End of the Magic Era

Chapter 1208 - Laibo 2

Chapter 1208 Laibo 2

Their power met each other at the exact same spot on both sides of the light membrane. The light membrane formed by the array violently fluctuated and three seconds later, the light membrane popped like a bubble pinched by a giant hand.

Immediately, the power of the two people burst out with maximum strength and lightning flickered at the point of impact. The radiance and fluctuations of the two powerhouses’ powers colliding emitted continuous crackling sounds.

Lin Yun’s pupils shrank when he saw that black longsword, the Heaven Sword Saint radiating with dreadful Aura as well as his sharp appearance. A frightening feeling of fatal danger rose in his subconscious. His entire body, as well as his mana and soul, all emitted a danger warning. It was the kind of feeling one would feel in front of a deadly crisis.

Lin Yun unhesitantly burst with all his power.

Lin Yun used the buff of the Book of Death, the Draconic Staff’s buff, and even the scales’ buff. His body floated in the air as the ancient dark copper-colored scales emerged below him. The Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and the Book of Ten Thousand Mantras landed on the trays on both sides of the scales.

And behind him, the hundred-meter-tall Purple Dragon’s shadow was holding the wheel shadow while law runes transformed into a transparent barrier around his body.

The fierce mana transformed into waves flowing at full strength, the condensed liquid mana was like a rain falling around Lin Yun. In an instant, the aura of mana around Lin Yun reached a stifling degree.

And on the other side, Laibo roared. His body slightly increased in size to reach two meters in height. The 1.6-meter-long longsword seemed very disharmonious, it looked too different from a normal sword. Only ten-years-old Apprentice Swordsmen would wield this kind of short and narrow longsword

But at this time, most of Lin Yun’s attention was on that long lusterless narrow blade. That deadly feeling of crisis came from this seemingly Aura-less narrow sword.

The sword itself emitted that kind of deathly aura but it also contained a terrifying aura of vitality, that seemingly ordinary sword contained deadly attraction.

Lin Yun looked at Laibo with a solemn expression, fighting intent raging in his eyes.

‘It’s actually a living person. Such power… A 2nd Rank Heaven Sword Saint? The feeling of danger even surpasses that dark curse mage, is that guy the guardian of this ruins?’

As for Laibo, his expression flickered and his fighting intent was raging. He didn’t seem to be thinking much and acted as if Lin Yun was the guardian of these ruins.

The two simultaneously attacked and the numerous law runes atop Lin Yun’s Draconic Staff rushed forth. The wheel shadow rapidly revolved, spurting out countless law runes like a flood.

Twelve 10-meter-big vortexes of the four elements appeared in an arc in the sky and spat out torrents which merged to form a flood of the four elements. That flood then revolved and twisted into a tornado, ultimately forming a hundred-meter-thick storm that flew towards Laibo.

Enderfa controlled the Spell Wheel and started casting an Elemental Storm. Syudos controlled the Ten Thousand Spell Wheel and sprayed a flood of flames.

A storm of spells of the four elements and a flood of flames, as well as a pure elemental storm, converged into a storm of destruction that flew towards Laibo.

Facing this terrifying chaotic storm, Laibo’s fighting intent flared up and the aura of death covering his body instantly rose to its peak. The gray aura radiance transformed into a small gray sun.

As he stepped out, Laibo held his longsword with one hand and his arm slightly shook. It didn’t look like it moved, but a dozen gray Aura Slashes flew out.

These gray Aura Slashes were only a meter in thickness and looked like gray arrows shooting out. The Aura Slash at the forefront rapidly revolved. The 2nd row had 3 Aura Slashes, the 3rd row had 5 Aura Slashes, the 4th row had 7 Aura Slashes…

All of the Aura Slashes started spinning, apparently forming a thick gray pillar that ripped through the air and ruthlessly clashed with Lin Yun’s storm of destruction.

The blossoming Aura filled with a deathly still atmosphere looked like a spreading plague when it came in contact with the storm of destruction. It rapidly infected everything in the surroundings. After being ripped apart by that Aura, the multi-colored storm of destruction rapidly turned gray.

Apparently, the mana and elemental power contained within was completely corrupted by that aura of death. It lost all vitality and seemed dead. The frantic elemental power turned into still and lifeless elemental power.

The activity of the surrounding elements sharply plummeted as thorns of Aura pierced through the storm of destruction. It was just like a hot knife cutting into an ice cube, the temperature would rapidly drop and the ice cube would keep melting.

The gray Aura opened a path at the forefront while Aura kept pouring in. Very little power was used as it travelled over a hundred meters. When it completely pierced through the storm of destruction, most of the Aura Slashes had dissipated, only leaving three to charge towards Lin Yun.

More than half of the storm of destruction remained, flying towards Laibo.

Even if the power of the storm of destruction had been weakened, the remaining power wasn’t something a 1st Rank Heaven powerhouse could resist. But Laibo held the black sword in his hand and rushed straight into the storm of destruction with his thin body.

The fierce elemental power was cut down by that black sword as if it was a hot knife cutting through butter. Laibo held his long sword, pushed through the storm of destruction and charged towards Lin Yun.

