Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1213 - She Was Snatched Away by Another Man (1)

Chapter 1213: She Was Snatched Away by Another Man (1)

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Mu Xiaoxiao greeted him politely, her fingers wiggling as she smiled and said, “Good afternoon.”

Chris walked down and stood in front of her, asking, “You have Ye Sijue’s phone number, right?”

“I do. Why do you ask?” Hearing that, Mu Xiaoxiao looked at him guardedly.

Chris explained, “I was just looking for Annie. Her cell phone isn’t with her.”

“Why are you looking for Annie?” Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t let her guard down, afraid that he was trying to break Ye Sijue and Annie apart.

“My grandma is looking for her,” Chris looked at her and said.

Mu Xiaoxiao remembered that Annie mentioned before that Chris’s grandma was sick, and because of this, her engagement with Chris was brought forward.

Could it be that Chris grandma’s condition had worsened?

Or could it be that Chris’s grandma knew about Ye Sijue and Annie, and wanted to use her condition to force Annie to give in?

Mu Xiaoxiao’s brain threw out lots of possibilities.

She was conflicted. Ye Sijue and Annie had finally gotten together after a tough trial. She didn’t want anything to separate them again.

Would Annie break up with Ye Sijue if his grandma compelled her?

Mu Xiaoxiao could not be sure of the answer.

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t know that all of her emotions were written on her face so that anyone could tell from a glance what she was thinking.

Looking at her little face, Chris smiled and said, “Grandma was only thinking about her. She won’t do anything to her. You can rest assured.”

Mu Xiaoxiao was embarrassed. Chris had seen right through her.

She was stunned for a moment and she said, “Well… Wait a sec, I’ll call Ye Sijue.”

But she felt her clothes and realized that she hadn’t taken her cell phone down with her.

“The cell phone is still in the room.” She pointed upstairs.

Chris said to the maid standing by the side, “Go up and help Miss Mu get her cell phone.”

The maid bowed and went upstairs.

Just then, the maid from earlier came over. She smiled and said to Mu Xiaoxiao, “Miss Mu, your afternoon tea is ready. Do you want to have it in the dining room or in the garden? The weather is good today and the sunshine is warm. I recommend that you have your afternoon tea outside in the garden.”

“Afternoon tea? Great. Make me a cup of coffee. Let’s go together,” Chris said. He was addressing Mu Xiaoxiao when he said ‘Let’s go together.’

Mu Xiaoxiao didn’t want to accept his invitation but it didn’t seem appropriate to refuse him, so she nodded.

The three went to the garden together.

The afternoon sun was just right: lazy and comfortable. In such a winter afternoon, the wind wasn’t too strong and the sun was warm so it was really apt for afternoon tea.

After Mu Xiaoxiao took a bite of the tiramisu, the maid brought the cell phone to her.

She called Ye Sijue and told him to hand the phone over to Annie.

Chris said, “I have arranged for a chauffeur to pick Annie up. Let Annie know and she will understand.”

Mu Xiaoxiao glanced over at him. She couldn’t help but lament at how thoughtful he was.

He was worried that Annie would have trouble coming back without a car?

Mu Xiaoxiao told Annie about it. When Annie heard that grandma was looking for her, she agreed to come back.

Thus, the three enjoyed the scenery in the garden while drinking afternoon tea and waiting for Annie’s return.

When Annie returned to the castle, she didn’t expect to see such a scene.

“Eh? You guys are…”

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