End of the Magic Era

Chapter 28 - Elemental Incarnation

Chapter 28: Elemental Incarnation

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The rain of fire fell onto the black soil. It felt as if a pan of oil had caught fire, and in a few moments, that sea of fire spread for a hundred meters, waking all of the slumbering Skeleton Warriors. Their soul fires were throbbing blankly as they ran around through the inferno in complete confusion.

This was the 9th Rank spell, Fire Rain. Among the Mage rank spells, it was only a bit inferior to Thunderstorm, but it was a lot more effective than Thunderstorm against the undead. The large group of Skeleton Warriors was just instinctively running around, so how could they manage to avoid this vast sea of fire?

In a short time, dozens of Skeletons fell, charred to cinders.

If it had been earlier, Lin Yun would be feeling very happy. Burning up more than a dozen Skeleton Warriors meant that he would get several Undead Essences.

But Lin Yun wasn’t happy right now…

He hadn’t dared to use a spell like Fire Rain before because he was worried that it would create too big of a commotion and lead to him being surrounded by the undead that were drawn to the ruckus. But Lin Yun couldn’t hold off at this time. A vein of Nether Iron that was several hundred meters long… Even the most powerful forces at the peak of the magic civilization some ten thousand years later would covet.

Let alone now…

Putting aside whether Lin Yun could mine anything from it now, as long as he was able to take advantage of the chaos to grab some magic gems from the vein, it would be worth it.

As for whether he would alarm a lot of Skeleton Warriors, or even the Bone Devil that was sleeping underground, Lin Yun no more cared about it.

With such a shocking Nether Iron Vein spread in front of him, if he didn’t grab himself a souvenir, Lin Yun wouldn’t be able to forgive himself.

Even if it was only a Magic Gem, its value would be no less than a hundred thousand gold. That would push the development of the Gilded Rose to a whole new level, at the very least equal to how it had been back when the old butler was really busy taking care of it, half a year ago. It would be even better if he got a good one, like an Abyssal Magic Diamond.

If he had another Abyssal Magic Diamond, Lin Yun would be able to transform that Master rank alchemy array, letting him keep the Planar Path open for at least an hour at a time!

Increasing the time he could stay in the Bone Plane by half an hour wouldn’t just increase the amount of Undead Essence that he could gather. It meant that Lin Yun could expand his range of activities and head for the depths of the Bone Plane to hunt higher level Undeads and obtain all kinds of precious natural resources.

All this was built upon the amount of time that he could remain here.

‘Have to be fast!’

Casting the Mage Eye and the Fire Rain took him about one minute, but Lin Yun’s remaining time in the Bone Plane was already lacking. Moreover, as that sea of fire frantically spread, Lin Yun could feel the earth under his feet trembling, and a deep roar could be heard from the depths of the black wasteland.

Lin Yun guessed that the Bone Devil had most likely been roused by the commotion. He had to act before the Bone Devil appeared, or else he would have to face an opponent with power on the level of a High Mage ahead of time.

At the same time that the deep roar echoed, Lin Yun clung close to the rock. He didn’t chant or cast any spells. He only urged his mana whirlpool and continuously moved it at extreme speed, constantly pushing it towards the limit. In a short ten seconds, Lin Yun’s mana was in a boiling state.

Immediately after, the only thing that could be seen was a bright and fierce flame.

Lin Yun’s body burst into flame and instantly flew several hundred meters before reaching the center of the sea of fire.

When a Mage shattered their mana whirlpool, they would reach Great Mage Realm and gain the ability to completely fuse with their mana. Moreover, their power would increase tenfold and they would be able to cast spells as they pleased. And most importantly, upon becoming a Great Mage, they could potentially grasp a frightening magical ability known as Elemental Incarnation. It would completely transform their body into a particular element, making them immune to almost all physical attacks and gaining the properties of the element that they embodied.

But that powerful ability could only be sustained for a short time. Even a peak Great Mage would only be able to sustain it for a minute.

And Lin Yun’s time was much shorter…

Lin Yun was still not a Great Mage right now, so what he was displaying wasn’t a genuine Elemental Incarnation. That bright mass of fire had been created by using Lin Yun’s mana control that transcended the limits of the era to forcibly imitate the mana circulation used during Elemental Incarnation. This would be practically impossible for anyone else of this time.

This was a spell that surpassed the limits, and the duration of the spell would be even shorter than what an average Great Mage could sustain.

Lin Yun estimated that he could last ten seconds at most.

If he couldn’t accomplish everything within ten seconds, then after the Elemental Incarnation disappeared, he would not only have to face a furious Bone Devil, but would also have to face the weakness that would ensue due to overdrafting his mana.