Lin Yun couldn’t help being startled as he saw this scene. That guy’s Aura was very strange, he could actually easily cut through a storm of elemental power.

That Aura extinguishing everything was simply the bane of magic. After all, the power of spells was linked to elements’ density and activity.

The density of elements wasn’t bad and Lin Yun had the support of the Demiplane, he didn’t care about mana consumption. Even if he didn’t draw power from the elements within the air and just relied on pure mana, he would still be able to display enough power.

In battle, the final outcome displayed by all spells was destruction, thus, the stronger the activity of elements, the stronger the spell’s power. Even if the spell was released by pure mana, the spell would have the power of an element and not the power of mana.

At this time, elements’ activity had become the greatest influence on spells. Why was an elemental storm powerful? Because there was only pure elemental power, and that was the fiercest and most active elemental power. It was fierce to the point of being able to kill everything, this was the biggest reason behind the power of an elemental storm.

Having lost its berserk-like activity, the elemental storm became a pile of ordinary elemental power. Its destructiveness might not even be stronger than an Ice Spike.

When attacking, Lin Yun couldn’t help raising the activity of the surrounding elements. This greatly increased his fighting strength.

As for Laibo, his power seemed covered in a deathly stillness, it was like an Aura of death that lacked death power and instead brimmed with the radiance of life.

Spells would not only melt in the areas touched by the Aura, it would even reduce the activity of the surrounding elements to a deathly still level.

In that area, even an 8th Tier Spell would be reduced to a 4th or 5th Tier spell in terms of power.

During the end of Noscent, mana was becoming exhausted and there was no active element within the air. All spells had been weakened to their limits. This also was the reason why even mages with higher ranks were still killed by low level Sandworms.

Seeing those several Aura Slashes, Lin Yun didn’t pay attention and instead rapidly spat out law runes. Four Element Bombs kept condensing one after another and formed arcs in the air as they rapidly flew towards Laibo.

The remaining gray Aura Slashes attacked Lin Yun’s Law Runic Shield and the deathly still power rapidly spread. The law runes’ throbbing stagnated and the few Aura Slashes were greatly weakened, but it allowed Lin Yun to block with four thousand to five thousand runes appearing on his Law Runic Shield.

After that deathly still power spread, the activity of the elemental power surrounding Lin Yun greatly decreased. Then, huge amounts of mana raised the activity.

Laibo swung his black sword and slashed at the Four Element Bombs, turning the areas he slashed at deathly still. The colored world would turn grey with a move of his sword.

The Four Element Bombs burst open one after another and the pure explosion power spread out. Laibo’s expression changed as he was hit by the attacks. The effects of the elements was minimal, the true power came from the explosive power. This wasn’t elemental power, but a kind of pure impact similar to a mana crystal cannon, it was more of a physical attack caused by a spell.

Laibo instantly gave up the attack and blocked with his black sword. His body flew back several dozen meters following that huge impact. That power exploded on his thin Battle Aura Armor but that seemingly thin Battle Aura Armor burst with terrifying defensive power.

A layer of gray flowing light flowed on the surface of the Battle Aura Armor and any impact to the Battle Aura Armor was instantly dissipated by the deathly still power. As the rest of the power pierced through the armor, it clashed with that dazzling huge life power and instantly dispersed.

And Laibo’s small injuries were instantly cured by that terrifying life power.

Lin Yun floated in the air and looked at Laibo with a dignified expression. He now had a good understanding of Laibo.

That seemingly thin Battle Aura Armor was indeed inferior to the Battle Aura Armor of many swordsmen. Most Heaven Sword Saint’s Battle Aura Armor were the same as a power isolating them from the outside, separating them from external attacks.

In that way, their pure defensive power was outstanding but used a lot of Aura and a lot of their power was allocated to Battle Aura Armor.

As for Laibo’s Battle Aura Armor, its structure wasn’t as simple as carrying a layer of thick iron. It looked very thin, but layers of defenses were stacked upon each other. The layers weren’t powerful, but they could greatly weaken the attacks while consuming very little power.

That way, even if there was some power going through, it wouldn’t bring too much of an injury. And with that guy’s dazzling vitality, as long as his heart wasn’t shattered or his head wasn’t crushed, he wouldn’t suffer a huge injury.

And the saved power could strengthen his offense and make his fighting strength at least 20% stronger than other Heaven rank powerhouses. No, if the strange Aura and terrifying battle experience was taken into account, he would be at least 50% stronger!

This was a formidable enemy. No Heaven Sword Saint below the 3rd Rank should be his match!

This kind of fighting strength would earn him a spot among the powerhouses of Noscent, during its peak era.

Lin Yun’s expression was solemn, he firmly gave up on fighting with floods of spells and got ready to fight using high tier spells, especially those using the power of law runes. Ordinary elemental spells were almost instantly invaded by the deathly stillness and only the law runes’ power could resist this deathly still power.

As Lin Yun gathered his power, Laibo’s expression had also became solemn. He could clearly feel that the person facing him had yet to become a Heaven Rank powerhouse even though he had already reached the peak of the Archmage realm. He wasn’t at the Heaven Rank, he was a mage without Extraordinary Power, yet his strength didn’t fit his rank.

