End of the Magic Era

Chapter 1261 - A Pair of Eyes and Omen of Death

1261 A Pair of Eyes and Omen of Death

“The 72 Gods started recklessly waging war at their peak and disappeared soon afterwards. Was that something they wanted?

“I don’t believe that the Gods were a group of idiots who would all die for the sake of territories or personal grievances.

“Although Abyssal Demons have been spying on Noscent for many years, few of those damned Greater Demon Overlords would have a crazy possessive desire for Noscent. They would rather slumber in lava for a few dozen millenia.

“Noscent world isn’t suitable for Demons, most Demons aren’t compatible with Noscent’s environment. There are still many Demons in Noscent, but no new Demon were birthed here. All newborn Demons appear in the Abyss.

“Those Greater Demon Overlords wouldn’t recklessly launch a full-scale invasion for a world they can’t reproduce in.

“It’s the same for the destruction of the 3rd Dynasty.

“And thus, I feel that there is an extremely powerful existence spying on Noscent from a well-hidden place. Each time Noscent’s civilization developed to its peak, that existence would destroy the entire civilization without exception.

“I once felt a pair of eyes, which I couldn’t figure out, lock onto my body. At that time, I was researching that matter, and after that, I moved here. When doing any research, I would move to my Demiplane.”

Lin Yun’s pupils suddenly shrunk and the words he saw when he got the designs of the Redpush Plate suddenly appeared in his mind.

The importance of the Reedpush Plate to the Shelter Tower couldn’t be described, without the Reedpush Plate, the Shelter Tower simply couldn’t postpone Noscent’s destruction for a few millennia.

When that person designed the Redpush Plate, he felt a pair of eyes looking at him.

They either discovered something important regarding Noscent’s destruction, or hindered Noscent’s destruction.

Agalon was already powerful enough to be able to alter the Laws of the world. It was rumored that powerhouses that ignited their Godfire were able to immediately sense if someone uttered their names. If someone paid attention to them, they would indeed be able to notice.

“I can only research so many things, I can only rely on you to find the truth and how to change it. You can see more of the future than me, and you even changed fate’s trajectory.

“And thus, I hope you can take my place and become the real owner of the Starry Sky College.”

Agalon’s words were very sincere, he wasn’t joking at all. He gave the same offer he gave Lin Yun at the start, but it felt completely different to Lin Yun.

Lin Yun remained silent for a few seconds and didn’t directly refuse. Rather, he asked a question.

“Sir Agalon, I’d like to know, why do you want me to take your position?”

Agalon smiled, his eyes brimming with calmness and a wisdom that saw through everything.

“You didn’t immediately refuse or agree, my answer is crucial, right?.”

Lin Yun nodded, acknowledging this point of view.

“I’m dying.”

Agalon’s tone was calm, but Lin Yun almost let go of his teacup.

He was a Peak Heaven Rank powerhouse, no, a powerhouse that already exceeded the Heaven Rank and had one step in the next realm and just needed to ignite his Godfire. It wouldn’t be strange if he could live another dozen millennia.

Agalon sighed with regrets.

“You heard right, I’m on the verge of death. I awakened my bloodline’s ability, and as a cost, I know when I’ll die. And no one can stop my death, just like no one can stop the sun from rising or the rivers from converging in the sea.

“This is part of fate, and it is recorded in the Laws of the world. Even if I can change a part of the Laws, I’m powerless to change this. To put it simply, I’m bound to die.

“Not long ago, I learnt when I would die, but I don’t know why I would die. Fate is elusive.”

Lin Yun remained silent for a bit. He didn’t comfort Agalon as he was already indifferent towards his own death. Moreover, Astrologians like Agalon only needed to know the time of their death. Once they knew when they would die, it would be really unavoidable.

Only if Agalon was powerful enough to transcend worldliness and withstand the Laws of the world by himself could he escape that certain calamity. Unless he transcended, that outcome was bound to happen. It was as stable as the Four Elemental Laws.

To Astrologians, even if they made all their preparations in advance to avoid all possible dangers and unexpected things, they would still die.

“How much time do you have left.”

Lin Yun had a good feeling from Agalon during that short interaction, as if he had found a friend he could confide in. Because in this era, if he told anyone that Noscent would be destroyed in a few dozen millennia, they would think that Lin Yun had a mental disorder.

He could always feel the invisible pressure of the future, but he had no one to share that pressure with. But now, there was someone who also believed that Noscent would be destroyed. And that person already did a lot of research… But Agalon was going to die…

Lin Yun felt somewhat uncomfortable and a bit pained.

Agalon smiled.

“There are still ten years. Recently, I sensed my death, but I also sensed a disaster. Ten years later, the Starry Sky College will meet a disaster. I will go against it and inevitably fall.

