End of the Magic Era

Chapter 1301 - Homecoming

Chapter 1301: Homecoming

“The void storm was truly terrifying. It almost got me. However, I didn’t expect to fall onto a giant desolate planet while I tried to escape from the void. The gravity here is dreadful. I couldn’t escape, and almost became the first Heaven Rank to die in a fall…

“After three years, I finally got used to the gravity here, and found a way to flee from this desolate planet…”

Lin Yun frowned and continued reading. He had thought that Santon Merlin would write about the space battlefield in his diary, such as what it was exactly, and whom they were fighting, but it wasn’t in the diary at all.

There was a long gap between the dates of the records in the diary. They were all unusual experiences. It seemed that the daily stuff wouldn’t be written down at all…

He turned the pages, and finally found something different as he reached the middle of the diary.

“I saw him…”

That was the only sentence on the entire page, written in a slightly different style. Reading the sentence, Lin Yun could almost feel Santon Merlin’s complicated feelings when he wrote it.

Lin Yun frowned, and didn’t know whom “him” referred to. It seemed that Santon Merlin hesitated when he wrote the word. That person had to be very formidable, and might detect something if his name was written in this powerful magic book. Therefore, Santon Merlin only used a pronoun.

However, in this unpopular magic language, “him” was just a generic pronoun. It was impossible to tell the gender of the person, or whether it was even a person at all.

Looking at the page for a long time, Lin Yun analyzed the sentence and speculated about Santon Merlin’s emotional changes. However, he didn’t find any useful leads.

He turned to the next page, which seemed to have been written a long time after the last page as the style and ink were clearly different.

“Damn it. He almost saw me. This part of space is too desolate and quiet. Any intruder is as eye-catching as sunlight on a dark night.

“I’ve followed him for a long time. I smell a plot. I have a bad, catastrophic feeling…”

The writing was messy and rushed. It seemed that the author didn’t have a lot of time when he wrote the diary.

Lin Yun continued reading, and the writing became even more illegible. The man seemed to be interrupted in the middle of writing.

“Damn it, I saw 72 Gods and Demons. Living Gods and Demons…”

Lin Yun’s hand trembled when he read that. Living Gods and Demons? And there were 72 of them?

That had to be bullsh*t. The Gods and Demons had already perished a long, long time ago. Were any of them still alive at this moment?

While reading, Lin Yun seemed able to envision how shocked and panicked Santon Merlin had surely been.

There was a long gap between the last few entries of the diary. Through the records, Lin Yun closed his eyes, and quietly speculated what Santon Merlin went through.

Santon Merlin had surely discovered someone, or some sort of creature, by chance. The race, gender, and age of that target were unknown.

Santon Merlin was very shocked to see the “person”. Then, he quietly followed the “person”, who seemed very strong. It wasn’t easy for Santon Merlin to chase him. He was almost caught, even though he was very careful.

It was very easy to follow someone in the boundless void because there were no obstacles at all, not even air. Anyone in the Heaven Rank could easily see things that were tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Therefore, it was very easy to tail a target. As long as the distance in between was large enough, one might not be discovered even though one was following a target on an iron warship.

Considering how strong Santon Merlin was, he didn’t have to see the target at all if he wanted to follow him. He only needed to chase the traces that the target left behind.

However, even so, he was nearly caught.

He discovered something incredible about the person he followed. Because he was unable to control his shock, he was discovered in the middle of his writing.

The escape began. When he passed by the desolate planet, he tossed the magic book to it, or accidentally dropped it here.

That was uncertain. There were too many unknown factors. Judging from the reaction of this magic book, Santon Merlin had certainly escaped and survived. This magic book was preserved probably because of this desolate planet.

Neither Santon Merlin nor those who were chasing him were confident of getting away after being caught by this planet’s gravity.

Therefore, this magic book was no different from being destroyed. It could be used as coordinates with the bloodline connection at best. Unfortunately, the space here had been too solidified to break apart.

Only Void Owls, amazing creatures that could make use of spatial power as they used their wings, could possibly escape from this place.

This planet didn’t have the greatest gravity in the boundless void. The desolate planets with the greatest gravity were only accessible to horrifying beings as strong as Gods and Demons. Planar Paths, teleportation arrays, and spatial gates didn’t work on such planets at all.

