showed that as a complete technology for the battleships, there was no mention of the earlier prototypes.

And this mana source’s biggest benefit was that as long as it didn’t burst with full power, the mana source could continue for more than ten millennia, just like these puppets which had been in a silent state and could have continued to remain in that state for a few dozen millennia with their power source intact.

After putting away those energy systems, Lin Yun made a rough assessment. If he remodelled these puppets with these few energy systems, they would be able to display the power of Pseudo Heaven Rank powerhouses. And with the good coordination between their battle systems, their outstanding strength, and perfect cooperation, ten Pseudo Heaven Puppets might be able to kill a Heaven Rank powerhouse.

After putting away a bunch of parts, Lin Yun continued to move forward. After several hundred meters, the path suddenly opened up into a wide world. Mist filled the surroundings and no sun could be seen, yet rays of light sprinkled down.

Ruins of buildings were silently standing on this wasteland. Lush weeds covering the ground emitted a deathly aura as they seemed to have already died. Even the air and the elements felt deathly still.

Seeing the vestiges of these buildings, Lin Yun instantly judged that this wasn’t a ruins of the Nesser Dynasty.

In this wasteland, there were pillars carved with numerous magic beasts and patterns emitting faint radiances. There was also a faint mana connection between every pillar.

And at the base of the pillars, one of the magic beasts had its tail coiled around the pillar as it disappeared underground. This was a Crouching Moonlight Beast. This famous monster could be recognized with a single glance due to its peculiar tail.

The Crouching Moonlight Beast was a rare dual attribute magic beast. It could drill in the earth to use the earth’s power, while also absorbing the power of the Moonlight. During full moons, the power of the Crouching Moonlight Beast could rise by one small level.

And this race followed after the Silvermoon Elves in becoming completely extinct at the end of the 3rd Dynasty. When the Dragons’ throne was overthrown, this kind of magic beast rapidly became extinct because of their peculiar ability.

They were the hunting dogs of the Silvermoon Elves, their pets. Almost every Silvermoon household raised a Crouching Moonlight Beast.

During the Nesser Dynasty, the position of the Crouching Moonlight Beast was very high, they held one of the highest status among magic beasts, similar to Unicorns.

In the Nesser Dynasty, if a Crouching Moonlight Beast accidentally killed a member of a non-Pureblood Elven race, even if it was in the city, it wouldn’t be punished as long as it had a master. The master would only need to pay compensation.

Therefore, it was impossible for a Crouching Moonlight Beast to be carved on a defensive pillar to draw power from the earth during the Nesser Dynasty.

And the puppets he just saw were most popular during the end of the Nesser Dynasty and the start of the 3rd Dynasty.

The Nesser Dynasty being ruled out, this was definitely a ruins from the 3rd Dynasty!

He found a few areas that had been inhabited before, the houses were built with artsy pointed rooftops. The walls were ashen white, but it could be seen that they should have been snow white at the time.

The insides and furnishings were very simple. Apart from some rotten wooden bed, there was only some furniture brimming with an artistic aura.

He examined the surroundings and found some defensive arrays that had lost their effect. These places should have been the housing of people who didn’t have a high status. Most of them were built in that style.

While coming out of a relatively big building, Lin Yun suddenly looked above the entrance and saw an erect shrine. The idol had long since been damaged and the shrine was already dilapidated.

He flew up and observed the general layout. The places that had lost the protection of the arrays were all in the western side. As for those on the east side, they were all within the protection of the arrays.

Lin Yun landed on the ground, thoughtful.

The 3rd Dynasty’s belief was in the Haiba Dragon God, and the statues of the Haiba Dragon God were always gazing eastward. Legend had it that the Haiba Dragon God was in the mysterious Endless Sea.

East was the most noble direction during the 3rd Dynasty and the west the worst one. Those destroyed houses in the western side should have belonged to people with low status.

Moreover, there was no statue of the Haiba Dragon God there, there was no temple and no luxurious building, which showed that this area wasn’t popular.