Thus, when Lin Yun was about to reach the center of the sea of fire, he consecutively cast five Flame Bursts.

The Elemental Incarnation came with instant fire system spells. Lin Yun cast these Flame Bursts one by one with no interruption in between. Only successive explosions could be heard echoing. A hole over a dozen meters long appeared in the Nether Iron Vein.

Pieces of ores carrying a faint, black light scattered around, and each of them was of high quality and could sell for several thousand gold coins. But Lin Yun didn’t even look at them, instead pouncing on a few flickering lights.

His speed while having Elemental Incarnation active was unfathomably high, and since Lin Yun was forcibly rotating his mana, he was even faster. A dazzling flame could be seen speeding through the sea of fire. The lights that had yet to fall had already been collected by Lin Yun.

At the same time, the earth shook fiercely under his feet.

It was followed by a deafening roar as a frightening, bony monster came out of the ground. It was four to five meters tall and was surrounded by countless faint phosphorescent lights, and in the center of its skull was a raging soul fire the size of a fist.

Power strong enough to contend against that of a High Mage was emitted, and the countless Skeleton Warriors within the sea of fire lowered their heads. Even if they were burnt to ashes in the inferno, none of the Skeleton Warriors dared to move. The chaotic scene instantly stabilized when the Bone Devil appeared.

After settling the disturbance of the Skeleton Warriors, the Bone Devil let out another deep roar and after a fierce mana fluctuation, a few brilliant beams shot out.

The target was Lin Yun, who was grabbing those few flickering lights…

The Bone Devil’s Dark Fire Bullet was something that even a High Mage would be wary of. How could Lin Yun dare to take it head on even if he had Elemental Incarnation active? Just as the Bone Devil shot those spells, Lin Yun had already let off a Flame Flash.

This time, the importance of the Fire Rain was shown. The sea of fire, which had already spread to several hundred meters, had already become Lin Yun’s best escape tool. Lin Yun seemed like a fish in water as he used Flame Flash. Before the Dark Fire Bullets had even arrived, Lin Yun had already used Flame Flash three times and escaped to the edge of the sea of fire.

It was immediately followed by Lin Yun using the earlier incantation, making the Planar Path to Noscent appear once again.

Lin Yun took two steps onto the Planar Path and looked back at the black wasteland from within the distorted space. The next trip here would be a month later at the very least.

Proceeding along the path, Lin Yun stepped once more into Noscent. The three Abyssal Magic Diamond became dark after exhausting their mana. They looked like three stones no longer had any of the radiance associated with Abyssal Magic Diamonds. The basement had fallen into darkness once more.

‘Three is too few…’ Lin Yun shook his head. The amount of mana needed for a Master rank alchemy array was huge. Three Abyssal Magic Diamonds could only be considered the lowest number that would work. Each time the mana was exhausted, the array would need at least a month to recover.

In other words, Lin Yun would be able to enter the Bone Plane again after a month, but he would only be able to stay there for half an hour.

‘Too annoying.’

Thirty minutes really wasn’t long enough for Lin Yun. This wasn’t just a matter of profit; this related to Lin Yun’s plan. If this matter could be settled, then Lin Yun might very possibly obtain an Extraordinary Magic Tool!

That’s right, Heaven Rank Mage Bane’s Extraordinary Magic Tool, the Book of Death!

He only needed time…

Thirty minutes was far from enough, and Lin Yun estimated that if he wanted to settle this matter, he would need at least three days. And that was if nothing at all went wrong, so he had to set aside four days to be safe. Such a long time definitely wasn’t something that a small handful of Abyssal Magic Diamonds could satisfy.

Without hundreds of Abyssal Magic Diamonds, it would be just a dream…

‘The difference is too great…’ Lin Yun felt what was in his pocket. In addition to the ten Undead Essences, there were six magic gems that he had snatched from the Nether Iron Vein.

The ten Undead Essences were set aside by Lin Yun. The only use for those was to add them to Magic Weapons. Their price wouldn’t change too much, so it would be appropriate to let the old butler deal with them.

Then, Lin Yun took out the six magic gems one after the other.

“Eh!” Lin Yun was already pleasantly surprised when he pulled out the first magic gem.

This was a high-quality Dark Fire Gem. It had the properties of fire and poison. It was typically used in embedding, whether it was on a weapon or a piece of jewelry. Once embedded, the Dark Fire Gem would have shocking destructive power that didn’t depend on the strength of the user. Even in the hands of a 3-year-old child, it could kill ten strong, robust men like Jimmy.

The price of the Dark Fire Gem was definitely going to be very high…

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