Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1211 - Taking Her Away (1)

Chapter 1211: Taking Her Away (1)

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Nimo raised his hands and said, “I didn’t say that! Well, okay, at first I wondered if Chris fancied Xiaoxiao. Later, as I thought about it again, it didn’t seem very likely. The way I see it, Chris is the kind of person who grows fond of someone after spending time with them. He isn’t the type to fall in love at first sight. So from my refined analysis…”

“Get on with it already!” Yin Shaojie looked impatient. Why didn’t he find this guy to be such a windbag before?

Nimo laughed, “Why are you so impatient? Okay, okay, okay, I’ll tell you. The conclusion to my analysis is that I think Chris found out about her family background.”

He reached out to tap Yin Shaojie’s shoulder and said, “So you don’t have to be jealous of Chris.”

And of course, even more so, he didn’t need to be jealous of Nimo.

He admired Mu Xiaoxiao but not in a romantic way.

If it was really a romantic attraction, he wouldn’t even care if it was a brother’s woman!

“For real? Why do I feel someone like him would be the type who would fall in love at first sight?” Yin Shaojie frowned as he speculated about Chris.

“You don’t know him well enough. He is cold on the outside but deep and passionate on the inside. It’s hard for someone to come into his heart. So for him to fall in love at first sight, I think, would be very difficult. As hard as ascending to the sky.”

With Chris’s status, what kind of beauty hadn’t he seen before? How extraordinary must a girl be for him to make him fall for her at first sight?

Yin Shaojie brushed his hand away and folded his arms. “I don’t care about his love life. You called me here just to tell me that he may know of Xiaoxiao’s identity? Is there anything else?”

Regardless of whether or not Chris would hurt Xiaoxiao, Yin Shaojie was worried that other people would find out about Xiaoxiao’s identity.

Perhaps he should take Xiaoxiao back to China sooner.

They came to America for Ye Sijue and Annie. Now that the two were together, their mission was complete, so it was time for them to return to China.

Nimo said, “If Chris wants to be friends with Xiaoxiao, you shouldn’t stop him. This is a good thing. Chris is very good to his friends. Just look at me.”

Yin Shaojie couldn’t disagree. Nimo was a guy who would not be satisfied with small gains. Chris was really good to his friends given how he allowed Nimo to treat his castle like his own home.

“We’ll talk about this next time. Find a chance to test him and see if he already knows about Xiaoxiao’s identity.” Yin Shaojie was more concerned about this matter.

He wouldn’t allow any trouble to befall Xiaoxiao because of her identity.

Nimo was unsure whether to laugh or cry. “I tried, but I didn’t get anything out of him… Next time I’ll see if there are any opportunities.”

Yin Shaojie said, “It’s okay. I’ll take Xiaoxiao back to China within the next few days. Let me know if Chris makes any moves.”

Of course he didn’t want anyone to bother Xiaoxiao.

“You’re going back already?” Nimo asked.

Yin Shaojie looked at him. “What else am I gonna stay here for? You too. Don’t trouble my wife, do you hear me?”

“No promises.” Nimo smiled at him before he disappeared like a puff of smoke.

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