End of the Magic Era

Chapter 14 - Reaching Beyond His Grasp

Chapter 14: Reaching Beyond His Grasp

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Lin Yun truly had tired himself out this month. In order to quickly understand the current era, Lin Yun had swept across more than a dozen bookshelves. Such frightening reading speed, if someone else had tried that, their mind might have already melted.

When Lin Yun walked into the library today, he decided to take a rest day and not overwork his brain with the relatively dry and uninteresting historical knowledge or the task of comparing the magic knowledge of the two different eras. He decided to look for a relaxing book to pass time…

Thus, Lin Yun picked up a book called The Fanrusen Formula.

To Lin Yun, these books that were intended for Great Mage were nothing more than leisure reading material. It definitely didn’t require much brain power for him to read page after page. From time to time he would find some mistakes inside and would mutter to himself, criticizing the errors.

Sitting under the gentle rays of the sun, reading a light book while scolding the author, truly a beautiful life.

“Tsk tsk tsk, a High Mage that doesn’t know right from wrong, he still believes in that superstitious seven string theory? Shrinking the mana whirlpool and cross-arranging? Such a mess…”

“What is a mess?” When Solon approached, he happened to hear that last part and couldn’t help giving that young mage a strange look.

“Good morning, Mage Solon. Nothing is a mess, did you mishear?” How could Lin Yun own up to his words just now? He just raised his head and answered, playing dumb.

“Is that so…” Solon smiled and did not comment. He didn’t pursue that line of questioning, as he felt that it didn’t really matter. He had come over to give some reminders to this young mage out of good will, after all.

Perhaps it was because he had gotten his pass too easily, but this young mage wasn’t treasuring it at all, and whether it was the way he chose books or his attitude while reading these books, they both seemed too casual, lacking the proper seriousness. He might not feel anything about it now, but in a few years, when he strove to attack the Great Mage realm, he would definitely feel regret that he wasn’t conscientious enough back then.

As someone who was more experienced and who could be considered part of an older generation, Solon really didn’t want to see something like this happening. Sometimes, if the opportunity was missed, it couldn’t be grasped again and it would be too late for anything but useless regrets.

“Mage Merlin, that…” Solon started talking, before hesitating a bit. Although this person was merely a 1st Rank Mage, behind him most likely stood a Great Alchemist. Naturally, he couldn’t lecture him in a way that might draw his ire.

“Eh? What?”

After a slight pause, Solon answered, “It’s not an important matter, I just came over to ask if Mage Merlin had any requests. You are one of the noble guests with the highest pass, so if you have any requests, we will definitely satisfy your needs.” After this polite opening, Solon stopped and suddenly said, “Oh right, Mage Merlin, I wonder if you need some book recommendations? I’ve worked here for two years and could be considered to have some understanding of the books here.”

Solon felt a bit helpless about having to be so polite to a 1st Rank Mage. He couldn’t do anything about it, since there might be a hidden Great Alchemist behind this fellow. In this situation, even his teacher Solomon didn’t want to act without thinking. Even if he wanted to give him a suggestion, he could only recommend it very tactfully. He had to consider the consequences, after all. If he was too direct, he might exasperate this young mage, and who knew what kind of temperament he might have…

Thus, Solon could only inwardly sigh, ‘I’ve given you the opportunity, it’s up to you whether you grab it or not.’

“How could I trouble you with that…” Lin Yun felt that this was a bit of an annoyance. He had finally decided to take a rest day. ‘What kind of recommendation can you give me? Are you disturbing me on purpose?’

But declining was no good because Lin Yun could tell that this library manager really had good intentions. Thus, Lin Yun could only say a few polite words while inwardly considering what kind of excuse he could use to brush him off.

“Mage Merlin is truly too polite. Regardless of anything else, you are an esteemed guest of our Sage Tower, so offering you a bit of help is definitely something we should do.”

The young Great Mage then started enthusiastically introducing a few books. “You should be a 1st Rank Mage, right? If you are interested, I would recommend you to study Gaude’s Notes. Those notes were left behind by Archmage Gaude, the last Archmage of the 3rd Dynasty. He recorded all his experiences during his progress through the Mage realm. Oh right, Farrel’s Conjectures is another interesting read. Although many of his theories have already been proven to be wrong, I personally feel that the way he pondered through novel ideas with a wild imagination is worth learning from.”