“I can’t prevent my death, but I don’t want the Starry Sky College to meet a disaster and perish. That’s why I hope that you can take over my position and lead the Starry Sky College to prevent its destruction. This is my selfish motive.

“I grew in the Starry Sky College, step by step until I reached where I am today, the leader of the Starry Sky College. The Starry Sky College is the only thing I can’t let go of.”

Hearing Agalon’s words, Lin Yun suddenly recalled one matter.

It was something that was only mentioned in Agalon’s biography. He originally thought that history had changed, or that there had been some mistake in the records, or that the time was wrong.

But Lin Yun hadn’t expected that Agalon’s ending hadn’t changed yet. This was already a predestined fate. The fate of the Great Astrologian.

It was written down that ten years from now, the Starry Sky College would encounter a strange disaster and be razed to the ground overnight. It was as if a huge monster devoured the entire Starry Sky College. Then, Agalon embarked on the Starry Sky Path and disappeared from Noscent, never to reappear until Noscent’s destruction.

Hearing Agalon’s words, Lin Yun suddenly understood. Agalon hadn’t disappeared, he died after entering the Starry Sky Path.

After being razed overnight, the Starry Sky College was re-established by the survivors.

It was fortunate that the Starry Sky College was different from an ordinary mage force. Aside from some important areas, the Starry Sky College was just an extraordinary school whose students came from all around the world. The Starry Sky College had a pretty big quota regarding the many alchemists who started their path outside and wanted to study at the Starry Sky College.

The Starry Sky College’s network almost covered the entire Noscent. This was the reason why the Starry Sky College was able to be re-established after becoming a 3rd rate force overnight.

There, alchemy was first. By relying on alchemy, the Starry Sky College once again re-emerged and rapidly stabilized its status as a Holy Land.

After all, the Starry Sky College had many affiliated forces, most of which supported Starry Sky College re-establishment after its destruction.

A few millennia later, that terrifyingly talented genius who “subdued” the Whispering Crystal would appear in the Starry Sky College and the Starry Sky College would truly stand at the peak of Noscent.

Recalling these matters, Lin Yun didn’t know how to refuse. This was a huge benefit for him. If he could wield the power of the Starry Sky College, it would be equivalent to controlling most of Noscent’s first-notch alchemists. The three Deans of the Starry Sky College were all Saint Alchemists. If he focused on nurturing, more Saint Alchemists could be nurtured in the future.

And when once he focused on constructing the Shelter Tower, the manpower issue would be easily solved. The Starry Sky College’s alchemists, alchemy techniques, and network, was something hard to estimate.

On the other hand, Lin Yun couldn’t bear to refuse Agalon’s invitation. He finally met someone he could discuss about Noscent’s end with after so long, but it was someone on the verge of death. He simply couldn’t decline.

“Sir Agalon, I can consider accepting, but I can’t give you an answer right away. There are still ten years.”

Agalon smiled, apparently not bothered at all.

“It’s fine, you just gave a positive answer after all. I also can’t just pass my position to you, you are still too weak. Within the next ten years, I’ll help you grow stronger, train you, guide you so that you can reach my strength ten years later, or even exceed my current strength.

“Only that way could I feel relieved handing you the Starry Sky College. Your Natural Demiplane is far more perfect than mine, and it could be said to be perfectly developed. My Natural Demiplane’s development was similar to yours when I was at the 7th Rank of the Heaven realm, in terms of quality, your Natural Demiplane is better than mine.

“My death is approaching. Without a miracle, I won’t make progress within ten years. But you are different, you are more powerful than I am, a lot more powerful.

“After I die, if you still want to find the truth about the destruction, then let me give you a suggestion. Seek the Starry Sky Battlefield, there might be a clue there, or even the whole truth.

“But before then, it is best not to step in the Starry Sky Path with your current strength.”

Just as Agalon finished his sentence, Lin Yun felt a powerful and terrifying force appearing before him. It was so fast that he almost couldn’t react, he only had time to raise a Fusion Shield. It looked like he was wrapped in a semi-transparent multi-colored ball which was kicked out.

After flying a dozen meters, the world before Lin Yun seemed to have changed and the originally sunny and cloudless sky transformed into an endless starry sky in an instant. The surroundings completely disappeared and only the hilltop below his feet remained. But he could see the starry sky in all directions.

A scorching sun was hanging in the starry sky at an unknown distance, but he couldn’t feel the slightest heat. A meteorite flew in the starry sky, dragging behind a trail over ten thousand kilometers in length, there were also countless twinkling stars.

But Lin Yun had no intention to be lost in this beautiful scenery, because whether it was the sun, or the stars, or even the space, everything had a consciousness and was trying to expel him. They were hostile and treated him like a parasite, all the Laws were pressuring him, wanting to erase him from this world.