The person who built this ruins must have been a powerhouse, a powerhouse existing during the early stages of the 3rd Dynasty. There was no specific marks, which showed that these buildings hadn’t been built during the peak of the 3rd Dynasty.

And from the shape of the buildings, the layout, the rich artful aura, and the shrines above the entrances, it was clear that the people living here existed during the early 3rd Dynasty.

With the destruction of the Dragons and Pureblood elves, the remaining Elven subspecies lived in seclusion and disappeared. The Pureblood Elves were most fond of art, and their precious creations, as well as the designs of their buildings, was slowly inherited during the early 3rd Dynasty.

And it was more obvious with the shrine being above the entrance inside the house, only visible after one turned.

Only during the unstable early stage of the 3rd Dynasty would there be such a custom. It was in order to have the God watch over their house, defending the owners. Even intruders wouldn’t escape from a God’s sight and would be cursed by the God.

With all kinds of clues, Lin Yun rapidly confirmed that this was a ruins of the early 3rd Dynasty, established while the 3rd Dynasty was unstable.

‘How could there be such a powerful guy establishing a ruins during the early stages of the 3rd Dynasty?

‘The other parts of the puppets are crafted from the techniques and styles of the 3rd Dynasty, only the energy system is too far ahead of its time and could be considered a prototype of the most powerful energy system of all times.

‘And more importantly, this is the place marked on the letter of the Merlin Family. It has the symbol of the Reedpush Plate, the gaps are way too big…

‘After all, the Reedpush Plate hadn’t been altered when the Shelter Tower was established, it was able to be directly used…’

Lin Yun thought about it but couldn’t figure out this ruins, he wondered who built this ruins.

An alchemist of that level couldn’t have remained nameless, but it was really the case… When the Reedpush Plate was used in the future, those crazy mages dug all the tombs of the Nesser Dynasty and the 3rd Dynasty, but they had been unable to confirm who had designed the Reedpush Plate.

After thinking about it, Lin Yun turned his head towards the array on the eastern side. Since he confirmed that this place was built during the unstable part of the 3rd Dynasty, then the valuable things should be on the eastern side. Moreover, the easternmost place should be the dwelling of the master of this place.

After walking eastward for a few kilometers, he could no longer move forward. All the nearby paths were covered in arrays and he had to crack them first before he could continue forward.

Lin Yun took out his crystal pens and Star Ink before controlling his Mana Hands to hold the four crystal pens to crack the arrays. As for Lin Yun, he was holding his Draconic Staff while vigilantly checking his surroundings.

He had seen a few damaged puppets on the way, many of which had been destroyed, and these puppets were just like the ones he encountered before.

The entire designs and technologies were very backward, but the energy systems were very powerful. The energy systems of the destroyed ones were also destroyed while most of the components remained intact. With a bit of maintenance, they could still be used.

Lin Yun was controlling his four Mana Hands in front of the light-covered ground and used less than a minute to tear a path through the arrays.

But a dazzling light instantly rushed out of that opening as an arm-thick ray of light vaporized two Mana Hands and the crystal pens they held.

Lin Yun took a step to the side and instantly appeared several meters away. That thick ray flew over two hundred meters before thoroughly piercing the ruins of a house and disappearing in the dust.

Then, a three-meter-tall puppet walked out of the entrance, its flickering scarlet eyes were locked onto Lin Yun.

One of its arms had a 30-centimeter-long cannon in which fierce mana fluctuations rose and fell while the other arm had eight small cannons gathered together.

As soon as it left the opening, the puppet raised its left arm and those eight small cannons kept shooting scorching flame rays containing huge amounts of mana, all of them compressed into single-target spells.

The powerful and terrifying rays turned into red lasers that swept towards Lin Yun. As the rays swept the ground, the silent arrays started shining and in less than three seconds, a faint light shone over the ground within several hundred meters.

Lin Yun frowned. Each ray was comparable to an 8th Tier single-target spell, but the casting speed was several times faster than the casting puppets he had encountered before. Moreover, the rays of light emitted from the bigger cannon could compare to a 9th Tier single target spell.

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