Lin Yun continued reading, and saw nothing but blank pages. He had all sorts of speculations, but wasn’t sure of anything.

Who was the person that Santon Merlin described? Which race was he from?

Also, there were Gods and Demons…

Santon Merlin was so shocked that he had surely seen more than one God and Demon that he was 100% sure should’ve been dead.

However, if he had encountered Gods and Demons, how did he survive? If they had been malicious, he would’ve been killed the moment they spotted him. Even his soul couldn’t get away.

Was it an illusion? Or did someone create horrifying existences, such as incomplete Gods and Demons, with the soul pieces and blood of the Gods and Demons?

Lin Yun put away the magic book, and rubbed his head. He had thought Santon Merlin was here, so he came to this planet to meet the legend of the Merlin Family.

He didn’t expect to see a diary with unbelievable records. However, the descriptions in the diary were too ambiguous for him to understand.

“Let’s get out of here.”

The Void Owl was floating on Lin Yun’s shoulder. Hearing that, it immediately adjusted the frequencies of Lin Yun and itself, taking him back to the subspace. It didn’t want to spend any more time on the desolate planet.

Even the Void Owl had to leave the desolate planet whose gravity was tens of thousands of times higher than normal. It couldn’t just fly away from the planet. Agalon might be strong enough to do that, but they couldn’t…

They returned to the low yet boundless subspace again. Lin Yun looked back at the projection of the desolate planet, and pointed at it.

“Can you mark the planet so that we can return if we want to?”

The Void Owl sent back soul waves, indicating that it was easy, although it didn’t want to go to that planet ever again…

Lin Yun smiled and didn’t say anything. There was only one type of resource on the desolate planet. Even if other resources were buried deeply in the planet, they would turn into black crystals after they were dug out.

When he needed a lot of black crystals in the future, but didn’t have any stock, this place would be very useful.

Walking for some distance in the subspace, Lin Yun finally asked the Void Owl to look for a safe planet.

It searched for hours, and finally found a desolate planet whose gravity wasn’t too great. It wasn’t surrounded by any void storms and strong creatures.

It was undoubtedly a safe place.

The Void Owl took Lin Yun out of the subspace to a desolate world whose surface was red rocks. Those rocks were ordinary. The gravity here was only half of that in Noscent. There was not a star anywhere close. So, it was unlikely for any void beast to appear here.

After all, most void beasts couldn’t live without the light of stars. Their energy source was partly the prey they hunted, and partly the energy they absorbed in the void. The greatest energy source was undoubtedly the stars.

Also, they had to set up a nest near an appropriate star to procreate.

After ensuring the safety of this place, Lin Yun set up nine alchemy arrays, and consolidated the space with a protective barrier to avoid any accidents.

After all the preparations were done, Lin Yun entered his Natural Demiplane with the Void Owl. He left the spatial coordinates in the center of the alchemy arrays.

They were the coordinates where Lin Yun entered the Natural Demiplane. They would be left whenever Lin Yun entered the Natural Demiplane. It was also the connection between the Natural Demiplane and the outside world.

In a way, the coordinates were where Lin Yun was connected to the Natural Demiplane. The reason why Lin Yun could enter the Natural Demiplane from anywhere was that Lin Yun himself had always been the coordinates. It didn’t matter where he was.

Entering the Natural Demiplane, Lin Yun solemnly appeared on the top of the pillar, and examined the Natural Demiplane with his eyes closed. He was connected to the Natural Demiplane through countless lines.

One of the lines was the coordinates that Lin Yun left in the outside world. He invoked the Natural Demiplane’s power and his own power, letting them collide.

Immediately, one of the lines that connected the Natural Demiplane and Lin Yun crumbled.

Immediately, Lin Yun snorted, and his head was ringing. Even his soul and the Natural Demiplane trembled at the same time.

Lin Yun couldn’t detect the coordinates he left in the outside world anymore. His absolute control over the Natural Demiplane was weakened too. This could be a huge weakness on many other occasions, and could affect Lin Yun himself.

However, it was much better than expected. The core of the Natural Demiplane had developed faster than its size. In particular, thanks to the pillar, all thousands of the truth runes he grasped were fused into the pillar.