He simply didn’t have time to react. The entire world was full of malice and Lin Yun instinctively started rousing the Natural Demiplane’s power. As he was rejected by the Laws and the world, the Natural Demiplane automatically came into view.

A three-meter-big demiplane shadow appeared behind Lin Yun, and after appearing, its Laws took the initiative to appear due to the pressure. The Natural Demiplane’s Laws covering a three-meter-big area around Lin Yun.

But how could a three-meter-big projection resist against the entire starry sky. One glance was enough to birth infinite despair.

If an ordinary person suddenly appeared in the starry sky, they wouldn’t enjoy that boundlessly beautiful scenery, rather, they would start feeling extreme fear, a fear caused by their insignificance to this boundless world.

Once the entire starry sky was malicious, this kind of fear would instinctively make the soul shudder.

The Natural Demiplane’s projection was only three-meter-big, which was already compressed to its pinnacle. And the Natural Demiplane’s projected Laws were continuously being compressed. Within a few seconds, they were compressed from three meters to one meter and only protected Lin Yun.

It felt like he was standing at the seabed, he was suffering from a terrifying pressure in all directions and his defense was reduced to a 1-meter-wide cylinder. If it was compressed once again, even if his defense wasn’t breached, his body would be directly squeezed into mince meat.

The shrinking speed slowed down after the Laws projection defense was reduced to a meter, but it didn’t stop shrinking. Lin Yun could only attempt to control the Natural Demiplane.

Although he already had complete control over the Natural Demiplane, with his strength at the 2nd Rank of the Heaven realm, he could only fully control the Natural Demiplane from within, and that control was limited. It was like an ordinary Sword Saint obtaining Xiuban’s Carnage. Even if they could pick it up, they couldn’t use Carnage as a weapon.

In the Natural Demiplane, Lin Yun could mobilize his own power through cheap tricks, but outside, it was like an ordinary person tried to carry Carnage until they puked blood, without being able to move it at all.

After testing a bit, Lin Yun gave up on controlling the Natural Demiplane and switched to strengthening his connection to the Natural Demiplane. He slowly roused his own comprehension of the Laws and made it resonate with the Laws of the Natural Demiplane.

That way, the Demiplane took the initiative to help and the Laws projection enveloping Lin Yun was strengthened.

It was enough to guarantee that Lin Yun couldn’t be crushed into mincemeat, the shrinking of the Laws projection stopped right before reaching Lin Yun’s body. The pressure and Lin Yun’s Laws projection ended in a deadlock.

Lin Yun was somewhat pale as he looked at Agalon who walked out of the wooden house with a satisfied smile. He couldn’t say a word, all of his power was used to resist this pressure.

Agalon nodded with satisfaction.

“Good, the reaction speed is good. For a mage, especially a mage that advanced to the Heaven Realm, Law fluctuations would always be something unclear. You can’t guarantee that you can spot dangers in advance, but you can always react as fast as possible.

“Your battle awareness is pretty good, but your fighting style is too simple. After all, Extraordinary Spells are completely different from ordinary spells. You should have already discovered that last time, when fighting that dark curse mage of the Jackson Family.

“Extraordinary lifeforms’ fighting styles are too varied, you can’t effectively defend against everything. Mastering even more spells and flexibly using those spells is crucial. When fighting against someone at the same rank, there wouldn’t be too much of a difference between both sides’ Extraordinary Power and mana. Extraordinary Spells are the best option, and using the most suitable spell is the best way to fight.

“The Natural Demiplane can let you have unlimited mana. When dealing with ordinary powerhouses, crushing them with your infinite mana is the best method, but if you meet someone with similar strength, that fighting style would lose its effect. Against Extraordinary Lifeforms, only Extraordinary Power could have a crucial impact.

“I don’t need to teach you all of this. With a Natural Demiplane, your advantage will become increasingly better. The stronger you are, the stronger the effect of your Natural Demiplane. And the more developed your Natural Demiplane, the more impact it would have on your strength.”

Agalon slowly said those words, but Lin Yun was pale and was using all his strength to resist, he couldn’t say a single word.

‘F*ck, that pressure was made by altering the Laws, what does it have to do with spells and fighting styles…’

Lin Yun inwardly cursed, but he could only resist with all his strength and listen.

Agalon slowly walked to Lin Yun’s side and looked at the projection of Lin Yun’s Demiplane before sighing.

“It’s truly a perfect Natural Demiplane, the Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind Laws are stable and even formed four extremes. The Laws of Light and Darkness are being nurtured and there is even a Godfire, no… This should be a huge Godfire Ember serving as the sun. This is such a genius idea.

“Your newly established Demiplane even merged with the Natural Demiplane’s core, strengthening both Demiplanes at once and accelerating your control over the Natural Demiplane, it’s simply perfect.

“Whether it’s fighting style, spells, or even Law comprehension, I have nothing to teach you. You should find what suits you the most.”

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