Endless Pampering Only For You

Chapter 1332 - The Mysterious Deskmate (102)

Chapter 1332: The Mysterious Deskmate (102)

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How could they worry about others when they couldn’t even guarantee their own safety?

Feeling Han Qiqing trembling, Mu Xiaoxiao stroked Qiqing’s back to calm her down. She said softly, “Qiqing, we’ll be fine. We’ll definitely be fine. Yin Shaojie will come and save us. Your family will also come to save us.”

Whether it be the Yin Family, Han Family, or Mu Xiaoxiao’s family, they would all do their best to save them.

“Yeah. We’ll be fine.” Han Qiqing sobbed as she nodded. The brave front she put up broke down before Xiaoxiao. Her whole body shook violently. Only when she held Xiaoxiao tightly could she feel an inkling of warmth.

Wang Shiyu was thrown into the room.

However, at that moment, Zhang Shuyao rushed out, her hair messy as she held onto the door frame. She shouted frantically, “We’ll give you all of our assets! Please, let us go, alright? We swear we will just stay here and not get in your way, and we will definitely not call the police!”

The beady-eyed man remembered something. Smiling, he ordered his lackey, “You go to the next store and take all everything valuable. There’s something I need to do.”

Then, Zhang Shuyao looked at him as he walked toward her lecherously.

“W-what do you want.” Zhang Shuyao stumbled and fell. She crawled backward in fright.

“If you hadn’t run out, I would have forgotten our dispute,” the beady-eyed man sneered, grabbed her by the collar rudely and pulled her up before dragging her to the VIP room.

“No… no…” Zhang Shuyao screamed, but no one cared.

Mu Xiaoxiao cupped Han Qiqing’s ear, pale-faced as she said, “Don’t listen.”

Han Qiqing nodded as she cupped Mu Xiaoxiao’s ear as well.

The two looked at each other, spurring each other on.

They were definitely going to be okay!

One of the robbers was left behind to watch after the two. The others were busy in the jewelry store next door.

Just then, a group of fierce looking men came walking over.

“Brother KO!” someone called out to the man who led the group and he rushed into the VIP room and called for his boss.

Upon seeing Brother KO, the beady eyes man quickly put on his toadying expression.

“Brother KO, what brings you here? How’s the situation down there?”

Brother KO looked at him coldly and snorted. Then he saw Han Qiqing and Mu Xiaoxiao and asked, “Who are these two? Why aren’t they inside?”

“Uh…” The beady-eyed man thought for a moment. When Brother KO looked at him, he had no choice but to tell the truth.

Hearing that Han Qiqing was from the Big Four Families, his expression immediately changed.

The next second, the beady-eyed man took a punch to the face and fell to the ground.

“Do you have she*t for brains?! You dare to mess with someone from the Big Four Families?”

Dumbfounded, the beady-eyed man looked at Brother KO.

Brother KO kicked him and shouted, “You idiot! Hurry up and let them go. I don’t want them to lose even a single hair, do you hear me?”

Suddenly, he heard someone shouting within the room, hitting on the door as she shouted, “Mu Xiaoxiao! Curse you!”

It was Wang Shiyu who was yelling.

“Mu Xiaoxiao! You selfish slut! You turn a blind eye to those in need! You’ll be struck by lightning!”

“Mu?” Brother KO’s eyes narrowed when he heard the word.

After learning from the beady-eyed man that Qiqing was the daughter of the Han Family, his sharp eyes fell upon Mu Xiaoxiao. “You’re a Mu?”

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