The 100,000 truth runes that he had yet to grasp were engraved on the pillar too. Although the Natural Demiplane couldn’t benefit from them, they made the pillar powerful enough to suppress the shaking.

Lin Yun was dizzy for more than 10 seconds before he recovered. He spread out his senses, and detected the coordinates he left in the Gilded Rose.

Having no time to rest, he invoked the coordinates, and linked one of the broken lines to them. When the connection succeeded, he immediately vanished from the Natural Demiplane, and appeared inside the Gilded Rose.

After he left the Natural Demiplane again, the temporarily linked line crumbled in five seconds. Then, the Natural Demiplane automatically fixed its coordinates on Lin Yun, and the line that was broken at the beginning was restored.

Lin Yun was rather pale. The Natural Demiplane accommodated his laws. If the pillar hadn’t been so terrifyingly powerful, he would have had much more to worry about than a pale face.

He had shaken the foundation of laws, and couldn’t do it again in a long time. Also, the laws in his Natural Demiplane had been greatly disturbed. He couldn’t set up a pair of spare spatial coordinates until it was fully recovered.

Lin Yun smiled bitterly. He didn’t expect the consequences to be so bad. However, this price was negligible compared to being lost in the void forever…

He only needed to take a good rest, and regain control over the Demiplane by sorting through the laws in it.

Recalling his trip to the space battlefield, Lin Yun finally realized why getting lost was even more dangerous than encountering beasts in the boundless void.

He was taken elsewhere after the small lizard ate him. Even though he survived, it was absolutely useless because he’d already been lost.

There were too many accidents that could make one lost in the boundless void. Everything could get one completely lost, such as void beasts, spatial traps, and void storms.

Had it not been for the Natural Demiplane, he would’ve been lost in the Natural Demiplane for good on his first trip to the space battlefield.

Even if he remembered countless coordinates, it would be useless when he was lost. After all, the coordinates in the void weren’t fixed, but only relevant.

Only if he confirmed his own coordinates could he calculate the coordinates of his destination and the route to go back. If he didn’t know where he was, he would be lost forever.

When Noscent was at its peak, it had developed the resources in the boundless void. Many star maps were drawn to mark every useful place so that the miners wouldn’t get lost in the explored range. However, the boundless void was just too big.

There were still countless people who got lost in the void, especially those who crazily explored for new resources. It was nothing unusual that they left and never came back.

Three after Lin Yun reappeared, Faleau came.

“Sir Merlin, what happened to you?”

Faleau was greatly shocked by Lin Yun’s appearance, but Lin Yun waved his hand before the former could continue.

“I’m fine. I just suffered a recoil. I only need a rest. Go find me a magic pet that carries a bloodline of spatial power. I need it.”

Faleau hesitated, and then left with worry.

The Gilded Rose had risen to a point that it could get anything unless it was too precious to be sold on the market. The precious magic pets that carried spatial power weren’t difficult to get for the Gilded Rose. They were available in Neverwinter City.

In only three hours, Faleau returned with three magic pets which were all shorter than half a meter.

One was a silver leopard, one was a four-legged snake that was constantly changing its skin color, and the last was a black owl.

All three of them were no higher than level 20. They all had great bloodlines, but they were all growing.

Seeing the black owl, Lin Yun put on a smile. That looked like the offspring of common owls, which could fly very fast, and were often used by mages as messengers or sentinels after they built their towers.

This owl had surely mutated, and carried some spatial power. Had it not been for the shackle that blocked mana, this owl would have flown away from the cage.

Lin Yun took away the owl, and returned to the Natural Demiplane. He summoned the Void Owl, and asked Lord Shawn to take apart the owl’s soul. Then, he melted the Void Owl with the owl.

Lin Yun only provided help, and Lord Shawn was the person who did the task. In no more than 10 minutes, the Void Owl had been completely melted into this black-feathered owl. There would be nothing wrong after they were completely embedded.

Nothing could possibly go wrong now that Lord Shawn, a great manipulator of souls, had taken action. The Void Owl was adept at running, but unfortunately, this was Noscent, and not the boundless void.

If preparations were made, there would be plenty of experts who were capable of catching the Void Owl’s soul entity, or even killing it.

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