“Sure, sure, I’ll go take a look later.” Despite this young Great Mage being very passionate about the matter, to Lin Yun, these recommendations really weren’t worth mentioning. they were too shallow and were for complete beginners. They couldn’t even be leisure reading materials for him. Reading through them would only have a hypnotic effect, making him drowsy.

“Okay, and if these don’t interest you, then I would suggest that you research the Flame Spear spell. That’s the spell closest to Great Mage level spells. You might need it in the future…” Sensing that the other side was answering perfunctorily, Solon’s tone became harsher. He especially emphasized the last word, ‘future’, to remind him that he was but a mere 1st Rank Mage now!

Unfortunately, Lin Yun had no reaction after hearing that. In fact, the mention of the Flame Spear spell made him remember something else.

“Oh right, Mage Solon, I heard that the Sage Tower seems to have collected the full Star Path incantation, I wonder if I could be allowed to broaden my horizons?”

If there were any spells in this era that could interest Lin Yun, Star Path would be one of them. Even at the peak of the magic civilization countless years later, those powerful mages still had a very high assessment of that particular incantation.

Lin Yin had actually seen the Star Path incantation in that decaying library, but that one had already passed through countless edits and revisions. Lin Yun had never seen the original version.

“Star Path?” Solon almost laughed out loud when he heard that. It was true that the Sage Tower had collected the entire Star Path incantation, but that spell was on the level of forbidden magic. Even if the big three joined hands, nothing would come of it. How could a mere 1st Rank Mage dare to think about it?

Not knowing whether he should laugh or cry, Solon answered once again, but he wasn’t as polite as before. “Mage Merlin, don’t you think it’s a bit too early for you to study Star Path now? What I say might not be pleasant to hear, but you are a 1st Rank Mage, there aren’t that many books suitable for you in this library and so the choices that would be proper for you are really limited. There is no one that can jump through into the heavens of the magic world in a single step. Even if I arranged the Star Path in front of you, would you be able to understand any of the runes?”

“…” Lin Yun very much wanted to answer that he would indeed be able to understand them. ‘I have seen them so many times, how could I not understand them?’

Unfortunately, the young mage didn’t give him the opportunity to answer. “Well, Mage Merlin, I still have something to take care of, so I’ll take my leave.”

Solon exited the library with a belly full of grievances, and after thinking for a bit, he once again returned to the study at the top floor of the Sage Tower.

Solomon was sitting by the fireplace, a gray blanket covering his thin body, a magic book propped open across his knees, with a fierce cough bursting out from time to time…

‘Teacher’s body is getting worse…’

Solon sighed inwardly when he entered. Solomon had been seriously injured twenty years ago. This was a secret that only a few people of the Sage Tower knew about. Most mages didn’t know what had originally caused his condition. It was because of this serious injury that Solomon had lived a life of seclusion for so many years, his strength stopping at the peak of High Mage, unable to break through.

“Teacher, your cough is getting worse. Should I ask High Mage Thorpe to make a few potions for you?”

“No. Thorpe’s potions are too unpleasant to drink. I don’t want to drink those horrors. In any case, it’s been so many years and my body still hasn’t failed yet.”

“Understood…” Solon had a sad expression. Solomon’s condition was the thorn in the minds of all the mages of the Sage Tower. Everyone hoped for the High Mage to recover soon, but no one found an effective remedy. Even the Great Alchemist Thorpe had tried for two years before having no other choice but to give up. He was only able to refine a few potions for Solomon from time to time to lessen the pain when his condition flared up.

In fact, Solomon himself didn’t really take it to heart. “Oh right, you came from the library? How are things with that young mage, Merlin?”

“Still the same, he would come first every day and leave last.”

“You have been in contact for so long, what do you think of that young mage?”

“He behaves very well, and he is very smart and courteous, but…”


“But he seems to be reaching for what is beyond his grasp.”


Solon thought about what had happened in these past days, hesitated for a while, but then finally explained, “Oh right, today he looked at a book on the Fanrusen Formula. When I went over, I seemed to have heard him saying that it was a mess.”

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