The deathly still aura emitted by Laibo’s black sword instantly became denser. Five to six meters around him had turned deathly still, the air flow had lost its vitality, the elemental powers were at a standstill and floated in the air as if they were dead.

‘That terrifying guy is only a 9th Rank Archmage, but he can burst with power comparable to a 2nd Rank powerhouse. No, it’s even more frightening than a 2nd Rank powerhouse. That terrifying burst power and the released spells are even more powerful and destructive than 9th Tier Spells. They would crush anyone that lacked enough strength to resist them.

‘This ruins actually has such a terrifying guardian? Is this guy really a puppet? It doesn’t look like it, but, if it’s not a puppet, how could a 9th Rank Archmage burst with so much power?

‘A 9th Rank Archmage’s mana would be completely exhausted after such a burst of power, yet it looks like this guy didn’t consume any mana…’

Lin Yun’s wheel shadow rapidly revolved and numerous law runes rushed out. Following Lin Yun’s last set up, they formed into even more advanced law runes matrices.

A dozen three to four-meter-long pitch-black Wind Blades instantly disappeared. The dozen pitch-black Wind Blades were like a dozen experienced Sword Saints attacking Laibo from various angles. As for the wheel shadow behind Lin Yun, it was still spouting torrents of law runes.

The floods of flames released by Syudos were poured into these law runes and Fireballs emitting terrifying auras kept condensing in the air.

Enderfa’s elemental storms also poured into these spherical law runes’ matrices and the explosive power seemed ready to explode at any time.

The spheres turned into a rainstorm that fell towards Laibo. The crazy fighting intent in Lin Yun’s eyes turned into raging flames, and the constant burning fighting intent impacted the gate in his soul.

Laibo’s expression became even more serious. The black longsword in his hand slowly started emitting white radiance. It looked as if the sword was finally showing its sharpness.

With its sharpness revealed, the black sword seemed to have lost its restrictions and the deathly still aura transformed into a storm that spread towards the surroundings, increasing the range of the deathly still environment to several dozen meters. Everything seemed to have lost its luster and turned gray, except for Laibo. He was the only light in the center of that area.

The black sword looked like Laibo’s own arm as he slashed at the pitch-black Wind Blades flying from different directions. The Wind Blades were formed from pure law rune power and Laibo’s deathly still aura’s influence on the Wind Blades had a far lesser impact than on elemental power.

The Wind Blades clashed with the black sword and spatial cracks kept appearing around Laibo. The law runes spheres filled with various kinds of flames and those filled with the elemental storm rushed towards that deathly still region, and although their power was somewhat weakened, there was a huge amount of law runes spheres.

Every second there would be several hundred law run spheres exploding onto Laibo’s body. Even if the fierce power lost the elemental part of its destructiveness, the power could absolutely compare to that of a 2nd Rank Heaven powerhouse’s.

While resisting, Laibo shot an Aura Slash at a tricky angle. The gray Aura Slash cut through the elements and flew towards Lin Yun’s body. Lin Yun dodged most of it, but a small part hit his Law Runic Shield. The law runes protecting his shield throbbed and over ten thousand were roused.

It had to be known that four to five thousand law runes was a huge amount to anyone under the 4th Rank. Moreover, these mages’ law runes were condensed from ten runes while Lin Yun’s law runes had been condensed from twelve runes!

This meant that a 2nd Rank Heaven Mage’s Fusion Shield would have already been torn apart by Laibo.

Moreover, the black part of the black sword in Laibo’s hand rapidly dissipated as it slowly turned into a pure white narrow sword. This increased Laibo’s power and while the deathly still aura rushed out, it carried a feeling of despair which would make people think like they fell into eternal death.

After forty seconds, the battle between the two already destroyed everything within four to five kilometers. Under that berserk power, the array wouldn’t be able to last long. This place might only be a buffer zone in the ruins, but most of the arrays were at the True Spirit Grade and their defensive power could definitely resist a 1st Rank Heaven Mage’s attack. But now, the battle fluctuations between the two almost destroyed them.

Half of the battlefield consisted of a gray deathly still zone, while the other half was a berserk area full of various law runes. As the black sword in Laibo’s hand turned completely white, that undodgeable Aura roused fifty thousand runes into action, but the deathly still power was even more powerful and its influence on Law Runes was even stronger.

The power of the Equilibrium Law would fade ten seconds later, but during that time, Laibo’s power seemed to undergo some change. That huge amount of vitality was no longer bursting out and instead weakened as the deathly still aura rose.

Sensing this, the frantically fighting Lin Yun decisively took out a potion covered in runic seals. He had taken out the Bloodsobbing Holysong he had refined earlier. Once he took that potion, it would look like he had gained the buff of a living Holysong Elf and the strength he could display would raise by half a Rank.

And proportionally, the lower the rank, the higher the buff, which meant that Lin Yun’s buff would definitely be more than half a rank.

But when Laibo saw Lin Yun taking out a potion, he immediately froze and withdrew to over a hundred meters away.

“Please stay your hand, powerful mage, I’m not your enemy.”

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